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The New Paganism (Part 6) Are the Old Testament Faithful Damned Because They Lived Before Christ?

The Old Testament Saints

Are the people faithful to God in the Old Testament still damned because they lived before the saving work and death of Christ? 994 more words


The New Paganism (Part 4) Does the Holy Spirit Work Apart from Christ?

SERIES INTRO: The New Paganism

As our culture becomes more post-modern—as well as post-Christian—in mindset, both traditional religions and unambiguous atheism are being rejected by many and an undefined spirituality—a fuzzy spiritual agnosticism—has been embraced, which lives by the axiom, “I’m spiritual, not religious.” 1,626 more words

Apologetics & Evangelism

Exclusively Jesus, Inclusively All

Jesus is “the way, the truth, and the life,” the only way to the Father, the only gate for his sheep (John 14:6; … 1,072 more words

Do We Even Listen To Ourselves

The other day after church I was spending some time with a former member who was back in town.  It was his second time to visit since I started as the pastor, and I remembered him a person enthusiastic about his faith.   1,257 more words


A line in the Sand

So often in life we find ourselves drawing lines in the sand.  It is like in the movie Hook.  Twice a line is drawn.  First after Peter first comes back to Never Never Land and Rufio does not believe him to be their pan, he draws the line asking the lost boys who they will follow; this adult who does not have any of the Pan like abilities or himself who has been leading them in Peters absence.   1,276 more words