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I’m in bed reading on a Sunday morning. I should stop being so lazy. It’s been a busy, stressful week but that’s no excuse. I should get up and Do Something. 719 more words


Executive Functioning

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Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning consists of the essential self-regulation skills needed to successfully participate and function in a classroom setting – and in life! Poor executive functioning shows up as an inability to prioritize tasks, maintain focus and cooperate with others. 502 more words


executive disfunction

This is so bloody hard… I really struggle with this.. if anyone has any tips that they found helpful.. PLEASE tell me :) thanks



Organization is a component of executive functioning.  This skill allows for us to complete activities effectively and efficiently.  One key IADL that organization is used in is when you formulate a grocery list.   58 more words

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Once again (an analysis)

I worked hard. I did things right. I lost weight. I was hopeful. Optimistic. Despite all that I read about how many people regain lost weight, I thought it would be different. 340 more words