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More green

The other day

This evening

Do you see that it is question and exclamation marks?!


Annas Art

A few stitches longer

Last time I showed you this ongoing piece it looked like this

I have come a little longer now, but not much

Have a great weekend start!


What Ever

No! David by David Shannon

No! David by David Shannon


David apparently is either not listening to the rules of his house, does not understand the rules, or is oblivious to rules. 173 more words


Basic Punctuation

Oh hi, didn’t see you there! If you are looking for basic knowledge and understanding about basic punctuation, you came to the right place! We hope that these information will help to build a better understanding, so you can master on each and every one of it more! 2,045 more words


Punctuation on social media: the hashtag as exclamation mark

#HASHTAG by Petit Louis (CC-BY-2.0)

Last weekend, I finally got around to changing the light bulb over my front porch, after it had been out for several weeks. 719 more words

The battle

Who wins this match in your head?

The question mark or the exclamation mark?

It’s important to ask questions in your head constantly but is it always important to find answers to those questions? 117 more words

Annas Art