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Preaching To The Converted

The converted. Let’s define them those who have helped to improve some feature of their work area, and who are now trying to make sure the improvements are sustained. 237 more words

Executive Leadership

The Extraordinary Relationship Between Chairman and CEO

The relationship between a Chairman and a CEO is special. Great Chairs often act as a confidant, mentor, adviser, sounding board and interpreter for the CEO. 350 more words


3 ways to cope with unplanned Career Change

I’ve worked with several leaders who have undergone unplanned career change, i.e. not because they chose it the move, but because there was a change in Executive Management, or the Political Executive so they found themselves moved to an alternate role; and usually one that many perceive to be a demotion, or even out of the organisation all together. 469 more words

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The 3 "C"-crets to Sticky Leadership Cultivation

If you’re reading this post, you’ve probably sat through some level of leadership “training” in your professional life – somewhere between one and one hundred seminars, webinars, classes, workshops and/or talks focused on a set of generally recognized leadership traits. 1,379 more words


Fiddle-dee-dee! What Scarlett O'Hara Teaches Us about Authenticity

Most executives I speak to believe their organizations could do a better job communicating with their customers, shareholders, talent or just with each other. All too often, however, C-suite professionals respond to corporate communications the same way that… 775 more words

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Why Your Family Vacation Might Look Different This Summer

As the summer holiday rolls on and the Fourth of July approaches, you, like myself and many of my colleagues, may be planning a family vacation with the kids to the land of perpetual mayhem – theme parks. 605 more words

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Leading Through Tragedy - Part 1

Tragedy is a part of the human experience: we can’t escape it and as leaders we get one chance to get that right. Whether that tragedy is the loss of a co-worker to an untimely death, a teammate with a life threatening disease, or the loss of an employee’s family member, leaders have to be ready to step up and guide their teams through the trauma of those events. 526 more words

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