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A Day In The Life

This is a basic rundown of a day on the life with an 11 week old. I’ve written down what a ‘good’ day is like – mostly because I like to dream and pretend that this is what always happens and it’s such a breeze every day, when in actual fact it’s extremely rare…But nonetheless, we do the same things pretty much every day so I thought it would be fun to share it with you. 951 more words


We had a change of plans and instead of finishing our Au Pairing Experience in early Feb we are now finishing on Christmas eve!

So that means I have 2 weeks to get everything sorted. 318 more words


Exciting Numbers in Musicals

When it comes to musicals, there is a certain kind of song I think about when it comes to the word show tune. They are the songs that tend to start out slow and eventually reach a point where they speed up and gain more energy. 139 more words


I got an internship!

Today, as I was looking for more freelance jobs, something came over me and I decided to go after that internship I applied to this weekend. 209 more words


Records are Made to be Broken

Sometimes I don’t realize how exciting things are. Everyone is super excited about me breaking this all time scoring record for my school, but it hasn’t really hit me yet. 63 more words

Screamless Dream

So that dream I mentioned in my last post: kinda funny. Nathan said I had to post it and request feedback & interpretations. So here that goes. 365 more words

Me, Myself & I