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Download Executable Jar File Games

Download executable jar file games

May 31, 2013 Text File Cleaver is a lightweight and portable piece of software specifically designed to split large files with the plain text format (TXT). 569 more words

Age Of Empires Online Please Run Game Executable From The Launcher

Age of empires online please run game executable from the launcher

012 I press play but nothing happens! please try to run a full scan (if you’re using the game through for the executable of Age of Empires Online, Try opening the Launcher.exe directly from the AoE folder in steamapps Age of Empires Wikia. 474 more words

Magic Fields (Executable Headers)

One of the things I get asked most often about downloading files from my website is why programs don’t work after unzipping.

The answer to that is “how did you unzip it?”. 1,215 more words

Problem with stand-alone executables?

Well, I just have to share this with whosoever is desperately looking for a solution to this problem and happens to stumble across this post. 145 more words

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Blender Game Engine: Publishing

At some point you might want to get your game out to more people. You could just export it with the built-in Save As Game Engine Runtime… 678 more words


Linux: get absolute path of running shell script / executable

Q. In Linux from a running shell script or a C/C++ executable how to get the absolute path of itself?


For shell script:
Below line will give you the absolute path of shell script that is running. 60 more words

Make AWK Scripts Executable on Microsoft Windows Systems

You love working with the good old awk language for pattern scanning and text processing? Usually it’s sufficient to use awk fast and easy with one-line programs directly on command line. 219 more words