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When the desert is even better than dessert!

Happy Tuesday, antelopes and aardvarks!

As you guys know, I just recently got back from a recent trip to the Atacama Desert. Because I let you guys know what we were up to on… 671 more words


The Pain is Real!

If you know about the recent Texas school shooting in America, it has left many of us shocked. Although school shootings in a different part of the world rarely concern us or make the headlines in our part of the world, this time it was on the contrary. 3,269 more words


Double Degree, half the fun?

When I first heard from my seniors about the possibility of pursuing a Double Degree in Japan – where your hard work is rewarded with a diploma from your home university and another one from your foreign host university –, I honestly thought nothing in the world could make me do this. 1,149 more words


Si peu de temps

Tellement de monde à rencontrer, tellement d’histoires à raconter, tellement d’amitiés à faire, mais si peu de temps. 

C’est le fait qu’on doit accepter tout en étant des étudiants d’échanges, le fait qu’il y a tellement de gens qui viennent et partent mais qui resteront toujours dans nos mémoires. 316 more words



-Napat Rojanasakul, Copenhagen Business School, Spring 2018-

Before the departure, to me Denmark was just a country in the Scandinavian country, a country with high living standards, high happiness index and a country with high VAT. 345 more words

“Still in Lille (by heart)”

-Pimkan Phukthuanthong, Poon Petcharapiracht & Mavee Robbanjerd, IÉSEG School of Management, Spring 2018-

The City – Lille                                                                                                                                        by Pimkan Phukthuanthong (Bibby)

The first footsteps in Lille were rather dark, cold, and quiet. 1,349 more words

A new beginning.

What a cliché title, you might think. Well, it is what it is, even though it’s a different one.

I just graduated from high school and instead of going straight to college, I chose to do a gap year. 526 more words