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​Why your wife should exercise during pregnancy

It is important to make a distinction between wives who exercise before pregnancy, and those who begin to exercise once they are pregnant.
It is seen that women who normally participate in some exercise program continue their training during pregnancy , as various studies have shown that women instinctively reduce the time and intensity of exercise as the exercise progresses. 354 more words


Best Exercise for Pregnant Women

Exercise for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is a golden time for all women in her life. In this golden period, one baby boy or baby girl is developing inside a woman. 117 more words


Exercise During Pregnancy

Obstetrician and gynecologist Dr. Max Izbicki treats patients in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Izbicki offers personalized care to patients through each stage of pregnancy.

Most healthy women experiencing normal pregnancies may… 200 more words

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Is it Safe to Exercise during Pregnancy?

In most cases, some exercises during pregnancy are safe. It is very important to stay fit and have a healthy lifestyle when you are pregnant. Doing some pregnancy exercises will help you maintain weight and prepare for childbirth. 429 more words


Benefits of Exercise during Pregnancy 

Research suggests that babies born to active moms could have an advantage in brain development, according to an article in NY Times.

I worked out because I enjoyed exercising anyhow but once I heard of the potential benefits for baby, I made sure to continue for the duration of my pregnancy. 145 more words


A Pregnant Pioneer

Being a Pioneer means you are willing to do and try things that other people don’t do or try before its at all popular to do… 444 more words