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New Seasons

New seasons are so inspiring! There is something so thrilling about a change from the old into the new.  We celebrate the coming of Spring and Summer, and even Fall.   554 more words


David Snape's Radio Show #14 Take Part

My question to you guys today is:

What is your biggest thrill in life? What makes your heart pump so hard? Could be an adventure, exercise, or maybe even sex, you tell us. 13 more words


Change change change.....eeekkkkkkk!

      This past month our family has been on a massive journey of change. At the beginning of the year we sat down and made plans, hopes and dreams for 2015. 554 more words

      the week before the trial run!

      OK, I don’t want to be dramatic, but it’s gotten a little ridiculous over here.  we wanted to use the Moho this summer.  so we set deadlines, made plans.   252 more words


      crazy monday

      Karen G. Resia

      Monday 9:00 am.

      freezing, this June weather is two seconds from making the hair on my head stand.

      “Mbao mbao Ngong road, hamsini Ngong!” the conductor yelled as he stood near the door pushing people in violently , so I’m at railways watching people desperately hop onto the moving buses , “Faster faster madam!” I’m not about that life, what if I slip and fall off, nobody is going to give a shit and in fact I’m sure the people standing behind me will take that advantage and trample over my head to get into the matatu. 2,418 more words


      Placement jitters

      It’s come back round to placement time. When I finished my last placement back in January (an amazing 9 weeks on a mixed ENT/Maxfac/ Plastics/T&O surgical ward) I thought that June seemed far too far away for the start of my next placement. 1,193 more words


      Week ThirtyOne: 1st CLASS All the Way Baby!

      We all of us know what its like to go to a Tropical Island for a week-two week long Retreat OR Holiday right?

       If you haven’t been to a Tropical Island just go to the place you would go… 443 more words