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From the Bustle to the Castle

It was the day, I was determined to get into the city, which actually wasn’t as hard as expected. I walked to the train station unsure and seeing everyone going to the automatic ticket seller, I asked the man in the booth who was very nice and directed me on my way. 267 more words

100 days of happiness day 22: excitement 

What made me happy today??Knowing I have lots of exciting things in the near future !

Not long till I have a week off work (which I need), till we go to army V navy or till I go up to see my best friend. 33 more words

100 Days Of Happiness

Do or Die (Part 1)

Francine looked left, looked right, and saw no one open. Amanda was being blocked by the number one defensive player in the league, while everyone else was simply trying to get open. 135 more words

Lambda Awards, What?!?!!?

Hey gang! I’m proud to announce that Coils is a finalist for a Lambda Award!

I’m pretty excited! The ceremony is June 12th in New York, and I’m gonna be there! 17 more words


The Bone Season: A Mini Review 

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

My Rating: 5 stars!

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Published: August 20th, 2013

Received: Thrift store find (some of the best luck I have ever had perfect unused condition too!) … 388 more words


I'm sacred

I am going to go to exchange next year spring!

And right now my mind is going all over the place. ME going to France. And I have been to France in exchange before, but it was different because I lived in a family. 322 more words



Hey there,

Guess this means you’ve made it here! Which means I have to tell you That the party hasn’t officially begun! But Don’t worry its starting soon! 18 more words