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Calling WWII historians: Why did Guderian obey the "halt" order?

Historians are familiar with the “Miracle of Dunkirk”: the fact that Hitler ordered a halt to the Nazi advance, allowing the British time to evacuate men from the port.  408 more words

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Understanding the Constitution of the United States: Article II the Executive Branch

The second article of the Constitution of the United States is significantly shorter than the first article and processes of election and succession (in section 1) were modified by the twelfth and twenty-fifth amendments. 1,035 more words

Healing The Broken Republic

Individual Liberty and the Power to Exclude

My friends at the libertarian Niskanen Center kindly gave me a forum to meditate on the President’s recent executive order about immigration. The post is… 41 more words

Constitutional Law

A Trip Through Time


Is the Travel Ban issued by President Trump actually unconstitutional? Does it overstep the authority and the power that has been given to the President? 198 more words


Thoughts on the Ninth Circuit's Ruling on Trump's Executive Order

The Ninth Circuit issued a per curiam decision denying the federal government’s request to stay the Temporary Restraining Order, which halted enforcement of President Trump’s Executive Order. 1,163 more words

First Amendment

Executive Powers Run Amok

By John Yoo / The New York Times
February 6, 2017

As an official in the Justice Department, I followed in Hamilton’s footsteps, advising that President George W.

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What's at Stake in a Supreme Court Ruling in the Trump Immigration Battle?

The Supreme Court’s role as a co-equal branch of the federal government may soon be put to the test.  While various issues relating to President Trump’s decisions are percolating in lower courts, one that has received much attention recently is his… 1,547 more words

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