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You Wrote Me Off

To the doctors who didn’t listen to me:

First you told me that I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. You told me to lay on my side and rub my stomach from right to left, or was it left to right, to help my body properly digest food, and sent me on my way. 359 more words


33 Days - The Countdown Begins!

This post has been so intimidating to write, since so much has happened in the past couple months and you need to be caught up, dear friends and family who have faithfully and lovingly followed my journey. 460 more words

My Karydakis Flap Surgery Recovery Notes.

22.08.2017 – Had second surgery after small excision and packing didnt work the first time (18.07.2016), Had the ‘Karydakis Flap’procedure.

28.08.2017 – Starting to regain feeling around where i was operated on, I was prescribed endone (Heavy painkiller) for the pain and have only taken one 5mg pill per 24/h. 168 more words

Petition to ACOG for better endo treatment


The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists was initially formed to be the “premiere professional membership organization for women’s health.” ACOG’s guidelines on treatment for gynecological diseases have a far reaching impact and influence on the ways in which diseases are diagnosed and treated by practitioners. 341 more words

Spoonie Life

Case #55

A bump appeared between my buttocks a year ago. I thought it was nothing, because it used to come and go each time I had my menstruations. 702 more words

Story #1. A Serious Pain in the @SS

“How it all started

In September 2000 I was involved in a car accident. I was driving up Surbiton high street and a van was turning in the road in front of me. 5,341 more words