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Does the phrase "High ... Misdemeanors" mean breach of fiduciary duty?

According to Impeachment: The Constitution’s Fiduciary Meaning of “High . . . Misdemeanors”, Federalist Society Review, the answer is “yes.”  From the article’s conclusion:

We best capture the meaning of the phrase “high . 74 more words

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AALL denounces refugee family separations as repulsive

Speaking on behalf of our association AALL President Greg Lambert is quoted in the June 20, 2018 press release:

“This administration continues to take actions regarding immigrants and asylum seekers that go well beyond long-standing legal precedent and limit access to justice for those most in need of guidance and representation. 58 more words

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Running afoul of the Flores Settlement Agreement [text and CRS reports]

Trump’s executive order ending the separation of refugee families detained in the US may run afoul of the Flores settlement because Flores requires the federal government to do two things: to place children with a close relative or family friend “without unnecessary delay,” rather than keeping them in custody; and to keep immigrant children who are in custody in the “least restrictive conditions” possible. 43 more words

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Trump administration withdraws US from UN Human Rights Council

In yet another effort by the Trump administration to pull away from international organizations and agreements that it finds objectionable, yesterday the US withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council, citing as its reason the Council’s frequent criticism of Israel’s treatment of Palestinians. 31 more words

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The complex history of indicting a President

From Walter Dellinger’s Indicting a President Is Not Foreclosed: The Complex History, Lawfare, June 18, 2018:

Can a sitting president be indicted? Often, in answering this question, commentators point to Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) opinions answering in the contrary. 87 more words

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State AGs and former US Attorneys call for reversal of zero-tolerance policy [text]

Current and former state and federal prosecutors are calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to reverse his zero-tolerance policy targeting families who have illegally entered the United States’ southern border. 20 more words

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