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Have a nice day!

“Romeo????  Romeo!!!!  Wherefore art thou!!!!!!”

Screwing up the punctuation can turn an amorous inquiry into something your mom might say when you leave your skateboard in the hallway ( 406 more words


My first blog post ever!

Today I decided to start my own blog. When you read this don’t expect perfect grammar or spelling, sorry I’m not a writer even though everyone expects me to be because I love to read. 571 more words


Truth Will Out

There’s an old saying that is my title today – the truth will out. Basically it means no matter how hard you try to deceive people the truth will be revealed in the end. 597 more words


Inmigrantes indocumentados aportan impuestos en USA

Inmigrantes indocumentados aportan impuestos en USA

Antes de opinar aprendamos a escuchar o a ir a google para ayudarnos a encontrar respuestas.

Muchos tenemos la impresión que los inmigrantes indocumentados no pagan impuestos. 376 more words


Life without Exclamation Points

Life came to halt last week and it was all because of one very tiny computer malfunction…

My exclamation point key stopped working.

Yes, I know in the real world this is no big deal. 706 more words

Stuff I Know 7: SAY MY NAME! (or perhaps don't)

Think about it. When you’re talking to someone, especially someone you know, how often do you say theirr name to them?

“Would you say this  dialogue seems a bit stilted, Cletus Van Der Slice?” 154 more words