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I'm Not Really Sure

Not much has really gone on during this past week since I’ve posted. It’s just been work and school, that’s pretty much it. I’m on my last day of school for the year, then I have to take two exams tomorrow, two wednesday, and one thursday then i’m done for the year. 144 more words


The adventure begins...

*Send Me On My Way by Rusted Root plays*

As I’m sat in the airport about to start the first leg of my journey I’m filled with a nervous excitement. 154 more words


Booby Prize! From me, to me... With love!

They say “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade!”

Ok, Life didn’t really throw lemons at me. Or limes. Not even kumquats. But I lost, nonetheless. 358 more words


Summer Hols!

Aloha everyone! I don’t know about y’all but where I live, it’s summertime and guess what? School just got closed for the summers! (Oh yeah!) And moreover, we’ve got no homework! 535 more words


Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Love Ya, Tomorrow! #BloggersBash

One more sleep to go!

“What for?”

Seriously? you didn’t know? It’s the BLOGGERS BASH tomorrow!

This is one date I anticipate with ants in my pants. 412 more words


Webcam Girls to Get You Excited!

Sexy webcam girls to excite you with the hottest cam shows online!


Having bored you all with my countdown it is finally here.

Instead of being sat at my desk I am on a pendilino train to London. 71 more words