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Excuses Excuses!

All of my life I have struggled with getting enough exercise. I seem to be able to do it for a while and then I quit the routine. 533 more words


Excuses, excuses ...

My ankle has felt fine since Parkrun on Saturday. No swelling, no pain, no increased weakness … so why do I keep making excuses not to go back out again? 390 more words

Excuses, Who Wore it Best by justokmom

This is a post that really resonated with me, as a mom and as a person. Please give it a read.

Reflecting on society and the individual responsibility to make a difference.

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DIY Weight Loss: No One Else Can Do It For You

You would think that’s pretty obvious: you can’t hire someone to lose your weight for you. In our society, however, we hire out as much of the hard parts of everything we can, and unfortunately, it’s those hard parts in weight loss that matter the most. 1,534 more words


Where Excuses Stop -- Life Begins

People treat us bad…this is where the excuses begin and life ends.

At the outset, this sounds harsh, but stay with me–there is redemption.  When we are mistreated there is an emotional response that begins within us.  1,123 more words


Don't mind me, or my mother. sometimes minds matter.

This was what ground my gears (I heart Peter) today. It started bothering me yesterday and today it became a thing. The ghost in the room, mental illness. 888 more words


It is the nature of waves

That they keep coming,

And they will increase

Its the matter of their timing.

There are two types

In the process of balance and imbalance, 141 more words