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Marguerite Thompson-O'Neal, MA, CHRL

Title: Vice President of Human Resources

Company: Purdue Pharma Canada

Location: Toronto, ON Canada

Guided by more than three decades of experience in human resources, Marguerite Thompson-O’Neal has spent the last five years helping to build a high performance culture at… 298 more words


Transparency and Leading Change: 3 Areas to Focus On

“Thank you for your transparency!”

These words came at the end of a presentation I gave where I shared a new strategy—a strategy that would require change, including new roles and some sacrifice, from everyone. 554 more words


Find Your Management Mojo Thru Outdoor Adventure

Imagine yourself waist deep in rushing, frigid October water as you traverse a majestic river. Tethered on a safety line, you nervously find your footing against the bedrock deep beneath the foam-soiled current, as your adventure team encourages you onward, “you’re doing great, keep it up, you are almost there!”  With each step, erasing the fears of plunging into the river, you find an inner calm and mental strength that seems to lift you thru to the other side.  771 more words


How to get that golden ticket...

Non-executive directorships are increasingly sought after by talented executives looking to broaden their learning and experience outside of their current organisations.  But as with any new experience, obtaining that golden ticket – the elusive first non-exec appointment, comes with its own set of challenges. 192 more words


Hair on Fire at Work? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,

I run a department in a fast growing biotech company. Things are moving so fast that they keep promoting me and I have to say I am pretty sure I have no idea what I am doing at this point. 641 more words


Caught Gossiping? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,

I have been a manager for about ten years in three different companies, all in the same industry. I have learned a lot and over the years have become more patient and diplomatic and a better communicator. 556 more words


Το Διπλό Κόστος της Αναξιοκρατίας

By Emmanuelides Pavlos, Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management

Αξιοκρατία ήτοι το να επιλέγονται οι πλέον άξιοι και ικανοί για μία θέση ευθύνης.  Αντίθετες έννοιες η αναξιοκρατία, η ευνοιοκρατία ή επί το λατινικότερον φαβοριτισμός, η οικογενειοκρατία ή επί το λατινικότερον νεποτισμός, το ρουσφέτι ή επί το «τουρκικότερον» rusvet (εύνοια, δωροδοκία).  8 more words

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