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Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving is not a real tradition in Germany. But I met enough exchange students to know, that Britons, Americans and Canadians miss this holiday when on exchange. 94 more words

Hong Kong

Traveling on a Budget

“How can you afford to travel so much? You must be so rich!”, exclaimed one of my friends as we chatted about our travels while cooking our dinners. 2,281 more words


what- exactly was that??

I was School Captain of an independent Catholic College, reckless tendencies don’t tend to get you the top job. Reckless for me back then, before the cat incident of 1994, was wearing my hair in pigtails, as a 17 year old. 464 more words

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Foreign Students in France - the least satisfied in Europe?

It has been two months since the first flock of exchange students descended on the Reims campus of Sciences Po; some from as far afield as Australia, Brazil, Canada, and India. 804 more words

Current Affairs

Shifting Sands

The title is an apt one this year for me:  In February, we went from having no kids to having a love-starved, distrustful PTSD teenager with defence mechanisms and trauma-induced autism, who, in the first few weeks of her being here, barely spoke intelligible sentences (communication with the outer world is a challenge for her, whether in her mother tongue or not).  1,085 more words


Exchange Student: Anna Kuehnbach

By Talon Reporter: Bianka Maciel

Senior Anna Kuehnbach is a new exchange student from Germany. She wanted to be an exchange student because she wants to “experience the American dream.” When Anna first came here she felt nervous and overwhelmed about coming to Oregon. 221 more words


Adapter - Erasmus Exhibition

Students who participated in the Erasmus and other school exchange programs have returned to resume their studies here at Gray’s.

An Exhibition was held to celebrate their return, and to share their experiences of studying at our partner institutions across Europe and beyond. 65 more words

Robert Gordon University