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Want to feel better? Eat right and exercise! How hard is that to understand?

Since the vast majority of people don’t read “Triathlete Magazine” I am going to pass on an article called Get Phit by Erin Beresini. Erin writes: “Ameica is terribly inactive. 742 more words

Hiking Mt. Beacon for the Hundreth Time

Beacon, NY.

The golden child of the lower Hudson Valley.

Everyone’s favourite spot to crowd into on nice days & get a break from city life without social withdrawal. 427 more words

Health And Wellness

400.5 Miles

I reached 100 miles on June 11.

200 on July 8.

300 August 1.

400.5 today.

At this rate reaching 720 for the year isn’t as far-fetched as I thought a few months ago. 11 more words

New Year's Resolutions

The best exercise and the best diet

Question: What is the best exercise?

Answer: The one you’ll do. That is, the one containing movements that you enjoy doing and can sustain doing over the months and years. 31 more words

My Intense Butt & Thigh Workout

After about six months or so of using pre-made videos from Fitness Blender to do my butt and thigh strength training workouts, I decided I wanted a longer, more intense dumbbell workout to do on Mondays, when I have a longer time to commit to fitness. 233 more words


Countdown to 10k: The best pre-race food

This week is all about prep and only a few days to the big race!  I did some research about some of the best foods to eat before a race and for runners and hopefully, it’ll help me with my race: 388 more words

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