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Store Cluster Performance | Executive Reporting

Visit http://www.toolboxsolutions.com/retailers_solutions/executive_reporting/ today! Enjoy watching our ToolBox Solutions Store Cluster Performance video, we have an intuitive business intelligence software for retail executives and category managers. 33 more words

Top Items Sales and Penetration Opportunity

Visit http://www.toolboxsolutions.com/retailers_solutions/executive_reporting today! Typically,most retailers have a very small minority of the top sales items that make up a large proportion of total sales.Many times these items are not fully penetrated at shelf edge 100% of the time.Our research shows results of less than 85% at many retailers,costing the retailer millions in sales,while disappointing customers.Our core executive reporting tools such as the Top 300 Report,Top 50 Vendor Sales and Contribution Report,and Store Cluster Report,give busy executives instant insight