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"Kant" Revisited: Jean Jacques Rousseau's "The Social Contract"

I’m really scraping the barrel of My Life With Kant. 

It pains me to say it, but this could be the last Kant Revisited. 

It’s not that I’ve ran out of episodes. 1,839 more words

Executive Power of the Union

There exist difficulties to frame an exhaustive definition or listing of what executive function means and implies. Ordinarily, the executive power connotes the residue of governmental functions that remain after legislative and judicial functions are taken away subject, of course, to the provisions of the Constitution or of any law. 1,424 more words


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Executive Power

Was DACA Unconstitutional? Maybe a Little Bit -- But Now We'll Never Know

Donald Trump claims that he had to end DACA because it’s unconstitutional and he doesn’t want to lose a lawsuit (like the prospect of getting sued and losing has ever stopped Donald Trump). 724 more words

Brendan Beery

The Inconvenient Truth of Charlottesville & the Civil Disobedience Plaguing America's Identity

By Mary Strayhorne

August 17, 2017

The Distinction Between President Trump’s response and citizen Barack Obama’s Response to Charlottesville

Obama’s duty to represent ALL Americans was concluded with Trump’s Inauguration. 312 more words


The Constitutional Mission Creep that's Letting Trump Ruin Everything

Most people know that the authority to declare war belongs to Congress under Article I of the Constitution. Isn’t that quaint?

So why is Donald Trump, who can’t even go big-boy potty all by himself, agitating to precipitate Armageddon all by himself? 716 more words

Brendan Beery