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"Taming International Law with Presidential Supremacy," By Ted Galen Carpenter

There has long been a tension between the requirements of the US Constitution and the commitments of the United States under international law. Indeed, that tension surfaced early in the history of the new republic. 1,603 more words

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Who Needs Courts Or Congress When You Have President Obama?

Liberals love America’s checks and balances when the system works for them. But just let courts interfere, and they’re immediately illegitimate.

Legal commentator Jeffery Toobin’s recent piece in  281 more words


Political Principles and their Practice in Sri Lanka - 3. Powers of Government

Executive Power

The word ‘executive’ means ‘doing’. The executive of a country is usually its cabinet of ministers. These ministers are responsible for the day-to-day business of government. 1,287 more words


STEVEN F. HAYWARD: Calling Obama's Bluff on Climate Change

Wall Street Journal: The president is threatening to bypass Congress and sign an international treaty. Here’s how to box him in.

From immigration to Internet regulation, there is scarcely an issue on which President Obama has not pushed the limits of executive power to achieve his ideological goals. 76 more words


"After The Rule Of Law," By John Samples

A new study contends that the Constitution’s structural attempt to limit executive power is now historically and practically outdated. Normatively, an unconstrained executive can deliver more of the goods we need and when we need them. 1,480 more words

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Supreme Court Rules Against Government In Prince Charles Letters Case

Today, the Supreme Court handed down its judgment in the case of R (Evans) v. Attorney-General. The justices dismissed the Attorney General’s appeal, and allowed the Court of Appeal’s decision to stand. 809 more words

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'Queen Hillary'

We joke about Obama’s autocratic approach to the presidency. We call him ‘King Obama’, but there’s a sinister truth behind this comedy: he’s setting a precedent for future presidents—it’s a historical fact that every time executive power (president + bureaucracies) gets ratcheted up, it stays up. 313 more words