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Strengthen Yourself!

Just like the quote above says, “work for strong not skinny”, and that is what this post is about, getting strong. I collected the best exercise plans that I rotate to get a full body workout. 38 more words


Comfort Foods vs. Comfort

From the beginning of time when humans stood erect and hunted for sustenance, food has understandably been a priority. Now we’ve evolved our approach to food in such a way that we’ve assigned emotional labels to it such as “comfort” or “cheats.” We even have “angel food” and “devil’s food” labels assigned to cakes. 523 more words

Health & Fitness

Workout! Work it out!

I’ve been trying to lose some weight. Take some steps to get healthier.

I thought I’d share my workout routine for you all. But be advised this is just what I do and each person should decide their own workout routine. 215 more words


How to Turn Raking Leaves into a Healthy Workout

One of the most effective ways to get and keep getting physical exercise is to make it an enjoyable job. While raking leaves may not be at the top of your list of fun tasks, that attitude can change with a few tips. 392 more words


Drifting in the wake of "What Next?"

“Diet your own diet” are words I’m attempting to live by at the moment. (For details, see my last post.)

But I’m finding it really hard at the moment. 735 more words


Suffering in Scotland

So, this weekend we were in Edinburgh… and it was even harder than I thought!

It all started at City Airport where we waited to board our flight. 1,006 more words


Why most thin people are thin


We tend to look at those who are thin and simply assume that they have some magic genes that keep them that way, regardless of how they eat and exercise. 76 more words