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Rengar Exclamation (QOL Change)

Hey guys Thornnn here with a quick/fun QOL (Qualtiy of Life) change on Rengars exclamation mark. Why did i do this? What uses can this have for you? 137 more words



Exclamation marks have become newsworthy! New official guidance to schools states that 7-year-old children ought to avoid ending sentences with exclamation marks unless the sentences begin with “What” or “How”. 277 more words


Punctuate This!

It is sad to read of the death of Ray Tomlinson, inventor of email and author, if that is the word, of the ubiquity of the @ symbol. 270 more words

In The News This Week

The only two reasons you need to delete those exclamation marks

The exclamation mark is the drama queen of the keyboard, used to convey excitement, shock and awe.

Every other day I review copy written by professional communicators containing at least one of these extroverts. 177 more words

In Support of the Exclamation Mark

Editors typically frown on the excessive use of the exclamation mark. Some go as far as to argue it shouldn’t be used at all. So, what’s the deal? 600 more words


My Punctuation Quirks

It is a grammar rule that a sentence can end with only one terminal punctuation mark. So, it can be a period (.), a question mark (?) or an exclamation mark (!). 230 more words

Daily Post

Daily Prompt: By the Dots - Pet Peeves

I have a rather stupid pet peeve.

If you use more than one exclamation mark I will not be happy. I’m not even going to use them excessively to try to be funny. 328 more words