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All the Presidents Fiction

“I am the President of the United States, clothed with immense power.” So Abraham Lincoln acknowledged the authority wielded by the American President, an authority that has only increased over the years. 1,951 more words

Research Conversations

Governor Wolf's Executive Powers Under the Microscope

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments on issues that will ultimately define the scope of Governor Tom Wolf’s powers as the State’s Chief Executive. 867 more words

James P. Goslee

Decoding U.S. Politics

The United States seems a monolithic hegemon to many outside its borders. But its political system is a complex and often controversial balancing of powers among cities, counties, states and the federal, or national, government. 556 more words


"Command or Persuasion?," By Jeremy Bailey

In 1989, Harvey Mansfield’s Taming the Prince made the untimely argument that the president’s formal power under the Constitution matters. It was untimely because most political scientists who studied the presidency were still writing under the shadow of Richard Neustadt. 1,894 more words

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One Man Against the World: The Tragedy of Richard Nixon, by Tim Weiner*****

Question: What do an old typewriter, a copy machine, Scotch tape, and a razor blade share in common?

Answer: They were all tools used by White House employee Howard Hunt, at President Richard Nixon’s request, to forge a cable that would make (dead) President JFK appear to have ordered the assassination of South Vietnamese President Diem. 879 more words


White House announces $4B in private sector climate pledges

Image Credit: Harvard University

WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House is announcing $4 billion in pledges from major foundations and institutional investors to pay for innovations that reduce carbon pollution. 111 more words


Religious Belief and Executive Power: A Thought on Zivotofsky v. Kerry

One prominent theme in Barack Obama’s presidency is that of the escalation of conflict between traditional religious belief and executive power–in particular the executive/administrative powers brought to bear against religious believers and institutions in a variety of contexts. 857 more words