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Of grocery stores and crying into my pillow.

It seems like morning cry-sessions are starting to become somewhat of a ritual for me. Something about waking up and hearing people going about their business outside my window makes me feel even more alienated than usual – they belong here, they have their lives here, and I decidedly do not. 618 more words


Applying to York

Once you have your university chosen you will have to then apply for that specific University. I know what your thinking, “What? Now I have to apply to the University, what if they reject me?” Don’t you worry, don’t you worry child, they would only reject you if your average is below 70% at the end of the year. 70 more words

August 28, 2015 8:30 PM EST Trade Recommendation

Been watching the charts all day, and am seeing another advance developing across the major exchanges. We still have a fib resistance level ~236-237 which has to be broken. 73 more words



I have received a lot of questions about what Rotary is and what their exchange program involves. Here are the answers to the most often asked questions, and other things I think are great about Rotary. 631 more words


Part I: I Was In Canada, eh?

Ok so I am sitting here, finally typing, and totally overwhelmed by you America. I’ve just finished my university college orientation, and I’ve been living in Boston for over a week now. 1,762 more words


Die Zweifel bevor man geht | I can't leave you

Bevor mich meine Gasteltern bei meiner Ankunft in Amerika in ihre Arme genommen haben, waren da natürlich Zweifel in mir. Sie kamen ganz langsam hoch, circa ein Vierteljahr vor Abflug. 366 more words


Orientation Week - Day 5

Now this. This was the day. I had been waiting for this day since before I even applied to exchange at NTNU. Today was the day I became a Viking. 332 more words