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Improve autodiscover performance

Autodiscover can be a lengthy process, especially if you are in a hosted environment or if your mailbox is in Office 365.

The autodiscover process consists of five different steps, it depends on your environment where autodiscover stops and returns the information. 293 more words


Wall Drawing Experiment #4

One of the many amazing opportunities that i have been lucky to be a part of is a drawing exhibition in the KASK Bijloke campus. The set up is that each students are each given a 3 x 4 meters wall to do whatever we want with it. 87 more words


Structure of Trauma

The structure of trauma in Sasha’s narration deteriorates the exchange value of experience. Within Good Morning, Midnight, we are able to witness consciousness attempt to exile and omit trauma, only to fail and amplify its impact to the point of diminishing the rest of experience by comparison. 683 more words

Ein Wiedersehen in Madrid

Damals, vor mittlerweile 5 Jahren, als ich mein Auslandsjahr begonnen habe, habe ich ein Zitat gefunden, welches auch heute noch sehr zutreffend ist:

“True friends count not the miles that separate them but the memories that connect them”                                                                                                                                                         (Wahre Freunde zählen nicht die Kilometer, die sie trennen, sondern die Erinnerungen, die sie verbinden.) 845 more words

Enabling users for ActiveSync based on group membership using Exchange Powershell.

I recently had a task where I was required to create a nightly task to enable or disable users’ ActiveSync access based on being a member of a group. 294 more words