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The Bold Conversation—3 Steps to a Successful Outcome

Succeeding in a senior leadership position doesn’t happen without the ability to embrace and successfully navigate bold conversations. But that doesn’t mean these conversations are easy. 353 more words


What’s Holding You Back? 3 Ways to Break Through Self-Imposed Limitations

Recently, I coached a client who was struggling with self-confidence in presenting his ideas to upper management. He was fearful of not meeting upper management’s expectations and being rejected.   700 more words


Have You Become A “Horton The Elephant” Manager?

In Dr. Seuss’s Horton Hatches the Egg, we meet Horton the Elephant, who agrees out of the kindness of his heart to sit on Mayzie the lazy bird’s egg while she takes what she calls a “short break.” 706 more words


Are You A Workplace Freedom Fighter?

Each of us views the world through a lens shaped by our own personality and experiences.  For leaders, it takes a great deal of awareness and thought not to get caught up in the… 628 more words

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Aah...young people today!

We’ve all heard about the well-known generations X or Y, or about the children of the millennium, the so-called ‘Millennials.’ Young people, let’s say for sake of argument, workers under 35 years of age, supposedly are very different than us baby-boomers. 810 more words


Η εταιρική μεταμόρφωση είναι ομαδικό σπορ

By:Theoharakis Vasilis, Associate Professor of Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Academic Director of MSc in Entrepreneurship

Σε εποχή κρίσης όπου οι αγορές αλλάζουν και οι πελάτες είναι πιο απαιτητικοί, τα προσφερόμενα προϊόντα και οι υπηρεσίες μιας εταιρίας συνήθως δεν είναι ικανά να συγκρατήσουν την μείωση του τζίρου και της κερδοφορίας. 33 more words

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Front Row Seating

My friend Gigi and I recently attended an incredible live performance of South Pacific. Years ago, I saw South Pacific on Broadway, and this new stage performance was as good as it was way back then.   535 more words