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I don't know how to

Often when faced with a change or a new task, especially one that is likely to take us out of our comfort zone, we use the reason for not starting as ‘I don’t know how to do….’. 184 more words



This week has witnessed my repeated failures to live up to my own practice commitments. When I think about why I see that my failings are “excusable” and understandable but what does that really mean? 117 more words


Let's Do Something...

“We should hang out!” Right? Maybe? Actually, how about not.

I love my friends, but hanging out can be terrifying. I want to hang out, but I panic when we actually want to do something. 383 more words



Can not actually fathom an excuse today for why i didnt wake up. I am tired in the morning. My full time school work plus work and staying up too late at night makes me too tired in the morng. 18 more words


Life's Homework Assignments

I believe that each day I am given a homework assignment. Most days I am so busy, I don’t take time to sit down, review, study, and complete the assignment. 76 more words

How trying to find my purpose has blocked me from living purposefully!

If you have not been living under a rock, you’ve definitely seen the boom in the self-help/self-improvement field over the last 10 years. It’s been steadily gaining steam for maybe the last 20 years for sure but it’s blown up recently. 741 more words


Choices: Lead or Follow

“You shall not follow a crowd to do evil,” Exodus 23:2.

Thank you, Lord, for clarity.  As I am convicted of your clear requirements, give me the strong heart of a leader to do right. 290 more words

Christian Devotional For Women