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What Does One Get For Their 29th B-day?

My 29th birthday is coming up next week. I went ahead and finally purchased my birthday gift from my husband this past weekend. 😂 Yes, I bought it… 213 more words


Casey Neistat. Vlogger extraordinaire, boosted board fanboy, CNN dropout and the perennial golden boy of YouTube has started a new series on his channel this past week and I have to say I’m really intrigued by it. 314 more words


Why I’ve Upgraded to a Drama-Free Relationship

By Renée Suzanne

“Love is not what you say. Love is what you do.” ~Unknown

I used to think that true love should be passionate and intense. 1,014 more words


My Reaction to the News (post from 8/17/17)

Here are some of my thoughts and feelings after hearing the news of serving others for 1 year around the world…(typed by Sara, my mom) 100 more words

Leading Up To Departure

How to be Happy

Hello guys welcome again……

There is no one here who could make you happy then you yourself…

Yep thats true make wow to make yourself happy first…. 125 more words


Shots! shots! shots !shots! shots! shots! Shots!

Who doesn’t love a nice strong shot?  unless it’s a flu shot.
It’s a great solution for hard day at work Or even kick starting a fun night, responsible of course (DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE).  236 more words

Today's Quote ~ Ray Bradbury on Writing

Today’s Quote by Ray Bradbury on Writing

For the first thing a writer should be is – excited. He should be a thing of fevers and enthusiasms. 31 more words