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Quotes A Lot Of People And Kids Say

stop!!!!    cool!!!!!   oh ah   stop it!!   that’s crazy  I like that     nice    I like yours       that’s awesome        amazing!!!! that is crazy!!!!!!       that is amazing!!!        oh no      oh come on!!!!           11 more words


Trope-a-Day: Oh My Gods

Oh My Gods: Occasionally played straight – although usually invoking one eikone or their attributes by name, rather than a generic exclamation.  (It helps to be specific.)  Not, however, seen in curse-word type invocations – that tends to be invocation of entropy or its aspects, the canonical example being “Shit and waste heat!”



This is a word that my good friend Jen thought I wouldn’t use. Please check out her blog as it’s most excellent. (Shh! She thinks this word’s real, but it isn’t. 136 more words


¡Qué rápido pasa el tiempo!

Just a quick post today, as I’m still rather busy with work and stuff. How time flies when you’ve got important deadlines… (I’ll leave my write-up of reflexive verbs for another day!) Earlier this week – or was it last week? 143 more words


Social expressions

1) Everyday English expressions. Are you familiar with them?

Go ahead

Never mind

Be careful!

No way!

Good luck!

Help yourself.

Have a good trip… 586 more words

Uh Oh Overflow

Do I think that I drink too much? Oh, yes I do – I blink and a week passed and I feign flu-like symptoms for months on end and tend to sulk about how poor lately my health is seeming ( 93 more words

The Physiology Of Ghosts And Heartless Bastards