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Braces | A Blessing and A Curse

Whoops, well it’s safe to say I am extraordinarily bad at blogging. Some of that has to do with changes that have been going on with the channel. 552 more words


Habits and Ruts

I’ve gotten into the habit of getting dinner at work at the moment – due to tax year end (TYE) we’re pulling longer shifts and most of this week is spent working until 10pm. 937 more words


Self-Esteem | Yoga's Positive Effect

I mean seriously, have you seen me? Not only am I hot, I know I’m hot! That seems a bit more like vanity than high self-esteem… 983 more words


Reasons Why NOT To Do Yoga

Okay, so I lie in the video and say that this will be up the same day as the video. I’m only like… 48 hours late though, at least I’m in the same week! 756 more words


Finding Happy - 24hr Complain Free Challenge

I’m looking into making series out of “Finding Happy”. Since so much of yoga is finding peace, relaxation, and happiness, I thought it might be a good idea to talk about what you can do to feel better. 2,189 more words


Finding Fakes - Avoiding online Health Hoaxes

I’m going to present this as a series of questions. Asking questions about the article/video/post (we’ll just say article for the sake of simplicity, but these rules apply to anything) you are reading is how you’ll be able to figure out if it should be trusted or not. 739 more words


Day Ten

Morning all :)

Wow, its a hot one this morning!  The air con was on in the gym but it was so hot in there!  Hooray for a lovely sunny morning :) 355 more words