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¡Qué rápido pasa el tiempo!

Just a quick post today, as I’m still rather busy with work and stuff. How time flies when you’ve got important deadlines… (I’ll leave my write-up of reflexive verbs for another day!) Earlier this week – or was it last week? 143 more words


Social expressions

1) Everyday English expressions. Are you familiar with them?

Go ahead

Never mind

Be careful!

No way!

Good luck!

Help yourself.

Have a good trip… 586 more words

Uh Oh Overflow

Do I think that I drink too much? Oh, yes I do – I blink and a week passed and I feign flu-like symptoms for months on end and tend to sulk about how poor lately my health is seeming ( 93 more words

The Physiology Of Ghosts And Heartless Bastards

A plea for less excitement

I have noticed an ever increasing trend for extreme excitement expressed in literary form as ‘!’

Have we become a nation on the edge of our seats?   1,046 more words

Old Georgian phrases and sentences 34 (three exclamations)

Here are three exclamatory sentences, one from the Sinai Mravaltavi (Polycephalion) and two from the Georgian version of Chrysostom’s homilies on Matthew, all with similar vocabulary. 78 more words



Daily Prompt: By the Dots
We all have strange relationships with punctuation — do you over use exclamation marks? Do you avoid semi colons like the plague? 125 more words

Daily Prompts, Topic Ideas

Editing: The Editor's Blog

On the theme of editing, I follow a blog called ‘The Editor’s Blog’, the latest post of which explains Interjections and Exclamations so well.

So if you ever had to wonder whether to use ‘Ah’, ‘Ahh’, or ‘Aah’, now you know… 12 more words

Writing A Novel