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Popping and Bopping

Hola HoneyBear, I’ve updated the workout regime and below are the video’s I’ve selected for you for next week.

I selected this Blogilates video of Cassie’s as you quite enjoyed the Pilates section in another workout we did a while back. 65 more words


Five ways to stay fit on vacation

Going away on vacation is one of the most exciting times of the year. Holidays are usually filled with great food, company and loads of great memories. 569 more words


It's fitness week at lidl!

If you’re an avid reader of health and fitness blogs, you are bound to have come across people saying things along the lines of “if you wear nice work out clothes, you will be mor inspired to work out.” … 245 more words


Setting goals is one of my favorite things

It’s super nerdy of me, but I love the weeks leading up to the new semester. I love being able to plan things, thinking about how cool my classes are going to be, and just getting another start to try something new. 517 more words


Day (1ish)

So this week, I tried to start a couch-to-5k program… It’s an app on my phone that provides training guides, and basically, it’s supposed to help me go from “Me, run? 419 more words


Free Thursday - Weight Loss Update

Some numbers really stick in your head. I remember my parents’ old phone number for example and my highest recorded weight, 188kgs. I have never really been much of a weigher during my life so the only other number I remember is one from when I was in Year 10 at school. 793 more words


Day 15: Create a Vision of Yourself

I feel like so many times we look to magazines, social media, or television for fitsperation. But I don’t really like to do that. Everyones body is so different, so your results may not come out to look like the bodies you were looking at. 52 more words