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An Excuse To Do Nothing

It’s a complex world we’ve built for ourselves. Just making sense of it is exhausting, let alone trying to form a coherent opinion based on real information. 768 more words


Women and Anger : A continuing Taboo...

I allowed anger through in this piece – and did not control the order and rigidly enforce the inner logic of my thoughts the way I usually do. 1,086 more words


Be Direct with Friends About Your Budget, Don't Make Up Excuses to Not Go Out

If you’re trying to pay down credit cards, or pay off your student loans, it can be embarrassing to say you’re on a budget when your friends want to hang out. 248 more words


15. Feeling poorly

So I have an excuse for not posting a blog yesterday, which is that I was very poorly. I had such a bad headache when I came home from work I just had to get into bed for 2 hours. 38 more words


Brian Darcy of Glen View Road, Clare passed away on Monday. Survived by his wife Ann, his son Darren and his daughter Emma, he was well known in the community for making his own trivial issues seem more important than everybody else’s by constant use of repetition and exaggeration. 48 more words


i would say that the single most important factor to any type of success is reliability. if you are reliable, you will more often than not succeed. 607 more words


To do something, you need to create excuses. Because no reason is ever good enough.


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