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A Loud Fringe Kisses

*Haven’t done any of these this year… or at all, basically, since last December. Saw something on Facebook recently that inadvertently planted this idea in my head and had to get it out of there! :)



Interrobang – the forgotten punctuation mark

For those who don’t know, it’s an actual punctuation mark used for exlaimed questions like, ‘Where’d you get that kickass shirt‽’ 20 more words


Conclusion (Wis 19:22-19:22)

“In everything,

O Lord!,

You have exalted your people.

You have glorified your people.

You have not neglected to help them

At all times.

You have not neglected to help them… 67 more words

And There's More!!!!!

Disclaimer: This blog post is a grammatical nightmare. It is that way to get across a point.

I am privileged to be a DJ/host not just here at Stillstream, but also in the virtual world of… 826 more words