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Me? Exec. development? Of course: Because I'm worth it

What tends to happen to your own development the more senior you become as a leader?

Yep. It tends to be put on the back burner and you – often for very laudable reasons – support everyone else’s opportunity to grab some L&D, before or in the place of you engaging in development for yourself. 741 more words

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The Ultimate Succession Plan

As a HR professional, one of the key tasks I have been in charge of over the years is succession planning. This is basically identifying the right person, lower in the organization, who can step into a particular role. 892 more words


First among equals: The main reason you have a leaky leadership pipeline

 – A 5 minute read –

There are many reasons why your organisation may not have a high quality leadership pipeline upon which to call when a current leader moves on, or a new position is created that requires someone to head it up. 595 more words

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Brad Zarba And An Effective Workplace

Brad Zarba And An Effective Workplace details Brad Zarba’s unshakeable belief that every business leader should uphold and enforce the very highest ethical standards in his day-to-day role at work. 418 more words

Brad Zarba

Brad Zarba Discusses Operations Management

Brad Zarba is considered one of the finest business leaders currently working in the United States. So when Brad Zarba discusses Operations Management it is only the foolhardy who will turn a deaf ear. 507 more words

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Brad W. Zarba, Providing A Great Leadership Example

For Brad W. Zarba, providing a great leadership example to his team and colleagues, lies at the core of his work philosophy. Brad Zarba is a firm believer in what he calls ‘Steps To Creating Work Relationships.’ Firstly, he emphasises the importance of conducting all communications between colleagues on an adult, respectful basis. 402 more words

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Brad Zarba Shows Important Abilities

As Leo Tolstoy wrote, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but nobody thinks of changing himself.” This crucial point is one with which Brad Zarba is in full agreement, and, indeed, could well serve as his work philosophy. 398 more words

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