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You find your passion, by doing what you love. The active words are “love” and “doing” Therefore there is a need for a certain level of openness and creativity to find the passion … it doesnt work the other way around. 325 more words

5 Signs You’re Ready for the Corner Office

This piece originally appeared on Monster.com.

You’ve shown up early and stayed late. You’ve mentored others who are now on their way to success. Your numbers speak for themselves. 745 more words


I am not your guru

J’ai regardé hier le documentaire de Netflix intitulé Tony Robbins: I am not your guru. Je pense que c’est un film intéressant pour les professionnels de l’accompagnement, de la communication, RH, thérapeutes, spécialistes de développement personnel. 340 more words

How an executive coach can help you

By: Heidi Sundin

Much is written about the importance of mentoring and sponsorship to ensure women reach the higher levels of management. I also recommend working with an executive coach as you enter into executive roles. 554 more words


All You Need To Know About Business Leadership

Although conventional wisdom often says that great leaders are born, not made, history has proven otherwise. Many people in a position of leadership have benefited greatly from learning more about the characteristics and habits of effective leaders. 288 more words

Executive Coach

How Professional Help You To Get Best Life Coach Training

There Are No Mistakes Ever wonder what will lead to the biggest opportunities for growth in your life? In a word, the answer is “mistakes.” Whether it’s an epic personal slip up or a decision that leads to a serious career setback, mistakes tend to make us feel terrible in their immediate wake. 563 more words