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Special Education in the Middle School Setting

I’ve been off the Blogging grid for quite some time now. After my last blog, I was transferred from being an elementary special education teacher to a secondary special education teacher, especially working with MIDDLE SCHOOL STUDENTS! 1,753 more words


lament #1

Master Planner i need your assistance

my anxiety of unfinished business makes my heart beat faster than i can handle

my mind races trying to make up for lost opportunities… 100 more words


The Backwards To-Do List

A Different Way
to Help you get UNSTUCK
Help for Activation, Hyperfocus & Scattered Energy

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Another article in the…

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Executive Functioning: Developing Learning Skills

As we set young learners on a trajectory for success, it is important to monitor their development in quantifiable ways. One of the key skill sets we observe and encourage growth in is Executive Functioning. 297 more words


Choices and Decisions

Navigating the Forks in the Road
Carefully Anticipated
– or –
Suddenly Forced Upon Us

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Describing Decision Anxiety…

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The power of listening, "4 limbs, 4 strings" game

“4 limbs, 4 Strings” is one of my favorite games… perhaps it’s because it’s so mod-able. — I’ll explain how to play, but first let me explain why this game, and all listening games are, so simple yet so important… 463 more words