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Joke Presents: Town of Salem "The Executioner"

Everyone has to get their fix. Some people do it through booze. Others do it through sex. Maybe they get it from writing little short stories. 352 more words

Thee Bad Joke

Expertise - An Executioner's Life

An Executioner’s Life:

Day after day, it’s always the same.

The crunch of bones, the spray of blood, the stench of decay.

The life of an executioner is a messy one, and the job is never done. 208 more words


the Executioner

the Executioner at work

his first day of the horrendous job

from now on he is to be paid for doing

what’s considered a crime for the rest to do… 191 more words


Tisha Returns


With darkness upon us, Ade’s executioner produces a powerful flashlight. The group goes all the way out of the village to a thick patch after the farmlands and before the next village. 572 more words


Raise the blade, executioner. The time has come. 6655.5 days of breathing is the sum of my demise. Trace back to the moment I was brought to life. 150 more words