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The Journey with Cookietime Ltd

I along with others in my team have been lucky enough to work with and support one of New Zealand’s best known and loved companies, Cookietime Ltd. 21 more words

The Results Group

The 5 Jingle Bells for your Employees

December is known worldwide to be a festive season.
People running around either celebrating Christmas or start planning for a wild new year’s eve. Whatever the plan is for many, the month of December is known for it’s loving spirit, going on a gift frenzy spree, and bid farewell to the year were each lived a happy and a sad memory more than once (and is actually wishing for a better coming year — don’t we all?). 1,560 more words

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The Challenge of Getting Out of The Way

In our work with Business Leaders change is inevitably on their radar. Whether it is change due to market conditions, competitor moves or the increasing realisation of just how fast & how much technology is disrupting the status quo. 689 more words

Team Leadership - A Road Trip story worth a 1000 Experiences!

You have just come up with an idea for a 3 day road trip that you would like to take your friends on. You started scrolling down your phone book and gave each one a call to let them know about your plan. 1,282 more words


4 Signs You Love Your Job! Up for the Challenge?

You spend most of your day at work, more than you get to spend with your family and at home.
The workplace has become your… 1,016 more words


1 Question that saves you from Bad Decisions!

The “alternative” is always one of the approaches that makes me scratch my head thinking over and over…

It is a question that starts with 2 words… 2 words that open endless possibilities for a person to think .. 204 more words

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