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La Belle Assiette: Guten Tag Deutschland

What a joy it is to utter these few words: La Belle Assiette is now in Germany. Let your friends know!

As an entrepreneur, entering a new market is an intense moment. 216 more words

Is your mind is like a puppy?

Another one of the super quotes from Jack Kornfield:  A Path with Heart:  ‘the mind is like a puppy’.

When you are training a puppy it runs away many times and you gently bring it back to the training – this is like the brain.  55 more words


Practising change not powerpointing it

What does it take for you to take on board a new habit?  To stick to a new gym routine, to journal daily?  To walk a little further?   87 more words


Pat Buckley - 5 stars for Lead Your Team to Win

This is Pat Buckley’s review of my book “Lead Your Team To Win”. See other rave reviews on Amazon.com. IF you read the book, please put your thoughts on Amazon. 179 more words

Lead Your Team To Win

Team engagement on change projects

So much of the orthodoxy surrounding leading change projects talks about engaging staff in decision-making.  In my experience, that is only partially true.  Badly done engagement causes just as many problems as good engagement. 298 more words


The indulgence of executive coaching?

I heard an interesting comment recently – no one wakes up in the morning saying “I must get a coach”. That’s probably true. Certainly when I was in corporate life I never uttered those words. 529 more words

Just because you think it doesn't make it real

One of the main abilities of successful leaders is understanding themselves.   The only thing we can start to control is how we respond to situations and they know their habitual responses and are able to manage them.   109 more words