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Hello people of the world :)

Hello Coffee addicts! 



A peculiar organism capable of transforming caffeine into books”  (source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/290693350917986072/)

I want to welcome you guys to CoffeeWrite :D…

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ENTHUSIASM! To this day it is one of my favorite words. It comes from the Greek word Entheos that means the God within. When you do something inside of you with passion and enthusiasm I really feel like you’re doing it from a place that is bigger than yourself. 340 more words

Win Your Own Copy of Coils!

Hey, lookit what I have here:

I know, right?!?! Want to win one of these babies? I’m gonna make it real easy for ya.

There are five ways to enter, and you can enter up to five times! 184 more words


A Great Time to be Inspired

Here we are, still excited and full of enthusiasm, in heading into another week of watching the 2016 Rio Olympics. Cheering for our favorite summer Olympic athletes and teams to continue to do their best and bring home the best medal they can earn. 146 more words

The more you know

‘The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more things that you learn, the more places you will go’


Best Of Both Worlds

Not sure where this post is going to go but this is something I wanted to write about.

My wife and I took yet another large step towards making a huge change in our lives. 457 more words


SoCs: EX and SoCs Badge Design Competition

It’s the 3rd Annual SoCS Badge Design Contest!

I cannot  believe  that  a  whole year  has past  since  we  started using  our  lovely  SoCs  badge  designed  by the  Extremely talented  Hope Floats  wwwmyleakyboat.com. 287 more words