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All Weather Leadership (for when the going gets tough)

Step 11 in the Business Readiness Process: Exercise Leadership

I’ve developed the Leadership Action Framework to improve the understanding of the leadership environment and the roles of leaders before, during and after an event or crisis. 526 more words


The Show Must Go On!

Step 10 of the Business Readiness Process: Ensuring Operational Continuity

The capacity to analyze, decide, and act during and after crises is critical. Here, I focus on the principles and techniques to manage and operate on a 24/7 basis during a crisis. 449 more words


People Are Our Strength

Building a Robust Organization

We now turn to step 9 of the Business Readiness Process: Building Organizational Robustness. Everything we’ve learned up to now lays a strong foundation of… 487 more words


Are You Preparing for the Last War?

I had started graduate studies in military history and was participating in a seminar on First World War strategy. The professor was an expert on French-British relations during that war. 1,166 more words

Military Lessons

Achieving the Stated Purpose and Driving Results

We all know the tools and practices that, when used, make meetings effective; however, when we’re meeting with the same people day after day and year after year, the overhead associated with preparing for and following up on every meeting can feel like wasted time. 920 more words

Business Skills

3 Steps in Coaching Toward the Truth

It is easy to see why clients sometimes avoid telling the truth. There are often negative consequences for telling the truth—even if it is only to oneself. 347 more words

Behavior Change

The Art of Delegation


Step 8: Issue Plan and Direction

Modern military forces aren’t made up of automatons mindlessly attacking in waves. By the same token business organizations can’t consist of mindless worker drones if they’re going to compete and grow in a demanding environment. 360 more words