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Airport currency exchange rates can cost travelers big money

Up to a tenth of your vacation spending money is being wasted exchanging currency at airport money stations, where the rates can be surprisingly unfavorable for travelers.  341 more words

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Everything you've heard about China's stock market crash is wrong

This week’s Chinese stock market implosion has been widely viewed as a reaction to the Chinese government’s devaluing the yuan on Aug. 11—a move many presume was a frenzied bid to lower export prices and strengthen the economy. 1,132 more words

What's going on with the exchange rate!?

So a bit of a bad period financially again it seems in the world…
Chinese stock market crashes, depression in the US and European markets… 459 more words

A Lesson In Exchange Rates

I recently had a bit of a financial heart attack. For a couple of hours I feared for my future and cursed my country and questioned the point of student finance when it doesn’t even finance my studies. 524 more words


It's About The Money, Money, Money

I was trying to think of which “category” this post would fit but it seems like there is no specific category which would match it. My MacBook Pro is aging and slowing down. 225 more words


What a lovely winter!

So my promise to post more regularly…. seems to have taken me 4 months to get to this post! And it has been a very busy and hectic four months indeed, both with work and personally. 1,006 more words

How Keynes Almost Prevented the Keynesian Revolution

By Mark Tovey – Re-Blogged From http://www.Mises.org

October 30, 1929. A brisk autumn’s day in Manhattan. The Savoy-Plaza Hotel’s thirty-three stories cast a long shadow over Central Park. 892 more words

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