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Feel the fear...

We humans like to think we are super rational and our behaviour is really pretty sensible and pretty reasonable.  Does that ring true?

Unfortunately, in the last few years research has shown that we are less logical that we’d like to think and that more of our responses are automatic rather than carefully planned.   85 more words


Employee engagement inspiration from an accountancy firm....

Wow.  This HBR article really is a great example of how you can work with your teams to get inspired, to make a difference.  If an accountancy firm can do it – what is holding you back?


Falling out of love.... with your job?

It is easy to get ground down after a few difficult weeks at work.  We can dwell on the downside, the bits we dislike, the colleagues who wind us up. 89 more words


Getting your new management job off on the right foot

I often coach people moving into a new leadership role – a step up and almost always a step into the unknown.  Its a great opportunity to learn and try new things, but someone after we’ve actually won the job, we often think that our thinking job is done – until we actually start the new role. 122 more words


What is holding you back from changing?

I guess this is the million dollar question and I’ve definitely not got all the answers – but I do find it is a really interesting subject and one we don’t think about very much.   187 more words


Time to stop holding back?

Over the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to work with people who want to stop holding themselves back.  They want to start sharing their thoughts, letting people know how they are feeling about a project or suggestion and even sometimes just wanting to let their professional guard drop to give a great big smile.   99 more words


Career Mentoring Workshop in Mumbai with Luis Moniz

Contributed by: Subash Iyer, CFA

IAIP was pleased to host Luis Moniz, FrontRunner Career Advisor, for an interesting career mentoring workshop in Mumbai. Luis is an Executive and Career Coach focused on developing middle and senior management professionals. 355 more words