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Improve Readiness Through Conflict

by Richard Martin

Conflict? Well, maybe that’s too strong a word. But I got your attention.

What I’m really alluding to is that readiness depends on considering varied points of view, a range of scenarios, especially ones you don’t like or fear, and a willingness to look at the consequences, negative and positive, of your future decisions and actions. 662 more words

Relevance Of Military Strategy To Business

Changing Perspective

I learned a valuable tactical lesson as a young infantry officer in the Canadian Army. We were on exercise in northern Norway, training to defend against a Soviet invasion (or incursion) as part of Nato’s deterrent stance. 526 more words


Want to Grow—But Don't Know How? Ask Madeleine

Dear Madeleine,

I love to grow and develop. I always take advantage of any 360° feedback assessments my company offers. I regularly ask my boss, direct reports, and peers for constructive feedback. 823 more words


Travis Bradberry on Emotional Intelligence

In this episode of the Blanchard LeaderChat podcast, Chad Gordon interviews Dr. Travis Bradberry, researcher and author of the best-selling book, Emotional Intelligence 2.0—which has sold over one million copies! 159 more words


Finding Balance and Focus – Negotiating Change to Our Personal and Professional Commitments

The proportion of time and focus needed by our professional and personal lives changes over time, whether it is due to a sentinel event, such as a promotion, the season, an addition to our family, or something unexpected such as an illness. 454 more words

Reduce Business Risk

Rolling Barrage

Rolling Barrage

by Richard Martin

Last week we looked at the “future paradox.” The further into the future one looks, the greater the uncertainty. Parallel with this, the lead time for complex initiatives and plans and the lag time between intentions and realization can sometimes be years. 536 more words


Coaching to Support Learning: 3 Best Practices

Coaching to support learning is a process that gives learners a chance, after training, to go back to their jobs and practice using the concepts they just learned. 462 more words