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An Idea for how Democrats can work with Trump

Probably the best chapter in Donald Trump’s book The Art of the Deal was about his renovation of the Wollman ice rink.  Trump, operating as a private businessman, could get the job done much faster and cheaper than the city bureaucracy could. 210 more words

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The Supreme Court and the Next Generation of Executive Power Cases

Over the past several months an entirely new class of executive power-related concerns have percolated through the national media and have begun burgeoning in federal courts.  1,940 more words

Was The Election Stolen by Hackers?

It’s worth asking.  It was a very close election, and so a little careful cheating could have changed the outcome.

The experts seem to take it for granted that the election couldn’t possibly have been stolen.  326 more words

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Snowden weighs in on election results

Following last week’s US presidential election, Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who exposed numerous government surveillance programs in 2013 and is now living in Russia, has publicly discussed the results at least twice. 618 more words

Protest expanded executive power, not Trump

I recently called President Obama a magician. He’s quite a skilled one, too; he consistently has you believing he’s doing one thing while doing quite another. 73 more words


President Obama: a highly skilled magician

I recently wrote of U.S. President Obama’s tactical niceness that he’s “the magician making you look into his eyes while his hands do crafty things.” 560 more words


The Imperial Presidency (or how Obama f%$#ed us)

TL/DR: Obama, through cult of personality, has amassed unprecedented executive power, and now cedes that power to Trump

Bush the Lesser led the most imperial presidency since Nixon, at least up until his time.  152 more words