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Culture Shocking in Costa Rica - by Kerri Lynn Barton

When you go through orientation at Veritas, they talk to you a lot about homesickness, culture shock– the highs and lows. When I came to Costa Rica I was very homesick, but I learned to keep myself busy and slowly got over my homesickness. 351 more words


Mud Hiking in the Netherlands!

Do you want to feel like walking on water? And experience walking on mud? Then I propose mud hiking in Terschelling and staying over for a camping night by the sea! 146 more words


When in Costa Rica… - by Leslie Stroud

After about 5 days into my study abroad trip, I was settled in Costa Rica and started thinking about all the places I wanted to see and how I was going to travel to those places in a cost-effective way. 560 more words


Safe Studies - by Stephanie Ekey

Studying abroad is an invaluable experience, and anyone who has the opportunity to participate is very lucky. Living in another country on your own allows you to learn a lot about yourself and about how you want to contribute to the world. 449 more words


What to visit around Delft!

Are you fond of cycling in nature? Then Delft is your city!

Tips to get prepared:


  • some food for your picnic
  • A football
  • Your swimming suit…
  • 22 more words

XII: The Salt Flats

What happens when you take a Frenchman, a Swede, a Portuguese girl and a Canadian chick, sprinkle in a Brazilian couple with just a dash of Javier – the Bolivian driver – and send everyone out into the desert for three days? 830 more words