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Raise your company's delivery through numerical measurement of core Organizational DNA Quality. ONLINE EVENT

Corrected Invitation with access.  For the first time in history core organisational DNA, that contribute to organizational success and delivery, can be numerically measured.

Ask yourself: 225 more words

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Barry Posner's TEDx Talk: Why Credibility Is The Foundation Of Leadership

I use Barry Posner’s books in my Executive MBA course on Organizational Behavior. One of the concepts I love most from his writings is the importance of… 101 more words

Leadership Development

Trends In People Development

The goal of every person is to grow and to succeed in his/her endeavour. What makes some people more successful than others? What differentiates “winners” from “losers”? 169 more words

Executive Effectiveness

How To Be Successful

Interesting reading this. The principles look easy enough to follow but most things in life are easier said then done! This article speaks of the work done by journalist… 133 more words

Executive Effectiveness

Tips for Career Success

I came across these articles which I thought I would share today as they include some important tips to help you achieve success in your career. 234 more words

Executive Effectiveness

Barry Posner: Two Truths About Leadership

I use Barry Posner’s book The Truth About Leadership in my EMBA class on Organizational Behavior. In this talk he did for TEDxUniversityofNevada 2014, Barry talks about two truths from his book – you make a difference and you can’t do it alone. 21 more words

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