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Excuses, Excuses

I like to think of myself as a very open person. I love learning about new ideas and perspectives and making the most of my environment. 796 more words

Finding My Happy

Stop making excuses (part 2)

Do you know what makes you happy but it doesn’t always come easy? Do you think you should give it up? If you answered yes to all three questions in part one, then you should find a way to make it happen! 170 more words


But I don't have time

If asked what are some things you wish you had time for, what would you say? It’s ironic how living in a time where everything is manufactured to be quicker, more time efficient, we’re still plagued with this all too known phrase “but I don’t have time…”. 649 more words

The Two Most Common Weight Loss Excuses

As a weight loss consultant, I have literally dealt with 100’s (actually, probably more like 1000’s) of clients who have come to see me to get help in reaching their goal weight.  479 more words

Weight Loss

My Confession...My Reality

I’d like to blame anxiety,depression,& stress for me not losing weight. Those do contribute,no doubts about it. What I don’t like to admit is my contribution to my rapid weight gain. 192 more words


13 Terrible Reasons Not to Be an Author

As I’ve said before in my past article, So You Want to Write a Novel – A Brief Overview of 7 Key Elements, everybody has a story inside of them that they want to share with the world. 687 more words

Blogisode # 3 Only To Fly Where Eagles Dare or How to Make The Best Out of The Worst

 Hi! I’m back. I’m daydreaming about flying up past the crows that congregate at the lower elevations and fly where the eagles dare at the higher elevations allowing them to look down upon their environment and spot out the tasty morsel of a mouse a football field away rather than the mess of bird seed and bread left out by the elderly neighbors. 667 more words