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Using the exclamation mark

The exclamation mark is one of the most abused punctuation marks. Some people use it extensively when they want a piece to look informal.

The danger with that, and any other loose usage, is that it is very difficult to tell whether it conveys surprise or annoyance. 35 more words

Grammar & Usage

Punctuation matters: The easy three

It’s the most basic of elements when it comes to constructing sentences and yet sometimes it feels as though the lessons we were taught in the classroom disappear the minute we graduate. 571 more words

Pencil First Writing And Editing

Student Writing Tip #2: Exclamation Marks


Though it is true that even the most information-laden pieces need energy, that energy should come from words, not punctuation.  Just as a human being cannot live well in a perpetual state of excitement, few writing pieces bear up well under a constant stream of commands by the author to be excited or surprised. 516 more words


In defence of the exclamation point!

Plenty has been said since time immemorial about exclamation points and their place in language (yes I went to ‘time immemorial’ to make my point!). Primarily negative. 318 more words

Monday Musings

'The Exclamation Mark' by Anton Chekhov

I’ve been meaning to read some stories by Anton Chekhov for a while but haven’t actually got round to doing anything about it until now. Part of the problem is that although Chekhov was extremely prolific the number of collections available often include pretty much the same stories. 780 more words


The Exc!amation Mark!

Let’s be serious for a moment and talk about the exclamation mark! This won’t take long!

The exclamation mark is the most exciting form of punctuation there is! 761 more words