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How learning animation from Hi-Tech Animation can be a game changer for your career?

Animation sure is a very sought after and lucrative career in today’s day and age but why should you pursue it from Hi-Tech Animation? Well after reading this blog you will not want to go anywhere else that is our guarantee. 210 more words


Basic courtesy

I feel that nowadays people don’t have basic courtesy at all..

The basic courtesy refers to “sorry”, “excuse me”, “please” and “thank you”.

These words are so simple yet people don’t practice this as a habit. 72 more words


Woe is me, woah!

Well yesterday my happiness took a massive hit, and it continued today so I’m going to have a self-indulgent sook cause I wanna. So basically, I came to live in London with this company, let’s call them… 1,162 more words


Excuse me?

How about you say that to my face?

How about before you decide my breakup didn’t mean than much to me — and therefore my relationship, which was my whole world, didn’t mean that much to me — you actually ask me how I’m doing? 97 more words

About Me


***My dog MUST sniff every square inch of grass and run back n’ forth across it about a… 405 more words


Excuse Me (But I'm Not Sorry)

I turned too quickly in a store the other day and almost ran into a woman.  She apologized.

Working out next to me, a friend dropped her water bottle on the floor, and when I bent to pick it up, she apologized.    919 more words

Feminist Musings

I can't stand niggas

So I was at work. I walk up and see this guy filling up the condiment cups with ketchup or whatever. He has at least 5 cups spread out on the counter. 585 more words

Life & Thoughts