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Blog #2: My Suggested Treatment Plan

In most cases, I favor treating patients definitively (I will list the exceptions to this recommendation in following commentary).

This means that I recommend all endometriosis is completely excised from the body. 378 more words

Blog #1 July, 2017 "The Great Treatment Debate:" first, lets define some important terms...

Let’s use two large treatment categories:

  1. Definitive Treatment
  2. Non-definitive Treatment

‘Definitive Treatment’ includes all treatments intended to completely remove all areas of endometriosis.

  • Laparotomy with excision of all areas (using the technique and energy source chosen by the surgeon)
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Let's see what I've discovered...

This is the story of the delay in endometriosis diagnosis, the immediate close friends in my life,  and what I’ve learned since my oophorectomy on 19 June 2017. 358 more words


Friends, Can You Help Me?

I’ll try to keep this short and sweet so as to not burden anyone.

I need help from you, my faithful readers.

The brain fog… 575 more words


No longer will I ovary react to anything!

The right ovary is gone, the left ovary has been ablated to shit, and the adhesions have been excised. And no, they won’t let you turn your ovary into a coin purse, even if it is twice the size it should be. 611 more words


IVF mini-consult

The first time I met with Dr. H she was skeptical about my previous excision surgery because “DaVinci doesn’t remove all the endometriosis like laser does.”  I asked her to clarify if she was referring to ablation, and she confirmed this.   1,319 more words


Fright Club - The Continuing Storrrrry...

Earlier this year, I found myself talking with Alex Davis, the organiser of Edge Lit and horror columnist at Ginger Nuts Of Horror, about American Guinea Pig: The Song Of Solomon (currently running an Indiegogo campaign… 784 more words

Fright Club