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Yes people we have two very small nubs! We haven’t been able to get a photo just yet as Sofia loves to try and eat the camera, but hopefully soon they will be more visible and easier to capture. 81 more words

General Belize

My First OwlCrate Box!!! ♥

I’M SO EXCITED TO SHARE WITH YOU ALL MY OWLCRATE BOX FOR THE MONTH OF JUNE!!! I LOVE IT AND IT’S JUST SO ASDFGHJKL!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ down below is a short video of the box and also some pictures that I took so you all can get more information on what was inside ☺ 452 more words

Who are you?

Let me start the blog by telling you a little about who I am. I am a 26 year old newlywed and I am also almost 9 months pregnant. 129 more words


Upcoming event, experience, and post!

Hey everyone! I am very excited for this event coming up! I am also very excited to make a post about this event after the two days that I experience it! 117 more words


Singapore Trip - Day 1: The flight and my first day in Singapore!

Hey everyone!

As promised I will blog about my trip to Singapore. So be ready for at least 7 blog posts about my time there. And I didn’t bring my laptop so all this will be purely based on memory, photos, videos and what I wrote down in my new planner (there will also be a planned blog post about my planner). 1,054 more words



Не мога да повярвам!! Вече си имам студентска книжка и официално съм студентка!!! Адску много се вълнувам, нямам търпение да започна, нямам търпение да се запозная с нови хора. Есинственото, което ме притеснява е това, какъв съквартирант ще ми се падне. :D Е, вярно, че документите ми за общежитието не са готови, но… О, и нещото от което ме е страх е “висшата математика”. Дори звучу страшничко… :D

One Final Suicide Squad Trailer Is Here To Get You Excited

As if people weren t excited enough about seeing Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. have just dropped one third and final trailer. This time lettingthe movie s puppet masters take centre stage(so the people who put together the suicide squad), we get a good look at Viola Davis andJoel Kinnaman, while only snatching glimpses of Margot Robbie s Harley [ ]