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No-one ever predicts every outcome successfully. The future is inherently uncertain. Which makes it exciting.


First blog post!

Well here it is! My first blog post on WordPress! I previously had a blog on Blogger, however I just couldn’t get on with it. So here I am, giving it another go! 44 more words

Writer block

How many post on having writers block have there been? Too many? Well here’s another one. It’s been about two weeks since I’ve written down anything of substance in my first attempt at a novel, it’s not that I don’t know where the stories going I just haven’t been inspired to set the typing in motion. 127 more words

Why Do Women Moan and Is Polygamy more Natural for humans?

Female copulatory vocalization actually is a way to let other potential mates know that the women is mating. When looking at other close primates interesting in off the promiscious primates the women moan loudly when copulating. 415 more words


The Conversion Factor

I am a big fan of shopping. I stress shop.  I LOVE departmental stores because they combine two things of my interest: shopping + meticulously organized goods on shelves. 413 more words


Experience the Magic of Disney!

You may think of Disney as a major kid destination. Disney is so much more and is not only geared towards the family. Disney has created new adventures for all ages to enjoy. 87 more words

Travel. Why Travel?

People travel for different reasons. Some people travel for business and others for leisure and time with family. Having the ability to travel allows you and your family time to explore and learn new things, meet new people and appreciate other cultures. 279 more words