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Notes and scattered thoughts from Learning & the Brain Conference

I attended the conference on Learning and the Brain: The Science of Character in Boston, MA on November 13-15 2015. Below are my notes and thoughts from sessions that really stood out to me during the conference. 1,492 more words


Emergent Cognition | Collage: Lowering the creativity threshold

Although the creative process involves different stages, many people seem to find the stage involving creative imagination or thinking to be the most challenging. Research is showing that one key to creativity involves lowering our inhibitions. 483 more words


Scott Barry Kaufman (Scientific American) | The real neuroscience of creativity

According to Kaufman, creativity involves three major neural networks in the brain: Executive Attention, Default , and Salience. In his argument against an oversimplified right brain versus left brain perspective, he also speaks to the role of imaginative activity in the creative process. 145 more words


The Updated Plan - going into 2016

Today I met with the social worker, who I requested monitor my oldest child (read: advocate for) as he navigates through the school system and various therapies. 716 more words

Issues with executive functioning

It’s also important to note that children with executive functioning issues don’t necessarily “think” differently. What they struggle with is the process of coordinating, prioritizing or managing information needed to perform tasks successfully.

Cognitive-Communication Checklist After Brain Injury

Do you sometimes struggle to see the functional relationships between cognitive skills and communication? Here is a helpful checklist that describes cognitive-communication behaviors and how they fit into the ‘big picture’.  17 more words