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A Whole New World of Possibilities

By: Sevil Mamedovi

Being an exchange student means there is a whole new world opening up to you. Life is not only about what you see and do in your own country, hometown or school. 399 more words


Convincing My Family to Let My Boyfriend Stay With Us

In December, right around the time of final exams, I asked my family if it would be okay for me to invite my boyfriend to stay at our house during winter break. 372 more words


Dolls, Mascots, and Human Touch

The woman in the physical therapy center came in with a life-sized baby doll that she carried everywhere. She was not the only woman in the continuing care center to have a baby doll. 375 more words


End to a Great Year

First off, Happy 2016! Secondly, if you’ve ever wondered what Christmas, New Year’s Eve, or camel wrestling in Turkey looks like, congrats! You’ve found the right place. 1,645 more words

Reflecting on the old and looking to the New Year

As I sit and read through Facebook, I see all these posts about the new year and resolutions. I began to think back through this year. 608 more words

A Flight Risk: An Innkeeper's Journal

JUNE 2015: I clean the laundry room in preparation for the new dryer. The owner has called a meeting with us. We are meeting him at his office at eleven. 823 more words