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Did you know that November 29th was Buy Nothing Day?

So the day after Black Friday was Buy Nothing Day, the day when we are asked to hide our credit cards, stay away from the high street and internet sites and ask ourselves whether we really need that pair of shoes or new smart TV. 138 more words

Chapter 01

Jean Baudrillard's Theories: Exchange & Connection

Expanding from the discussion of Howard Rheingold’s gift economy, I wanted to explore Jean Baudrillard’s interpretation of the ideal space compared to the current, at the time, reality of human interaction and social economy. 465 more words


Blog #54 - Community Land Trusts as Transformative Housing Reforms

Community Land Trusts as Transformative Housing Reforms

That New York City has a housing problem is rather well known. The devil here is indeed in the big picture as well as in the details. 1,548 more words


On Labor as the Substance of Value

(This is a draft. All comments welcome. Citations and footnotes are incomplete.)

Labor as Substance of Value

Once Marx has established that value is a property intrinsic to commodities he immediately goes on to ask what this value… 6,327 more words

MULTICULTURALISM AND EXCHANGE VALUE--Marginal Observations by E. San Juan, Jr.


by E. SAN JUAN, Jr.
One approach to disentangling the aporia of equal recognition of unequal cultures, of assigning comparable worth to a multiplicity of singular and incommensurable forms of life, would be to consider this dilemma as a symptom of the failure to grasp the paradigmatic sociality constituting individuals. 2,199 more words


Real abstraction: On the use and abuse of an idea

The Marxian notion of “real abstraction” has garnered a great deal of attention in leftist theoretical circles of late, with somewhat mixed results. It was first formulated and treated systematically by Alfred Sohn-Rethel, an economist associated with the Frankfurt School of social theory. 1,290 more words