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Attuned to Mother Nature

With all the rains we’ve been getting the past week or so, my husband and I are becoming attuned to Mother Nature, building our activities around whether it’s dark or light, raining or not, more than we ever have before. 313 more words

Quality Of Life

Addition to the team at B2B

James (Shanahan) joins us here at Back to Back all the way from Melbourne, Australia! He graduated with a Bachelor of Clinical Science (Osteopathy) and a Masters of Osteopathy from Victoria University and brings with him the most up to date knowledge and skills in the industry.  165 more words

Your Cheating Heart

I will admit this morning to feeling like a bit of a fraud when I woke up.

I’ve been spending money that would have been on cake and chocolate on a bi-weekly sports massage instead. 501 more words

Life Of Grumpy

So I'm into fitness: My name is Ernie, and I'm addicted to exercise

“Whatever. I’ll work it off tonight running.”

Time and time again, I said that to my wife as I was grabbing a 32-ounce Dr. Pepper or ordering espinaca (perhaps my favorite food vice) at Jose Peppers. 692 more words


Trabajo co-op

Co-op. Kevin Nieto

Colaboración en el trabajo de V. Garza


Should you do cardio to burn calories?


Cardiovascular exercise (is that Spanish, brah?) increases overall energy expenditure and may help reduce weight. It also, plays an important role in overall heart health. 1,129 more words

Setting wheels in motion

After months of dragging my feet on starting my own yoga business, I have finally started the necessary steps to get my business running.  The name I chose for my business is Cactus Blossom Yoga and I have filed the paperwork to form an LLC.  414 more words