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Arcane Gate - Excursion

Originally a highly secretive project developed by House Orien and House Cannith during the Last War. It would provide instant transport of soldiers, gear and goods from one location to another. 129 more words


Campaign Ideas - Eberron

  • Excursion. A new train called Excursion travels from Khorvaire to Xen’drik through a super gate connecting the two great continents. One group of passengers will have a trip they won’t soon forget as the trip sends them to a different Eberron.
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The Complete Guide To Boracay!

Travelling Boracay cannot be any easier as the island is only 8km long x 1km wide! But getting to Boracay can be confusing and planning your trip can be tiring as you might not know where to start thus please do read on as i guide you through the perfect planning to a 5 star holiday. 2,351 more words


Kilcunda - George Bass Coastal Walk

Here’s some images from the Kilcunda end of the George Bass Coastal Walk.

Below – 1.6 secs, f/8, ND400 filter.   Available as a print here… 35 more words


Butterfly's Excursion 2 by Blair Gaulton

Butterfly’s Excursion 2
Butterfly skates;
over bottles, scattered food, and glass.
Grinning at the passed out people.
Tickling a nose along the way
to the flowers.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)July 2015


Restoration of open-pit mining areas

The group sallied to the Lower Lusatia-region in southern Brandenburg, more precisely to the surroundings of the town Finsterwalde. Whereas the town itself has gained national fame in the late 19th century through a folk music… 108 more words

Environmental Management


02) Write an application to the principal of your college seeking permission to go on study tour/ excursion.

15 April 2015

The Principal,

‘X’ College, 168 more words

Hons. English