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Criticism or requests

Someone said to me ‘A criticism is just a really bad way of making a request.’  What do you think?

Could we just make the request? 35 more words


There is More Than One Way to Get to the Top!

Recently, I visited Sir Sam’s Inn in Halliburton, Ontario, with my husband for our seventh anniversary. We enjoy incorporating exercise and time spent outdoors into our vacations and this trip was no exception. 783 more words

Bring out your inner child! Ironically, Pedialyte can kick start your transition into retirement

Pedialyte! As a proud father of two little boys, it is “go-to” drink that helps re-hydrate kids when they are under the weather.

In Marketplace… 456 more words

Jason Levin

5 Behaviors That Block Your Success (And How to Get Unstuck)

You might not even be aware, but you may have some behaviors you exhibit at work that could be holding you back, and preventing you from getting what you want and where you want to be. 1,108 more words


Apple and Amplitude Studios...

While Google was reinventing the alpha-bet, Amplitude Studios has been quite busy: we are excited to announce that Dungeon of the Endless is now  206 more words

Google, alpha-bet, et les vacances...

Il suffit que je m’absente quelques jours visiter les châteaux du nord-est de l’Allemagne, et Google en profite pour créer Alphabet. Je ne découvre la nouvelle qu’aujourd’hui. 163 more words

What if you listened without judging?

I am getting out more in our city as an entrepreneur and investing more time in relationship building and educating myself in our community.   Preferring to learn experientially while meeting people, I love to discover and learn more about the people I engage with. 642 more words