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Week 14

I know I’ve quoted Gene Fowler before but I must do it again. He once said: “Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.” 229 more words


Fresh Exchange

Exchange student programs— Plenty of schools and universities make this available for their students. This is a program that exchanges a student of one school to another one from another country, and the switch lasts for a specific amount of time that could range from a couple of weeks to a whole semester. 365 more words

The Tornado That Never Happened

Dear friends and family,

Kära familj och vänner!

The day of our win in Eurovision was graduation day at the University of Texas. Unfortunately the government sent out tornado warnings to all smart phones in Travis County so the graduation ceremony had to be cancelled. 318 more words

Life In Austin TX

My foreign exchange (part 3)

So when Jade and I got to the Airport we were so scared because now we were going to be on our own and we didn’t know what type of families and people to expect. 478 more words


Capstone Project

One of the elements of my scholarship with YES Abroad is an independent research project on an element of Moroccan culture. I recently finished my research project on Moroccan music; I designed an interactive website to introduce the different styles of Moroccan music. 24 more words

Exchange Student


I’ve been here for 4 months now and I’ve definitely grown. Both physically and emotionally. My physical growth has come as a direct result from my over indulgence in all that the Italian cuisine has had to offer. 532 more words


Team Activity (チーム活動) Numberrrr one

Lately there are more and more rules in the dorm, the new staff chànges things.
1. Suddenly there is an ‘International Day’ every month to improve the relationship between foreigners and Japanese. 425 more words