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Love is God's Primary Attribute: Evidence from Religious Experience: Part 2

In my last post I listed some examples of people’s religious experiences. In this post I will begin analyzing these types of experiences in more depth. 2,114 more words

Evangelism: A Line In The Sand

You know the story.

You or someone you know, takes the opportunity to share the message of Jesus Christ with an unbeliever. You speak to them about God our Creator, showing them and walking them through the law of God, man’s inability to keep it due to the fall, the truth about their sin, what Jesus did in his life, death, and resurrection, man’s need for a savior, and finally, you admonish them to repent of their sins and believe in the risen Christ as Lord and Savior. 554 more words


Four Myths About Christ's Descent to the Dead

The doctrine of Christ’s descent to the dead, expressed by the clause “He descended to the dead” in the Apostles’ Creed, might be one of the most unpopular doctrines in evangelical churches today. 1,525 more words

Systematic Theology

Must They Hear?: A Case for Exclusivism (Contra Inclusivism)

“Can a person be saved by Christ if all they have is natural/general revelation and not the gospel?”

First, definitions are in order.  Inclusivism is the belief that general revelation (nature; the conscience of man) is sufficient to save, as God might judge man righteous based on what little faith they may have, despite that faith not being in Jesus Christ; those of other religions may very well be saved.  2,156 more words

Christ & Salvation

Intolerance and Christian Exclusivism

The only match for our culture’s flaming love-affair with the buzzword “tolerance” is our hatred of intolerance. Our hatred of intolerance is not without its bright spots: For example, it is bad to be intolerant toward a Muslim simply because they are Muslim. 960 more words


The New Paganism (Part 6) Are the Old Testament Faithful Damned Because They Lived Before Christ?

The Old Testament Saints

Are the people faithful to God in the Old Testament still damned because they lived before the saving work and death of Christ? 994 more words


The New Paganism (Part 4) Does the Holy Spirit Work Apart from Christ?

SERIES INTRO: The New Paganism

As our culture becomes more post-modern—as well as post-Christian—in mindset, both traditional religions and unambiguous atheism are being rejected by many and an undefined spirituality—a fuzzy spiritual agnosticism—has been embraced, which lives by the axiom, “I’m spiritual, not religious.” 1,626 more words

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