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Help! I have an exclamation mark problem!!

I guess I should have seen this coming. Sometimes when I read through a blog post I notice just how many of them there are. Sure, I go back and take out most of them but I never really thought it was that big of a problem. 187 more words


Pesky Punctuation, Pt. XIII: The Exclamation Mark

Ah, yes: the exclamation mark. A terminal punctuation mark, it denotes surprise, excitement, anger and more. It should not appear with any other punctuation marks (commas, question marks or periods). 298 more words


Groundhog day

Yup, kinda sums up my day today!  Did we not do all of this yesterday????

Sick kids, swamped in work, trying to get on top of it all!!!   88 more words


"Speak!" Part One

Dialogue and punctuation go together like bread and butter, cheese and toast, rhubarb and custard.

It’s not just a matter of following the rules, though they’re important; it’s what you can do with different symbols to make your characters really speak. 845 more words

Writing - The Process

Using the exclamation mark

The exclamation mark is one of the most abused punctuation marks. Some people use it extensively when they want a piece to look informal.

The danger with that, and any other loose usage, is that it is very difficult to tell whether it conveys surprise or annoyance. 35 more words

Grammar & Usage

Punctuation matters: The easy three

It’s the most basic of elements when it comes to constructing sentences and yet sometimes it feels as though the lessons we were taught in the classroom disappear the minute we graduate. 571 more words

Pencil First Writing And Editing