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CCWA Seminar: Recent High Court Cases: CPCF and Tajjour


6pm – 7pm

Event chair: Grant Donaldson SC – Solicitor-General of Western Australia

  • Ben Tomasi, State Solicitor’s Office: will give an overview of the High Court’s recent decision in…

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Did President Obama Constitutionally Need New Congressional Action for the War Against ISIS?

Posted by: Justin Nelson, Wyatt Rosette, Afsanieh Rassti, Ryan Rempp, and Jennifer Murphey

April 23, 2015


President Obama has committed United States military forces to the war against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria. 4,081 more words

The Constitutionality of the President Obama's Climate Action Plan

Posted by: Courtney Moran, Brian Merdinger, Brett Meyer, Ronald Meyer, Christian Lueders, Timothy Krupnik

April 20, 2015

The Climate Action Plan is legal and, despite critics who argue otherwise, President Obama has the authority to respond to climate change unilaterally by executive action. 3,026 more words

Executive Use of Drone Strikes

Posted by: Matthew Schlabach, Savannah Schlick, Angelica Simpson, Joshua Spears, Miranda Stark, and Chase Turrentine

April 23, 2015

In recent years, Presidents of the United States, including most recently President Obama, have relied extensively on unmanned drone aircrafts to attack and kill those who they believe to be leaders of terrorist organizations throughout the world. 3,738 more words

Executive Power

"Taming International Law with Presidential Supremacy," By Ted Galen Carpenter

There has long been a tension between the requirements of the US Constitution and the commitments of the United States under international law. Indeed, that tension surfaced early in the history of the new republic. 1,603 more words

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Who Needs Courts Or Congress When You Have President Obama?

Liberals love America’s checks and balances when the system works for them. But just let courts interfere, and they’re immediately illegitimate.

Legal commentator Jeffery Toobin’s recent piece in  281 more words


Political Principles and their Practice in Sri Lanka - 3. Powers of Government

Executive Power

The word ‘executive’ means ‘doing’. The executive of a country is usually its cabinet of ministers. These ministers are responsible for the day-to-day business of government. 1,287 more words