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International Coaching Week - Faster, faster, faster

I love the line from this great article by Justin Wise “it is no use screaming at a seed to make it grow faster… 35 more words


My thanks to all you other Mums

I wanted to thank everyone that responded to my heartfelt post about overload.  I have been touched by every response.  Something so beautiful about Mums and the blogging community.   306 more words


“Résumé Virtues” vs. “Eulogy Virtues" - why not both? International Coaching Week

There are many books on how to bring forth your best self in your cv.

There are many books on how to bring forth your best self in your life. 59 more words


Criticism or requests

Someone said to me ‘A criticism is just a really bad way of making a request.’  What do you think?

Could we just make the request? 24 more words


Are you drowning out the positive?

Is the part of you that judges every single thing you do drowning out any positive feedback that comes your way?  Great perspective from Seth’s Blog: Self talk. @SethGodinBlog #coaching


Lets play - does that sound more enticing?

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/67060

Development can be too dull and worthy.  Dull and worthy doesn’t get done – our lives are just too busy.   58 more words


The Charlatan Within: Wrestling with Imposter Syndrome

How often do you feel like a fraud? It’s happened to all of us. At some point or other, we all know what it feels like to struggle with the burden of feeling like we don’t measure up or as if we’re passing under false pretenses… 1,036 more words