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What Can Leaders Learn From Firefighters?

Last week, i got to spend some time with a group of firefighters on duty. It was a great experience to see these people, who are the same as you and I, giving everything to save a life and put out a fire. 963 more words


Only 3 Traits To Master Your Leadership Communication Role!

Communication is the act of transferring information between two or more parties with the means to convey a message

Now in plain Ol’ English…
Communication is when two or more people get to share ideas/facts..

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Is That A Superhero? A Leader? A Superhero Leader??

Who doesn’t love that Red Cape with the “S” letter engraved on its back?
Or standing outside in the dark waiting for your friend to light up the “Batman” signal that you both carved out of cardboard? 861 more words


5 Traits you will Need to Excel in your Professional Life

You used to sit in the office wondering how is it that your colleague was given a promotion and a raise, whereas, you’re still stuck in the same old boring position? 585 more words


6 Ways to Fail Your Road To Success!

Client :
” I teamed up with a coach.
I attended all of my sessions!
We got great insights each time!
Eventually, the coach put our agreement on hold till he starts seeing some results!”

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Readyyy? "YES! Oh Wait! How to Choose My Coach?"

Last night i went to get myself some dinner from the store…
I checked my wallet, found 6$ inside, and the store does not take any credit card! 688 more words


Ouch! Ouch!! that Pain!!! Coach, Can You Help?

You get to read a 1000 books and hear inspirational speeches from different influencers worldwide, and still, you find yourself in the same place you were before. 299 more words