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Day 222: Picnic in Bampaku; Nap time; Friends 土曜日・2015年4月25日

Today I met up with my host family mother and other exchange students to go for a picnic in Bampaku Kinen Kouen. Not the traditional European sort that I did last month with the U-Program guys where we laid out a blanket and spread crabmeat on top of sliced baguette, but several prepared bento eaten at benches in a designated eating area. 841 more words


Exchange Year: My American Prom

THE school event of the year! Just like in the movies, my first and last Prom was definitely one I’ll never forget. Find out what I got up to around this time last year! 841 more words


"T" is for Tasmanian Devil (and Tonia)

When I joined an online writing group last year, I had no idea what to expect. I had read horror stories from some other groups. I knew as a social person I would do well if I could connect with other positive people who were engaged in the same activity. 290 more words


Gotham Crazy Food Friday

Yes, yet again I jumped on one of those things called a train that took me all the way to Gotham City. This time I slept most of the ride home, thus I don’t have pictures of my book and coffee, I hope you wont miss it too much. 248 more words

Quality Of Life

Thank You Thursday - Apr. 23, 2015

My name is Victoria and I’m from Spain. I have been living in Colorado for 8 months now and had the best time of my life. 1,627 more words


Day 220: Thinking about Hong Kong 木曜日・2015年4月23日

It occurred to me today halfway through the Architecture & Gardens lecture that I may not have an opportunity to go to Hong Kong again unless I go between now and the trip to South Korea. 263 more words


Another walk ft. castle views and spring weather

Today I had to go down to Princes Street to pick up a package for my mum, and because Edinburgh is just SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL, I took some photos… 22 more words