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Alumni Blogger of the month - Sophia Lucie-Smith

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My blog started out as a visual diary based around fashion but gradually developed to incorporate travel, beauty, health & fitness. 472 more words

Exercise During Pregnancy...#AdventureBaby Diary

November 2014 – end January 2015

So…little did I know that this topic would become a two-fold contentious topic later on in my own pregnancy once I announced it on social media. 549 more words

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Second Trimester Energy = Back at the Gym

In the haze of the NT disaster, I forgot to mention that at 14 weeks pregnant, I returned to the gym. I’ve been feeling more energetic lately, so I started doing prenatal yoga at home once or twice a week, lifting weights three days a week, and have continued to hike with the dogs four to five days a week, depending on the weather. 518 more words

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Prenatal Workouts - Second Trimester!

Hello everyone! So, I wanted to share the workouts I have been doing throughout my second trimester so far- I am currently at 17 weeks. Now that I am into the second trimester I am avoiding certain movements including lying on my back- after your first trimester, lying supine (on your back) can cause your enlarged uterus and baby to compress your vena cava, the major vessel that returns blood to your heart. 450 more words

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Fitness During Pregnancy

Fitness During Pregnancy

Fitness During Pregnancy Click Here

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Exercise During Pregnancy


Should you exercise during your pregnancy? During your first trimester, it can be hard to even get out of bed let alone exercise, because you are so exhausted. 877 more words

Taking risks for two

It all started when I was 6 weeks pregnant with E and my gynaecologist said “you should stop running because if anything happens to this baby you will feel terribly guilty” (I know – totally and utterly appalling behaviour on her part). 1,210 more words