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Exclamation Mark !

The exclamation mark (!) is a type of a punctuation mark in English. It is usually used at the end of a sentence with no extra period. 31 more words


Punctuating the Christian Life

Christians, out of all the punctuation in the English language, which is the most exciting?  The exclamation point!  That’s right, and one thing that we look forward to in our lives is EXCITEMENT.   587 more words

Intimacy With God

Hear Hear

So you know how, when you want to express enthusiasm or agreement with something someone else has said and you yell out “hear, hear!”?

Hmm. Or do you yell out “here, here!”? 407 more words


Exclamation[!], affirmation[.] or interrogation[?] as personalities and their power-game in conversation

I put a categorisation of personalities in conversation and this categorisation comes with three subgroups: exclamation, affirmation and interrogation. It is a linguistic analysis of daily conversation that reflects personalities on the table. 831 more words

Take a shot every time I use an exclamation mark!

Mainly because it means I don’t have to write anything new, and partly because I think it will entertain you, here is (probably) the best thing I’ve ever written – I showed it to my teacher and got a star sticker put on it, if you need proof of the standard. 150 more words



It has just come to my attention, that perhaps when I wrote the last blog I gave the impression that I only ever give people three chances. 307 more words



Yeah, I know it’s Friday. But like I said before, weddings happen. So let’s skip the bickering.

I get heated about a lot of Writing “Wednesday” topics, but this one is easily Top 5. 379 more words