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Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy 

Research suggests that babies born to active moms could have an advantage in brain development, according to an article in NY Times.

I worked out because I enjoyed exercising anyhow but once I heard of the potential benefits for baby, I made sure to continue for the duration of my pregnancy. 145 more words


A Pregnant Pioneer

Being a Pioneer means you are willing to do and try things that other people don’t do or try before its at all popular to do… 444 more words

Tips for having an all natural, non-medicated labor + birth

I do not like hospitals. I do not like going to the doctor. I literally get high blood pressure when I go for a routine check up. 1,336 more words

Essential Oils

Why we need to stretch

Personally, I quite enjoy stretching, not that I can do the splits just yet- that is the dream, but I find it to be really relaxing after a workout. 945 more words