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"Every Stop Is Neatly Planned for A Poet & A One Man Band..." (1/2)

Simon and Garfunkel have to be one of the most prolific and best lyrical voices ever, this is not a light saying even though i am often accused of overusing hyperbolic language. 529 more words

These Five Minutes Reader Survey-Chance To Win T5M Swag!


Thank you for your loyal readership for the past five years! We are in the process of updating our site, and your feedback is integral to our redesign and evolution. 25 more words

"The Toy Box Burlesque" by Julia on Lindsay's couch

Monday January 9, 2016
5 minutes
from a show postcard

When Gia gave me some of her old costumes I was in heaven. Birdie told me not to wear them cause I would catch her diseases and become a person of “interruption”…meaning my path to the lord might get a little patchy. 128 more words

Neighbour's from Hell

A literal fiery hell..

A big happy new year to the blogging world out there, I would like my first blog of the year to be an exciting one and boy oh boy did the universe provide with some excitement for my new years. 562 more words


Ta-da! Bloggin from my Noggin!

Hi hello and welcome to my blog! To all of y’all beautiful readers So It Goes, will be about the advice I have to give that I’ve learned through my experiences. 239 more words


Did you just read that title?! Can you believe it?! I sure can’t !! I just got 1,000 followers today on January 6, 2017 !! Ahhh! 50 more words

365 Days of Gratitude


Day 1 in 365 days of gratitude

It’s just that I realized I am very lucky I’m alive, that’s all. This past year has been exceedingly frustrating and has left me feeling beyond hopeless. 92 more words