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Management Consultant to Guide the Right Way

Venturing into the business and not aware of the tactics to deal with? Well, here is the point that requires the support of a management consultant… 328 more words

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Headshots for an Executive Coach

An executive coach was revamping his website and needed new photos. He came to my studio and we made these headshots.

Alan Barnett, New York City portrait photographer


How Mindfulness Improves Executive Coaching

Many coaching clients want to change how they respond to certain situations.  It could be that they don’t say what they think in meetings or at the other extreme that they dominate conversations; that they say yes to everything or not to all opportunities and changes; that they are avoiding conflict or getting into disagreements on a regular basis. 52 more words

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Procrasinating vs Mastering the Art of ‘Just Start’

Are you aware of procrastinating? What is your favourite method?

  • Social media?
  • TV?
  • Tidying?
  • Eating?

One of my clients has noticed that he would sometimes rather file his emails than get to the challenging task he is meant to be doing. 85 more words

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Calming Your Brain During Conflict

Great article to help us understand the what happens to our bodies and brains when we get into disagreements – no matter how slight.  So much of what we feel is driven by our ancient responses to attack and are less than helpful nowadays.   39 more words

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7 Leadership Challenges that Executive Coaches Address Head-on:

Leadership is about influence, and positive, productive communication.  Leaders are called to think in a forward direction, recognizing possibilities for innovation and new levels of purposeful progress.   184 more words

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Fed up with vague agreement?

This topic came up in some recent coaching with a Senior Executive who was facing some challenges with a new team.  He had picked up a pattern of half hearted commitments and then poor or non-delivery. 90 more words

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