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Sunsets in Florence

Italy part 2: Sunsets in Florence

My first memory of Florence is a rather hazy, golden dream. I remember that when my family got there I was exhausted, but that stepping out into the pink and gold tinged streets of the city gave me new life. 1,393 more words


How doing an exchange term dissuaded me from getting a post-graduate degree in Japan

In Japan, the pain you put yourself through is the most appreciated and I find it terribly hard to go along with that.

For example, metro staff in Misasagi Station would be standing up and saying thank you for EVERY person who passed through the ticket gates in or out. 580 more words


Survival Guide for Exchange Students: Part Three - Cultural Acclimation

If you’re doing a complete immersion program, it’s a bit like jumping into a cold pool. The initial transition is a bit shocking (thus the phrase “culture shock”), but you will acclimate more quickly than someone who is entering one toe at a time. 1,591 more words

Exchange Student

Anseong Campus: Virtual Tour

안녕하세요 친구!~

The CAU Exchange Blog created not only a tour of Seoul campus, but also Anseong campus! Anseong campus is located approximately 2 hours south-east from Seoul in the Gyeonggi province. 596 more words

Survival Guide

California Trip! (Last Part)

Day 4 of the trip; Hollywood tour!

So, we wake up pretty early for this one because we want to go to the Hollywood sign and no one will still be there. 549 more words

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Los Angeles Burning

You may have seen the pictures – the last couple of weeks, Southern California has faced some of the worst bush fires in history, after no rain for two months into ‘rain season’. 981 more words


On the 6th December 1917 Finland declared its independence from Russia. That made this year on the 6th December 2017, the 100 year celebration of Finnish independence. 1,017 more words