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OMG! Oh My God!

OMG! Oh My God!

Never knew so much

mystery, beauty lay there

in a simple, commonplace looking

bougainvillea flower.

Petals, looking like leaves

in numerous colours, other than green. 56 more words


The Sadies feat. Kurt Vile - It's Easy (Like Walking) (2016)

There are many, many things in our fair province worth ranting about. Carbon tax rallies, Ezra Levant being a complete and utter douchebag, Derek Fildebrandt being a complete and utter asshole. 61 more words


Album Review: Regina Spektor

It’s been a while since I dropped a written review here but with my freelance it’s become quite the balancing act to manage my professional and for fun content in the written sphere. 44 more words

Exclaim! Concert Review: Tower of Dudes / The Revolucionary Cyborg Wedding Band Mobile Unit / The Cavaleros / Clunt and the Scrunts

This review was originally published by @Exclaim! Magazine, and can be found here.

Lucky Bar’s Friday night lineup was curiously imposing. The bill, a veritable ode to linguistically confounding monikers, had the Tower of Dudes celebrating the release of their first LP with Clunt and the Scrunts, the Cavaleros and the Revolucionary Cyborg Wedding Band Mobile Unit. 362 more words


Look! This is really interesting!!!

If you want people to stop reading your writing, make sure you emphasise everything! Absolutely everything!! Because everything you write is the most exciting thing ever!!!!!! 137 more words



Tough to tame

delusionally out of control

thoroughly insaneā€¦ 58 more words