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More Happiness :)

Another thing I am very happy about which is a little more recent than the mug making date is my textbook for my online class came today! 265 more words


Because with him everything is more.

Find someone that makes the mundane fun. Someone that makes a trip to the grocery store feel like an adventure. Someone that can turn the most boring day into an exciting one. 303 more words

Tracking #2: Bass

After drums, the next thing we tracked was Bass Guitar.

I used the same setup described in my previous post “And then Began the Tracking: Drums” in terms of interface and software, and I had the same options in terms of mics. 438 more words


Temples In Siem Reap, Cambodia

The temples¬†were AMAZING! They were big and had lots of hallways. The first temple was called ‘Angkor Wat’ and it was bigger than the other five temples. 219 more words


An exciting improvement

An end lounge with a very small kitchen but maintains 2 separate areas with 2 very comfortable sofas for lounging, converts into a king size bed, well sort of. 44 more words

By far, the most exciting project yet! This is a MUST SEE! Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Game Changer!

In less than 24 hours we have seen over 6,500 people join the team as part of the prelaunch, and this is just getting started!! You need to get the information now FREE!

Myanmar Life

Today I wrote about life in Myanmar I hope you enjoy. Please subscribe to my youtube channel- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpmhLuNojRSCf0sW1iuSLyQ


Living Conditions

The living conditions in Myanmar are not the greatest for most people. 216 more words