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In Which I Meet My First Exchange Student

Exchange students are a strange, special bunch of people.  Think about it.  They volunteer to leave behind not only family and friends but the entire world… 773 more words

Swedish Exchange Programme

The Swedish Exchange Camp

By Tiffany-Anne de Klerk

Swedish camp. What a wonderful experience for all of us! The camping site was at Kwalata Lodge in Hammanskraal. 1,285 more words


The Grand Carnavals of Belgium

The exciting week of Carnaval and holidays has come and gone! I was fortunate enough to visit three Carnavals and each one revealed something special. Firstly, there was a small but nicely intimate carnaval in my village. 507 more words

5 Study Abroad Travel Tips

So, you made the leap and you’re studying abroad! Congratulations! Doesn’t it feel AMAZING?! Whether you’re crossing the pond to a European school, making the journey to Asia, or taking a trek down under for a semester (or longer!), you’re going to want to travel and explore the region you are so lucky to live in! 661 more words


10 things not to ask or say to an exchange student

Being on an exchange is awesome and that is one of the reasons exchange students like to talk about it. However, being an exchange student can also pretty hard for a couple of reasons, one of them being the ignorance they have to deal with. 1,164 more words


Let It Snow - February Photo of the Month

One of the snowiest Februarys on record has our exchange students romping, playing and creating new frozen friends across America! Eduardo from Brazil in Texas, Federica from Italy in Illinois and Judit from Spain in Indiana bundled up this month and joined in the fun.


Exchange Students and Host Family Try Vegemite!!

I gave my host mum and brother, the Brazilian and Taiwanese exchange students in my town a taste of vegemite for the first time! Their reactions are priceless!! 23 more words