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Obama creating 1,500-mile “butterfly corridor” to help Monarchs get from Mexico to Minnesota

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US president Barack Obama, a friend to bees and other pollinating insects in peril, has unveiled his national strategy to mitigate honey bee loss, increase the Monarch butterfly population, and restore the habitats of both insects, whose health is essential to our food supply.

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Driving Success with Continuous Engagement

In past blogs I have explained the importance of shifting perspectives to provide meaningful value to your customers. A focus on the experience of your customers can provide actionable insights into the successes and short fallings of your business, as well as help foster brand loyalty over time. 482 more words

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Women Leaders Can Pay it Forward By Providing Pathways to Leadership

Vice President and Managing Director Melissa Merritt shares thoughts on the role leaders play developing a pipeline of female leaders.

Recently, a networking group I am part of met to hear the latest stats on… 601 more words


HELP! Or How I Recruited “Team Branson”

For years, I have heard the saying (credited to author/speaker Jim Rohn) “You are the average of the 5 people with whom you spend the most time.” Over the years, this has prompted me to look for opportunities to be the 2nd dumbest person in the room – I mean, c’mon, I want to be able to help… 907 more words

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Essential Spirituality - who is guiding me?

I was browsing a spirituality section in the local Barnes & Noble – it looked pretty sad to me. Tarot reading, angel answers, psychic and astrology books – this is what Spirituality is reduced to on book shelves. 221 more words


Death By 1,000 Meetings, Or My Journey To Organization

This program requires a lot, let me repeat a lot, of coordination throughout this full year program. We have six 3-day weekends in the first seven months, homework between each session, 20 hours with a work/life coach, class sponsors updates, and a learning group of two other POS15 attendees that meets (ideally) at least once a month. 687 more words

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Don’t Let Data-Phobia Hold You Back

Data is constantly being created, multiplying, compounding, and, frankly, it can be a little intimidating. Where does your business even begin to sort through and make sense of it all? 557 more words

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