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The love of my life horseback riding
Skagway, Alaska

Spring Bazaar at the U.S. Embassy 

The Spring Bazaar was an open market filled with local Algerian vendors. We loved it! It felt like market night in Riverside, but with a view of the Mediterranean Sea. 351 more words

Japanese Perfection and Serenity at Kamakura and Nara

I was lucky enough to return to Japan for a second time this spring. Last year (described here) we’d be so lucky to arrive right at the perfect time for the cherry blossoms, this year, we were a little bit later, nevertheless, there were some other wonders in store, big ones, golden ones… furry ones…? 1,294 more words

Je T'Aime Travel

USA Trip Journal: Hello Los Angeles!

The long and awaited April 3rd was finally here! I couldn’t wait more to step my own feet in USA! I’ve just went back home from my campus yesterda, which is located quite far from where I used to permanently lived (Jakarta), and because of the heavy traffic jam, I took 8 hours for me to arrived!  416 more words


Bishkek Day

Friday was a big day for us – not only did it mark over two weeks at our training villages (it says a lot that I began typing “months” instead of weeks while typing that sentence), but it was also our big Bishkek Day. 736 more words

Posts About Kyrgyzstan

spotted this metrotextual (almost) week

-7.5 corgis

-a lady with a giant cart filled with churros on the a train

little lindsay for brunch at bareburger in astoria (is this what hanging out with TO people has come to?!) 148 more words



May 18, 2015 | Tomas Morato

I met Manay in the most unexpected way, in a place where friendship is nearly impossible to flourish.

I was young then, full of vigor when I decided to join the group that would brave the thickness of the forest. 884 more words

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