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American vs Australian School

By Jessica Bruening

This past summer, three other sophomores and I participated in the Australian exchange. While we were there we met so many amazing people and got a feel for what life is like for a girl our age in Australia. 618 more words

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Pada kali ini, saya ingin memberikan kabar gembira kepada para mahasiswa pertukaran pelajar ataupun mahasiswa asing yang tengah belajar di Universitas Myongji. Pasalnya, pada semester ini akan diadakannya kembali pembelajaran kebudayaan melalui darmawisata yang akan diadakan pada tanggal 25 November 2017. 141 more words

Myongji University


Our long awaited program finally will be organized again on the next month, exactly on 11th November.

In the last semester we went to DMZ and in this time we will go to visit some places with a lot of activity like visiting Typhoon observatory, cheese making, and a lot of activity. 77 more words

Myongji University

Diversity in NYC: You never know what to expect from the Big Apple!

It has been approximately two months since I arrived in New York and I am still amazed by the great diversity this city offers – architecture, art, food, activities, music… You never know what to expect from the Big Apple. 702 more words

Transcontinental Tracks

Why YOU Should Study Abroad!

There are so many reasons why you should study abroad! For starters, you’re going to be in another country and that’s awesome! Second, you’re going to be able to immerse yourself in that country and language and you’ll get to see what living in another country is like! 1,207 more words


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Many years after my own exchange experience, I enjoy touching base on the value of these programs. The world needs exchange students more now than ever, since relationships are built between people over a cup of coffee, a meal, and a respect for each other's culture. Here's a blog by Le Petit Traveler about why YOU should be an exchange student (this can apply to your children if you are a parent). This is but one student's experience. I am not necessarily endorsing this university, but any program that encourages students to travel abroad and provides the assistance for them to do so safely, whether it's with a college professor who travels with you or you travel to a family who hosts you. Personally, I believe that living with another family (versus living in a dorm with other students from your home country) is a more immersive and challenging experience. The farther you go out of your comfort zone, and the more challenges you face, the more you grow as a person. Bon voyage, and enjoy!

What have I done!?!?!?!?

Do you ever just find yourself seriously regretting something?  To the point where you wish you could go back in time and change your actions?  But you feel obliged to stay with what you’ve done. 246 more words

Tired, But Happy

The doors slide open and I roll my suitcases forward, my stomach in knots. I briefly scan the crowd of people waiting in the cavernous hall full of kiosks for rental car agencies and banners welcoming travelers to Bulgaria before my eyes settle on a homemade sign that reads, “Welcome Yes Abroad Generation 2017/2018”. 1,740 more words