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Hunky Lobo Takes On A Sexy Sorceress In Our Exclusive Preview Of 'Lobo #5'

In case you haven’t been following along, DC’s Main Man is looking a lot more photogenic these days, and in the latest issues of Lobo, he quickly dispatches of an evil alien sorceress, then goes in search of The Businessman. 73 more words


Chapter 2 - Part 2 (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW)


Fiendish bitch.

History had all but forgotten her. Most people today wouldn’t have even a remote idea as to who Até was in her heyday. 1,072 more words


Chapter 2 - Part 1 (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW)

This room was hideous.

It was every interrogation room cliché, complete with a mirrored observation window, steel table and a wobbly chair. The light that hung from the ceiling was a little too bright and a little too low. 780 more words


Eternal Damnation - Part 6

He was sleeping.

Was he dreaming, Zeni wondered.

An intense pulling sensation began tugging at her core, drawing her toward the unconscious man. How odd! It was like a magnet, attracting her with an almost unbearable force. 1,367 more words


Chapter 1 - Part 4 (Final) EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

Kate popped open a compact to give herself something to do. She didn’t carry a cell phone, so she couldn’t entertain herself while Ian fiddled with his. 710 more words


Eternal Damnation - Part 5

She was a succubus. That was the body she had been granted. A demon of seduction and corruption.

Zeni could live with that.

He would be asleep now, she figured. 563 more words


Chapter 1, Part 3 - EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

The Alliance changed everything.

The Alliance was formed centuries ago when vampires and humans agreed to a treaty offering mutual protection and support. Now The Alliance was a powerhouse of politicians, business leaders, and legislatures that controlled both human and vampire societies. 1,054 more words