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Want L&D to Have a Seat at the Executive Table? 5 Steps to Get You There

L&D professionals have a unique role to play in supporting senior executive vision—but only if they are fully equipped to operate in the same high level of executive space. 579 more words

Best Practices

Büyük Şirket Liderinin Birden Fazla Çeşidi Vardır

Büyük yöneticiler her zaman sizin sandığınız gibi değildir.

Birçok yöneticinin düşündüğünün tam aksine, büyük şirket yöneticileri tek tip değildir.

Aslında, tarih boyunca tüm büyük liderler birbirinden farklı liderlik tarzlarına ve özelliklerine sahip olmuşlardır. 861 more words


Are You Coachable? 3 Questions to Consider

I like Ben Franklin’s idea about not giving others advice: “Wise men don’t need advice. Fools won’t take it.” I think this highlights a cornerstone of coaching. 605 more words


Should I Stop Being Funny? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,

I am hysterically funny. Or at least my friends think so.  I love to make people laugh and I come from funny people—in fact, my wife married me partly because of how funny I am.  500 more words


There Is More Than One Type Of Great Business Leader

Great leaders aren’t always exactly what you’d expect.

Despite what many executives believe, there isn’t just one type of great business leader.

In fact, great leaders throughout history have all had different leadership styles and traits. 654 more words


3 Common Mistakes GOOD Leaders Make

Ask any learning professional “What common mistakes do bad leaders make?” and it won’t take long until you’re hearing about poor listening, constant criticism, micromanaging, and an autocratic management style. 664 more words


Why being assigned a coach is a compliment

Dear Annie: I really identified with your column about corporate cultures where people are too polite to criticize each other’s work, because that’s generally the case where I work too. 900 more words