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What a week...

I think this might be the longest I’ve spent between updates.  It’s been a crazy week.  I work in a bank… at a lake… where ALL the tourists spent the last week returning… and the merchants who are clients spent the whole week gobbling up our change for the holiday weekend.   180 more words

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Yeah it's filler, but...

Okey dokey… So I hadn’t planned on adding another chapter until next week, but this one is pretty short and kind of filler-ish.  Plus, I have my laptop up and running, so why not? 216 more words

Brain Drivel

Spring Kinda Sucks

So I sit here with a throbbing hip, and aching hand, and a head full of ick thanks to wonky weather fronts and an obscene amount of pollen.   37 more words

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Don't get used to this...

So three chapters in 2 days?  Yeah, I don’t have a reason except I’ve had an unusual amount of free time this weekend.  I head to the beach in 4 weeks with my family, and then head to NOLA all by myself on July 3rd.   92 more words

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For all the hot mommas...

I promised a chapter today and I’m gonna go one better.  I’m sitting at my favorite table at my favorite Starbucks and think that I should add another chapter later specifically for Mother’s Day.   152 more words

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A gift for Mother's Day

My kids are going with their dad for Mother’s Day.  Seems weird, but it actually works out.  I’m taking my mom to see Age of Adeline… 135 more words

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Another little taste

Yummy stuff.  So, this (I think) is the longest chapter so far.  It’s also one of my favorites for a simple reason… my cayenne-sprinkled lemon finally makes an appearance.   154 more words

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