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Okay. I stubbornly refused to talk on the phone about this. I’m not a phone person. T and I have never really talked on the phone, just grunted out sexy scenarios and imagery while we masturbate together, though with an ocean in between us. 131 more words

Email to T

Let’s just start by naming my current longterm online lover – it won’t be too imaginative: I’ll call him T.

When I found the transcripts of the chats between him and another lady of his, I was upset. 248 more words


I have posted at another site, but since my current lover knows about that blog I’ve left a few posts in the drafts folder. I’ll post them on here instead – and keep writing. 647 more words

Monday Morning Sermon Recap - Lion of Judah as the Barrier Breaker - Neil Gaiser - Kirkersville United Methodist Church

My family and I visited Kirkersville United Methodist Church yesterday where my friend Neil Gaiser is the Pastor. We met with him on Saturday night at O’Charleys since he is presiding over my upcoming marriage to Jayne Davis next month. 1,543 more words

Dreaming About Theresa

I don’t know what can have been the cause, but last night I dreamt I was voice coaching Theresa May. It can’t be because I want her brand of politics to get a better hearing, I find it abhorrent. 776 more words


Hills Worth Dying On

I used to think practically ANY hill was one to die on, and when I say die, I’m barely hyperbolizing. Relationships died on those hills. As long as I thought a conviction was biblical, it trumped any tie. 826 more words

Is church membership exclusive?

It’s a question that gets thrown up from time to time, often less in the form of a question and more as an indignant statement: membership is exclusive. 861 more words