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Finally, Nigeria has really let go and the naira is floating

Following prolonged periods of a fixed exchange rate owing to depleted foreign reserves, last month, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) decided on a change of tack to adopt… 357 more words

Correcting Tim Worstall of Forbes on Venezuelan Food Shortages

Preface: A few days ago I began an exchange with Tim Worstall over his article on Forbes regarding the food shortages in Venezuela. I noted that his work did not include an explanation for the shortages, nor did it acknowledge the economic warfare going on in the country. 1,426 more words


British HSBC executive is arrested over '$3.5BILLION exchange rate rigging scheme' as he landed at JFK airport and has been thrown in a New York jail

From Mail Online


  • Executive Mark Johnson allegedly conspired to defraud an HSBC client
  • Arrested and charged in US for allegedly conspiring to commit wire fraud…
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Monetary policy and the exchange rate

The Herald‘s Claire Trevett was perhaps being just a trifle unfair yesterday in commenting on the Reserve Bank’s “consultative” document on the latest iteration of the increasingly unpredictable LVR restrictions… 1,325 more words

5 Ways to Save Money On Your Holiday Post Brexit

So how exactly is Brexit going to affect  your holiday and travelling plans?

To put it simply, it’s probably going to cost more for holidays. The loads of different reasons why it’s going to cost more but the main reason one is because of the hammering the pound is taking. 1,241 more words


How Expensive Is A Holiday To Europe Post-Brexit?

Following the referendum wholesale rates for GBP/EUR dropped as low as €1.17 and are now currently €1.19. At a travel money bureau you can expect rates of €1.15 or lower (incl. 361 more words


I have got to the point where I can sense what the exchange rate is

I have got to the point where I can sense what the exchange rate is. I just guessed it was around €1.413 then looked and it was €1.41333 .