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Die Zeitreise

This post marks the start of my goal this summer to document all the different foods I’ve eaten at Berlin’s various outdoor markets to let you know which are worth your time (and money).  679 more words


A life in a year

If your dreams don´t scare you, they aren´t big enough.

Being an exchange student is not always easy. You travel to a country which languange you barely speak.

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We're approved!

So Jennifer, the area manager with ISE, came to visit Wednesday.  We all sat in our living room and she asked Elijah what he would like out of a ‘brother’.   244 more words


B E R L I N in less than 24hr

When I said, “I’m going to Germany”, most people thought that Berlin would be my top destination. In fact, it was the last city that I visited during my Germany trip—even for less than a day. 1,213 more words


Jan 2013 人生的首次長途機

Year 1 的時候看到Faculty的 International exchange programme,那時抱着一試無妨的心態去申請,申請書中那些理由都是寫甚麽增廣見聞那類客套的理由,總之申請的時候也沒有太多的考慮。在填那個心儀哪家學校的位置,我想也沒想隨便選了兩家在英國的學校,心裏想在講英文的地方生活應該會比歐洲其他國家容易吧。(後來才發現我的GPA根本不夠去英國 Exchange)

到有結果的那天,驚喜的是我竟然也可以去exchange (畢竟當時我的GPA也不高),另外的驚喜是我被派去的那家學校是在法國的,當時我的反應是「這不是英語的世界…」,但是既然有機會去Exchange,那就不要錯過,於是這就為我的歐洲之旅寫下開端。


那時我還不懂太多旅遊的東西,不知道機票買round-trip通常都比兩張單程機票便宜,於是我就找最便宜的單程機票,終於就買了 Qatar Airways 的機票。

出發的前一晚,家人都在睡覺時我仍在執拾行李,臨關上電腦前我在聽 Rihanna 的 Farewell,我知道他們捨不得我獨自一人遠行,但我想他們也跟歌詞中那句 “I know it’ll be sadder
If you never hit the road” 一樣,縱使捨不得也不想我錯過這個機會。


雖然如此,但我仍是興奮多於懼怕去迎接面對的挑戰。這樣我就經過多哈到達巴黎。餘下的往事,就是這個 Blog 的目的。


Romería de Tegueste

When on exchange you’re going to walk blindly into a lot of situations. You’ll be invited and/or dragged to places and events not knowing what to expect or what is even happing. 134 more words

Budapest, ANZAC & die Volleydioten

Thanks the Austrian Rotary, the inbound exchange students of Austria are lucky enough to have trip after trip both in and out of this beautiful country.   811 more words