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Facilitated Learning and Garnering Interest in Learning Using Technology for Special Education

Students in special education have strengths and weaknesses. Teachers who accommodate and modify instruction to meet student needs will have improved learning. Temple Grandin recognizes the need for accommodating learning based on student need. 598 more words



When trying to predict academic ability in elementary school children from early childhood cognitive abilities, it is no surprise that research has found that math is important.  439 more words

LDAO podcast on executive functioning

LD@school has posted a free podcast titled Executive Functioning Explained: Recognizing, Understanding, Supporting by Dr. Marie-Josée Gendron, Ph.D., C.Psych. Links to additional and related resources are also provided.

Check it out! Rowan

Special Education

The Family that Plays Together

When you blend a family of 6 with special needs ranging from heart defects to ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, OCD, impulsivity control, executive function deficiencies, divorce… 329 more words


"Sticky Situations" Problem-Solving Game

Good verbal skills, interested in a variety of types of independent play, gets along pretty well with other children until suddenly, he doesn’t. Sound familiar? Toys flying against the wall, projects ripped up, other children running for cover. 615 more words


Supporting Executive Functioning in Kids with ADHD: Efficient Praise

By: Stephanie Boron, M.S., CCC-SLP (Speech and Language Pathologist)

Recently, I had the pleasure of hearing Peg Dawson, Ed. D. give a talk on executive function (brain-based, cognitive processes that help us to regulate our behavior, make decisions and set and achieve goals.) Peg is a staff psychologist at the Center for Learning and Attention Disorders in New Hampshire, as well as the author of many books on executive functioning skills. 422 more words


Fighting Your Child's Battles

Dealing with an ASD diagnosis of my child is one of the most difficult things I have had to endure as a parent. It is instinct to want to protect your child.   167 more words