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Executives take their passion for music beyond the opera house

Kris Vikmanis and Denny Creighton always enjoyed the arts but for many years it was something they squeezed in between their busy careers and sporting activities. 1,132 more words


Five things you should know before you start your work day on May 6

Good morning. The Fort McMurray blaze has knocked out about 40 per cent of Alberta’s daily oilsands capacity. Canada’s tax agency is cracking down on up to 800 Isle of Man accounts. 995 more words


Five things you should know before you start your work day on May 5

Good morning. Oilsand producers are curbing output and companies and communities are joining together to help deal with the Fort McMurray wildfire crisis. Meanwhile, the massive gem discovered by Canada’s Lucara Diamond Corporation could fetch more than US$70 million at auction. 928 more words


Strategic Account Executive | BroadPeak Partners | $75

Tenure: 3 years

LinkedIn profile: Verified

Interview rate: $75/hr

Your employer can fire you for calling in sick if you're lying and get caught

Employees tempted to take a sick day to jump-start the weekend or beat the traffic on the way to cottage country had better think twice. ‎Despite what most people think, employers do have recourse when they catch employees fraudulently using sick days and that recourse is sanctioned by the courts. 532 more words


Women in tech band together to track diversity, after hours

Ellen Pao spent the last few years spotlighting the technology industry’s lack of diversity, in court and beyond. Erica Baker caused a stir at Google when she started a spreadsheet last year for employees to share their salaries, highlighting the pay disparities between those of different genders doing the same job. 954 more words

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Two Tesla Motors Inc production executives are leaving the company as it prepares for the Model 3: report

Two top manufacturing executives are leaving Tesla Motors Inc., including the global head of production, at a time when the electric-car company is about to release its most important car: the mass-production Model 3. 712 more words