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Shall we start with lunch?

So after an action packed morning, time for some food I think using our very exciting United Nations food pass! Ate in the wonderful Riverview cafe with surprisingly a view of the river….never have guessed huh. 1,153 more words

So, my Novel in Progress is coming along......

…….and I’m starting to feel energized by writing again.

One of the notes I was given was to not summarize parts of my story – that if it was going to be mentioned, it deserved a scene of its own, in the present, as an action. 154 more words


Today is the day.

Passport in hand. Backpack on my shoulder. Coat over my arm. Walking towards security racking my brains for any liquids as I get handed yet another clear plastic bag. 156 more words

Are we moving?

We might(!!) be moving to a house. I am so beyond excited. We are cramped in a 2 bedroom apartment where we get to smell marijuana everyday, I have to go up and down 3 flights of stairs and while that doesn’t sound like a lot when you have two kids in tow it gets ridiculously exhausting. 287 more words


"Every Stop Is Neatly Planned for A Poet & A One Man Band..." (1/2)

Simon and Garfunkel have to be one of the most prolific and best lyrical voices ever, this is not a light saying even though i am often accused of overusing hyperbolic language. 529 more words

These Five Minutes Reader Survey-Chance To Win T5M Swag!


Thank you for your loyal readership for the past five years! We are in the process of updating our site, and your feedback is integral to our redesign and evolution. 25 more words

"The Toy Box Burlesque" by Julia on Lindsay's couch

Monday January 9, 2016
5 minutes
from a show postcard

When Gia gave me some of her old costumes I was in heaven. Birdie told me not to wear them cause I would catch her diseases and become a person of “interruption”…meaning my path to the lord might get a little patchy. 128 more words