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Moi, A Horrible Person

So I didn’t keep up with this blog at all for the summer. Now I’m not usually one for excuses but I have a pretty good one. 378 more words


Apparently I’m just bad at this blogging thing.  One would think I would stick with something, but I get really gung-ho for about five minutes, and then I’m just like “nah, maybe not”. *shrugs*

I’ve written almost 2K today. I’m so proud. That’s more than I’ve written since school let out in July. Finding Lights should be ready for publication soon, although it has a lot to be smoothed out. 14 more words

Upcoming Nuptials.

I’ll be having a little vacation this week, I’ll be travelling to my cousin’s wedding in Edmonton which will be one hell of a rager. 127 more words


I'm so excited!

As some of you may have read on my Facebook post the other day; I found a little red Poodle from the same breeder that I had gotten Reba from. 82 more words

Finishing Goals

This past Monday was my last day as a college student *enthusiastically patting myself on the back*. I am beyond proud of myself for actually finishing this time around. 612 more words