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Increasing Our Personal Productivity

We’ve all had days when, at the end of the day, we’re driving home with the feeling we’ve accomplished absolutely nothing.   Seize that moment!  That moment of dissatisfaction can serve as the motivation we need to make the changes necessary to increase our personal productivity. 326 more words


Fads vs Back to Basics

We live in an era of quick fixes and tsunami-like trends and fashions. It’s easy to become enamoured of the latest management and leadership fads. The first one goes back to the 1950s. 233 more words


Leading in China. Is it really as different as we all think?

This post is by Paul Murphy, Director of Channel Sales, Asia-Pacific.

Since China really started opening up to inbound investment over the last 30-plus years, there have been numerous stories of how challenging it can be for foreign executives to lead local staff in China. 375 more words


Are You Coachable? 7 Attributes of an Ideal Coaching Participant

Coaching has definitely become mainstream. It seems as if high potential people in senior positions, at the mid-level, and even on the front lines in organizations have access to performance coaches these days.  274 more words


The Executive’s Toolbox: Our Career Roadmap

With our compass set and our vision of where we’re going clear, our next step is to develop a roadmap for our executive journey.  Regardless of where we are on the journey it’s never too early or too late to lay out a roadmap. 840 more words

Executive Toolbox

Hierarchy Works!

Hierarchy often gets a bad rap. Aren’t we all supposed to be equal and collaborate toward common objectives? Political and social equality are definitely good things, but in a business or organizational setting, someone has to be in charge and responsibilities, accountabilities, authority, and resources must be allocated in a rational manner. 58 more words


7 Ways to Ask Questions like a Coach

Leaders should be more coach-like. I’m probably not the first person who has penned those words in a blog post. My guess is that you’ve heard that advice before—possibly even tried being more coach-like with your team members and direct reports but ultimately realized that it takes a lot of time to do well. 441 more words