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Just a quickie

Just a quick update, then I’m off.  I’ve been spending my time after working today haunting my favorite Starbucks making banners and typing the previously mentioned Harry Potter thing.   100 more words

Exclusive Previews

Sorry for the delay

Am I forgiven?  It’s been hell since we got back from the beach.  Fortunately, the day before the funeral, my boys went to spend three weeks with their paternal grandparents, leaving me with some unexpected downtime in the midst of everything else going on in real life.   230 more words

Exclusive Previews

Chapter 3 (Part 2) - EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

Two victims.

One vampire. One human.

She looked at Owen.

Well, that explains a lot.


“Why am I your primary suspect?” Kate asked.

It was a fair question. 913 more words


Chapter Three (Part 1) - Exclusive Preview

“What makes you think there were multiple murders?” Owen asked, genuinely interested.

The pictures he had shown were vague enough. Mostly, they were just body parts and injuries. 759 more words


I hate traffic...

So I’m sitting playing navigator to my mom as she’s driving the minivan back from the Outer Banks.  I hate playing navigator.  Just once I’d like to stretch out in the back seat, but my dad is a scary driver and thinks his directions are better than GPS, Mom falls asleep when she’s not driving, and neither of the boys are old enough to be trusted.   211 more words

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I have a strong feeling...

I’m pretty sure that this is going to be my only update for this week.  I’m enjoying the heaven that is Kitty Hawk, NC with my parents and my kids.   194 more words

Exclusive Previews

The longest week ever

I only have 2 more days of work to get through before going to the beach.  The Outer Banks of NC hold many, many precious memories from my childhood and I am so grateful that I get to take my boys to the same area for them to make their own memories.   393 more words

Exclusive Previews