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Tweaking BritX based Hambuilder exciter (carrier leakage #1)

For older version of britx based (BITX) Hambuilder transceiver some buyer reported carrier leakage during transmit, its also affect the microphone gain setting. Please find the attached document for missing part and revision.

Hambuilder team

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HBR10HF and HBR4HF front panel face lift

HBR10HF facelift :

*. Additional phone jack
*. Additional key jack
*. Additional pc audio in and pc audio out
*. 5cm Aluminum rotary knob for freq dial… 26 more words

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HBR602 - Hambuilder Exciter using NE602 board

Salah satu exciter dari HambuilderĀ adalah HBR602. Exciter ini menggunakan IC Double Balance Mixer NE/SA602 yang sudah banyak dipakai dan menjadi standard homebrewer dalam merakit transceivernya. 150 more words

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Pilihan Exciter untuk Hambuilder transceiver

Untuk melengkapi road map exciter dari HambuilderĀ ada beberapa pilihan exciter. Masing-masing pilihan menurut saya memiliki “interested subject” sendiri-sendiri. Unsur murah, mudah/simple juga memiliki kelebihan tersendiri selain unsur “bagus”, high dynamic range dan bla-bla nya. 107 more words

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