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Fires of our hearts

Why is it that every time a pleasant surprise unravels in front of me, my excitement quickly takes a turn towards anxiety? All the energy that has manifested itself in the form of excitement, whether it be from a new opportunity or in the shape of settling on a decision to embark on a new adventure. 490 more words


Into Thin Air: Reader Response Literary Criticism

Your hands grip the rigid crevice of ice, as you can only feel the sensation of air going in and out of your windpipe. You gasp for each and every breath, questioning as to whether you have enough oxygen to make it.   1,341 more words

Contain this sin

He was soft,
so gentle,
so new.
Pressed tight,
yet craved more,
move closer.
It was different,
such a rush,
so exhilarating.
Unfamiliar lips,
Not to be kissed, 16 more words

July 12, 2016

Memories are things that are held within someone’s heart and mind. You don’t get to choose your memories they just form and stay with you for as long as they wish. 1,087 more words

Final Countdown

Well, the time I have been waiting for (By waiting I mean obsessively planning, dreaming and thinking about….) has finally arrived! I am about to depart on a journey of my wildest dreams. 203 more words


Get to Know us :)

I am a graduated 17 year old, i am currently 20 weeks pregnant waiting of time to fly by so i can meet my little one. 428 more words

Back and Straight to Work!

I’m finally home from all my travels! Whew. Had an awesome time at Denver and Houston, though. Met a lot of hot fans. Literally. They were very attractive. 206 more words