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Fat can be fixed, the excuses are much more complicated...

Let me begin by writing that  I can’t ever imagine being fat enough that finding clothes that fit would be impossible. Fat enough that a medical professional might turn me away. 3,416 more words

Capable Fitness With Gail

A 10 Year-Olds’ Guide

Things You Could Be Doing Instead of Brushing Your Teeth

1. Check tomorrow’s weather.

2. Look out the window.

3. What is that outside? I should go look into this. 104 more words


No Wiggle Room

Boston Herald sports headline, Sunday, July 24, 2016: “Suspension rules leave little wiggle room for Tom Brady.” The article discusses whether NFL quarterback Tom Brady will “keep his sanity” during four weeks of suspension from his team. 904 more words

Christian Living

No excuses : 9 skills that require neither genetics nor money nor specific talents / Pas d'excuses : 9 compétences qui ne requièrent ni argent, ni génétique, ni talents

“Ok but see I don’t have money for that”…

“Wow, what a shape, must be genetics”…

Let’s kick excuses in the butt !

Here are 9 things that require neither money nor genetics nor talents. 716 more words


No one cares about your excuses.

Okay, I’m going to be completely honest here. There are a million and one excuses that people will come up with as to why they can’t take control of their health. 293 more words


“… You lured me, you made me do it…”

Those were the words of a sister who was lured into fornication by her fiance in a movie I watched recently. 446 more words


Doors, Locked and Otherwise

During the Week of Guided Prayer, images of doors and houses came up every single day, which really isn’t all that shocking because I have a thing about doors, particularly closed, locked ones. 625 more words