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Awesome Workout Thingy

Happy 2018 everyone! Hope you had a lovely holiday and that you’re looking forward to what the new year will bring.

I don’t know how embarrassed I should be that I used the word, … 320 more words


Gym Etiquette for Newbies!

Continuing on from my previous post, gym anxiety advice, i thought i would share some gym etiquette for both newbies and oldies as a reminder!  There are just some things which you should keep in mind when going to the gym – just to make it a better place for everyone! 674 more words

New to the gym? -Gym Anxiety Advice

New Years resolution and many may have the goal to join a gym. Which is great according to me. Of course, the gym isn’t for everyone but if you don’t try it you won’t know. 1,286 more words

When is the best time to workout?

Morning workout or evening workout…. doesn’t it really matter when you workout?

The answer is no…. the best time to workout is when you have time to workout.  337 more words

Working out for health or for performance

Recently I’ve been thinking alot about exercise and why people exercise.

First off, if you are an elite you most likely aren’t working out for health reasons but for performance. 768 more words


I’m feeling frustrated tonight. The last few days my cardio workout has been such a struggle. It’s just ten miles on a stationary bike. Things were progressing nicely. 414 more words

Does my Diastasis Recti need surgery?

Hi guys,

Simple answer first; Unless it looks like this then no.

I’ve come across the above question a fair bit lately. I’ve had several ladies reffered to me by medical professionals who came to see their doctors about Diastasis Recti problems and who originally wanted surgery to get it resolved. 671 more words

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