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Nintendo Releases Preview Trailer for  "Nintendo Switch", Internet Rejoices 

I got on Facebook and saw Nintendo trending today and for a good reason. A preview trailer for the Nintendo Switch has been released and you can watch the video by clicking… 111 more words


The very first

Welcome to my first ever blog entry, my name is Chloe.

Exciting and just as equally scary times, I’m taking a leap of faith in hopes that this becomes somewhat successful. 441 more words

looking forward

Life can be tough. and the day to day tasks can seem daunting, repetitive, and can leave you devoid of energy and inspiration. and thats a scary feeling. 599 more words

Ramblings on Risk

Good day beloved readers. I am looking to share some rambling thoughts with you today. I am looking for some advice and wisdom from you and myself… 747 more words


strangers who belong

I’m so excited to meet you, and something tells me it’s happening sooner than later now. It’s like there’s a tension in the air of paths about to cross, and it’s electrifying and frustrating and nerve-wracking but it’s amazing. 282 more words


Dancing World of Musicals

One of the most entertaining parts about musicals is all of the dancing. The dancing is one of the main reasons why I love musicals. This year, I saw two musicals that have dance thats a part of the show. 213 more words


A Day Of Celebration 

Today my family and I will be celebrating the amazing news that the adoption for my little brother has finally gone through! Cheers!

I’ve referenced him a lot on this blog, but as Little Man wasn’t officially my little brother but my foster brother I often said he was my nephew or I suppose made him sound like my child. 151 more words