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I don't deal well with change

Yeah, I really, really don’t.  I’m used to my ex getting the kids every other weekend.  He has it worked our with his job and everything.   272 more words

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An unavoidable delay

Hello all.  So sorry I’ve been neglecting my self-monitored posting schedule.  I got my boys back after three weeks with their dad and paternal grandparents, so I’ve been overdosing on the snuggles I’ve missed.   138 more words

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Worth the 40+ hours on a train

Oh my goodness… I have had the best possible 30 hours ever.  First… the train got to New Orleans late and the fireworks started while I was still at the train station.   676 more words

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Random song title about trains

So I am sitting aboard a southbound train heading for the Big Easy.  The train was half an hour late, but from what I understand, that’s the norm.   174 more words

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Just a quickie

Just a quick update, then I’m off.  I’ve been spending my time after working today haunting my favorite Starbucks making banners and typing the previously mentioned Harry Potter thing.   100 more words

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Sorry for the delay

Am I forgiven?  It’s been hell since we got back from the beach.  Fortunately, the day before the funeral, my boys went to spend three weeks with their paternal grandparents, leaving me with some unexpected downtime in the midst of everything else going on in real life.   230 more words

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Chapter 3 (Part 2) - EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW

Two victims.

One vampire. One human.

She looked at Owen.

Well, that explains a lot.


“Why am I your primary suspect?” Kate asked.

It was a fair question. 913 more words