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What Happens When Kids Run Their Own Morning Meeting?

Becoming a kindergarten teacher has given me a whole new perspective.  It’s taught me an immense amount about what it truly means to be a child: the natural curiosity, the innate joys of exploration and play, as well as the resilience and and savvy of young children. 1,219 more words

Social-Emotional Learning

Priorities: Wife, Mom, or ME? Who's FIRST?

Priorities are important, that much seems to be common knowledge at least. This is not something that is limited to just those on the spectrum, but a struggle we all face. 1,325 more words


I just had the greatest success in my life today.

I am 44 years old. I have never in my life been successful with keeping up a calendar. I’m severely disorganized and couldn’t find a system that I could learn quickly and have everything synch up so I could have a super master list of things to do. 932 more words

Want to Enable Personalization in Your Classroom? Try These 4 Things.

Building a classroom culture centered around personalization sounds pretty tough.  But what if I told you the responsibility didn’t reside entirely in your hands?  Generally, when educators are considering personalization, they believe they need adaptive, automated programs that provide children with activities at their ‘just right’ level.   1,213 more words

Personalized Learning

If 8-year-olds understand the morality of murder, should they be held accountable for killing?

It’s rare for young children to kill. But there are exceptions. Last October, an 8-year-old boy in Alabama strangled a toddler to death. That same month, an 11-year-old in Tennessee shot and killed another child after an argument over puppies. 16 more words

Can Trump Pass the Marshmallow Test?

Close your eyes, dear reader, and imagine as clearly as you can the following scene:

Donald Trump is seated before a classy dinner table in a fantastic small room with golden accents and highlights. 1,851 more words

Delayed Gratification

Executive functioning.

The pre frontal cortex, is one of the lobes that surround the amygdala and is situated at the front of the brain. In here, we have executive functioning, (EF) this enables us the skills to plan and execute a task.

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