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Scent Back In Time

Hi everyone!

If you’re in the UK, and are over 18 I guess, then you might remember these little blasts from the past!

I’m of course talking about some of the signature body sprays (and their EDT versions!) that were hugely popular around the mid-2000’s. 729 more words


Mario Kart: Double Dash!! - Both Exclamation Marks are Necessary

“What… what IS this abomination? Two seats?! This is madness! I want my mom’s money back!”

Let’s face it: if you ever played Mario Kart 64… 798 more words



o outward pass

o sweating statues

o goldspun circus

o uncle of pearl

o milky wayfarer

o staged retreat

o big ocean-lined coat

o conforming rhesus… 17 more words


Perfect Punctuation

I’m sorry if this is a bit random (I hope it’s random…if not, I’d be slightly worried…), but look at thid perfect exclamation mark! After the word ‘work’! 24 more words

A Teen Philosophy

Deer Driveway

While looking at a deer that was grazing alongside our driveway this morning, Jacqueline asked me how old I thought the deer was. I said, “Oh it’s probably two years old.” She yelped loudly, “TWO YEARS OLD!?!? 11 more words