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Monarchy and the Modern World

Anyone who is an astute observer of the internet can see the growth of a minority political opinion: monarchy.

Many will question why it has grown, but I think the answer is simple: people don’t like the present system. 1,547 more words

17th Amendment

Executive Action and Non-Action

Click here to read an article which addresses the interplay of powers between the Executive and Legislative Branches.

The Golf War

On CNN this morning they were talking about the fact that Trump has been golfing far more than previous Presidents.  What makes this especially ironic is that before he ran for office, he tweeted all sorts of insults at then-President Obama for how much time he spent golfing. 157 more words

Trump Betrays His Base.

What I expected to happen in the 2016 election was that Clinton would win, but Trump would do better than most people expected, and it would scare the political establishment into making some concessions to the nationalist movement that had propelled Trump to the nomination. 396 more words

#DrainTheSwamp: Trump’s Plan to Enact Congressional Term Limits

Posted By: James Lawrence, Gary Gold, Orlando Luna, Camron Liston, Amanda Lewis, Sarah Lemelman, and Sarah Lemley

During the 2016 presidential campaign, and before elected President, Donald J. 3,879 more words

Executive Power

Arnold Schwarzenegger says we need redistricting reform.

The former governor of California wrote:

“Gerrymandering has completely broken our political system and I believe my best platform to help repair it is from the outside, by campaigning for independent redistricting commissions.” 297 more words