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The Role of the Executive

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump has said he would “hire the best people” to handle almost everything–foreign policy, economics, etc. In his book, “The Art of the Deal”, Trump also stresses the importance of hiring the best people to do jobs you yourself don’t know how to do. 412 more words

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People Want A President Who Will 'Get Something Done'

I hear a recurring theme from people when asked who they want as their next President? The answer goes something like this; I want someone who will ‘get something done’, or I want someone who will ‘fix things’, or I want someone to ‘run the country’. 1,139 more words

Government And Politics

... The Good Guys Strike Back [#SCOTUS][#exec overreach]...

.. POTUS  acts as if he is a power unto himself . He is  so damn arrogant that he does not seem to realize that there are limits to executive power . 229 more words

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10 Powers of the President of the Philippines

Under the Philippine Constitution, the head of the state
and of the government, the President, shall exercise his powers as the
president of his nation and government. 50 more words


Obama Moves to Expand Rules Aimed at Closing Gender Pay Gap


President Obama at the White House last week. New rules proposed by the administration would expand on an executive order he issued nearly two years ago that required federal contractors to submit pay information for women and men. 475 more words

Wrong, Do It Again!

And today, the only possible agent of political reform is the President.

Lawrence Lessig, explaining why he ran for president, and reminding me yet again that most lawyers are lousy political scientists.

Executive Power

Trump's Democrats

While many Democrats are eager to deny that Trump is drawing support from their party, the data show a different story. That data also reveals the falsity of the pretense that Republican party leaders could somehow have prevented their party from being largely captured by an ugly populist contingent. 637 more words

The Democratic Process