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(Edited Worksheet 2) For your homework on Questions

Based on people’s mistakes, I asked students to improve their spontaneity, accuracy and fluency in questions, but I got no news anyone was doing any work on this, we’re always so busy in class!, so to encourage you all to do so, just in case, because it’s an issue you should be good at, here is a worksheet. 86 more words


Writing on Research: Exclamations (Non-profane, non-vulgar)

This is a nice list of uttered sounds that communicate a wide array of emotion, with definitions:

100 Mostly Small but Meaningful Interjections (Daily Writing Tips) 54 more words

Coinkydink and picture-skew

Perhaps we don’t get enough fun in the way we use words these days. Here are two nice examples of jazzing up the way we say longer more sober sounding words. 100 more words

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it's mail day!

A little light for my week. I’ve got tarot mail!

First, a swap with a healer is always a gift. I received these adorable fluorite earrings. 189 more words

Tarot & Cartomancy


Exploring a different land will make us real eyes
All we need to do is breathe…
But look at the time!
We can observe the echoes before a word is uttered! 8 more words


Inferno's Cure

The world is moving towards Inferno

The once beautiful and prosperous world, now slowly declining towards an inevitable Oblivion. As it becomes easier to fabricate a lie than it is to relinquish the truth, society talks less and steals more. 158 more words


The Writer's Plague

Nearly every literate individual from the most mundane of citizens to the highest of scholars possesses the ability to write. A select few, however, feel the necessity to write; to articulate their most intimate thoughts and precious memories through the use of the purest, most simplistic form of mediums: words. 253 more words