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My Punctuation Quirks

It is a grammar rule that a sentence can end with only one terminal punctuation mark. So, it can be a period (.), a question mark (?) or an exclamation mark (!). 230 more words

Daily Post

Daily Prompt: By the Dots - Pet Peeves

I have a rather stupid pet peeve.

If you use more than one exclamation mark I will not be happy. I’m not even going to use them excessively to try to be funny. 328 more words

Readers all scream "Wrong!"

If you’re quoting people who are screaming, you probably want to punctuate the scream with an exclamation mark. And unlike the writer for Yahoo! Shopping, you probably know it belongs inside the quotation marks:


Exclamation mark attacking a swimmer

You never know when exclamation marks are falling from the sky!

Seen in Zürich, Switzerland.


Are we the last generation before exclamation points’ extinction?


“An exclamation point is like laughing at your own joke.”

When The Great F. Scott Fitzgerald claimed the exclamation point to be that lame, do we even need to think twice?

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Random Thoughts

meek mill***messymandella***pistol whipping / Monster

Incidents happen in the hood e’ery day.

$hootings and robbery and fighting incidentally are situations we meet on a daily basis.

$hould they happen?

We lose many but when we survive it motivates the hoodstorian to repeatedly contribute to these images and stereotypical hood affairs and to end up on camera footage. 45 more words

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