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Today marked the 20th week of my pregnancy. I’ve always wanted to write a pregnancy journal, but I’ve been really superstitious as it’s not been a calm pregnancy! 251 more words


Oh Hi August!

Right so, we have hit August 2015. This is the month I will become a Mrs!

In 2 weeks time I will be marrying my soulmate, best friend and most wonderful man in my life. 99 more words


Part 209 - Prelude to Better Days

As narrated by Maariah :

Immy sat down next to me as I opened this green envelope. He was so excited because he had obviously not been a part of the initial tasks. 1,937 more words


I feel so many times I have written blog posts about how things can be happy, and things can work out.

I have also written many blog posts after these posts stating that things also crash and burn, and things can go horribly wrong. 451 more words


Nervous? Don't worry - we've all been there

Even though we’re up here in Hanover getting ready for Trips 2015, we all started out in your shoes, as trippees awaiting our first days at Dartmouth. 387 more words

Directorate Updates

Goodbye Sertraline

Overall Day: Really Anxious, Down & Tearful (2/10)

Yesterday…true to my word I phoned the doctor for some advice before taking what would have been my 4th dose of Sertraline. 689 more words

Party with JJJ

Justin had a bunch of people over yesterday and we just chilled for the whole day pretty much. We call Justin JJJ and pronounce in like juh juh juh. 378 more words