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Metabolism and Weight Loss

A very interesting and popular news article was published in the New York Times yesterday about the show “Biggest Loser” and why most contestants gain back the weight they lost. 327 more words

I'll Stop Feeling Sorry For Myself Soon, I Promise

Excuses are wrung from your lips like a dirty washcloth and I have no choice but to let the water fall. No matter how I place my hands beneath your spewing words, your liquid always slips through the cracks. 52 more words


mistaken identity

Mistaking oneself for someone else is no excuse.


Elimination Diet

I tend to be more of the opinion that detoxes and cleanses are mostly a load of b.s. – however, I do think they can often have a positive effect, but not necessarily because they’ve actually “cleansed” your liver, pancreas, colon, etc or because they’ve taken out harmful “toxins” from your body – but because they’ve challenged you to switch up your diet. 754 more words

Three excuses successful people never use to procrastinate

This article was originally published in The Review
by Sara Wade

Believe it or not, successful people procrastinate. Success isn’t about always avoiding procrastination, but about picking your battles. 605 more words


Change day 4

Hey there Internets,

So as you might have guessed, day 3 was a no go. Yep, I failed right at the 3rd day of this challenge. 402 more words

The Miracle Morning Challenge

So I used to listen to this song a lot, but somehow I went from showing it to others to completely forgetting about it. Then just yesterday a friend of mine re-shared it with me and told me that every time she listened to it she remembered me. 21 more words