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Forex Surround Sound Speaker with Audio Exciters

This is version 2 of the surround speaker experiment, seeĀ Styrofoam Surround Speakers with Audio Exciters, as it worked very well I now want a more permanent solution. 453 more words


Styrofoam Surround Speakers with Audio Exciters

Making a surround sound speaker with a sheet of Styrofoam, this will be painted and then hung behind my seating area, I have tested in surround use and it works very well in its unfinished state. 466 more words


Dan Beehler: "New EXCITER album 2019 release, ten tracks have been written & band heading into studio soon"

Jimmy Kay from Canada’s The Metal Voice spoke to Dan Beehler vocalist and drummer for Canadian Speed Metal pioneers EXCITER. Beehler spoke about the history of the band, the reunion and the upcoming album the band is working on. 702 more words

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Tweaking BritX based Hambuilder exciter (carrier leakage #1)

For older version of britx based (BITX) Hambuilder transceiver some buyer reported carrier leakage during transmit, its also affect the microphone gain setting. Please find the attached document for missing part and revision.

Hambuilder team

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HBR10HF and HBR4HF front panel face lift

HBR10HF facelift :

*. Additional phone jack
*. Additional key jack
*. Additional pc audio in and pc audio out
*. 5cm Aluminum rotary knob for freq dial… 26 more words

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