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Twofer (2 in a row! What?!)

Good evening/Extremely early morning Bloggies!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day and long weekend. I had an excellent week off from work and I’m back on the grind starting tonight for a week (6 days after this, just have to keep chugging along). 965 more words


Push ups - part 1

When I set out to do a year’s worth of weekly mini lifestyle challenges, there were a few things that I wanted to do but that didn’t fit the format. 779 more words


Think You Have No Time For Exercise? Try Finding Time to be Sick.

Even when you aren’t sick, think about what a pain it is to schedule routine exams like mammograms and dental cleanings. I know you’ve been there. 406 more words


Consistency is the Key to Weight Loss, Exercise and a Healthy Life!

Remember that old expression, “You are what you eat?” Well, whoever came up with that was actually onto something. Now obviously a person does not turn into either an apple or a piece of pizza just because they eat a lot of them, but our good health or lack of it is greatly determined by what we eat, how we exercise and whether or not we drink enough water and get enough sleep. 649 more words


You've Got The Power!

YOU have the power to create your life – So what are you creating? #merakiwellbeing

Eating Right

Mind over matter!

So as I told you in my last blog I was injured in a car accident.  I hadn’t trained or even been running in weeks and weeks!   257 more words

Because I Can

Class Pass Rules

Gave myself a Class Pass as a birthday gift. For $99 a month you have access to different types of classes and workouts throughout your city. 234 more words