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What Are Exclusions?

Life Assurance policies are reviewed using underwriting guidelines. Any risks that fall outside these guidelines are what we call exclusions. That is to say, Underwriting Guidelines mark the parameters of the assurance cover, using such tools as Mortality Tables. 1,239 more words

Estate Planning

Human Rights

There’s a great story in the Daily Mail today about a BBC programme to be shown on tuesday evening that follows a group of Chinese teachers when they spent four weeks teaching in a Hampshire comprehensive school. 478 more words


Rise in number of primary pupils suspended | BBC News

There was a rise in the number of children suspended from primary schools in England in the last academic year. Fixed-term exclusions rose to 45,010 in 2013-14 from 37,870 the previous year.

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Successful Exclusions

I was over at a friend’s house yesterday and I was talking to her father, and he asked, “So, what are you doing this summer?” and I explained to him that I was doing a summer internship at an insurance brokerage firm.  400 more words

Inclusions and Exclusions

life is all about inclusions and exclusions to build an illusion that life is inclusive and exclusive as per movements of time. It can allure you, it can mellow you and it can cajole you to attempt all over again as the journey is still on. 6 more words

Rebel America: Exclusions Still Apply

Before you read the words that follow, I’d like to share something with you. I am an almost 31 year old multi-racial female and when my parents were married in the late 1960s, bans on interracial marriage in the United States were slowly being lifted. 1,446 more words