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Do you need to get out more?

This poem wonderfully summarises the need to get out and get some fresh air when things all seem too much via The Peace of Wild Things by Wendell Berry : The Poetry Foundation. #coaching #stress

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Color, Clarity, Carat and Cut

As a ‘high-potential’ or high achiever tackling every goal in your life, a serial entrepreneur, C-level executive, or the like, you are well beyond being a diamond in the rough.   545 more words


How Mindfulness Improves Executive Coaching

Many coaching clients want to change how they respond to certain situations.  It could be that they don’t say what they think in meetings or at the other extreme that they dominate conversations; that they say yes to everything or not to all opportunities and changes; that they are avoiding conflict or getting into disagreements on a regular basis. 52 more words


Stop Calling Every Conversation a “Meeting”

Meeting inspiration from @HBR.  I like the distinctions between conversations, group work sessions, decision-supporting, brainstorming.  Words matter, good words matter – helping everyone understand what is required of them, how to prepare and make the most of precious time.   23 more words

Executive Coach

Safe, or so it seems | On living and working

If you are wondering if your fear and holding yourself back from your dreams is keeping you safe, try this awakening piece from @justinadamwise



Sound Familiar?

•Your team members are working day to day with no clear vision of what the organization will be when it grows up.

•You and your team are running in sand. 231 more words

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