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But, is that enough?

Work when there is work to do.  Rest when you are tired.  One thing done in peace will most likely be better than ten things done in panic.

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4lb down and 6.5 inches off in 1 month

Last Saturday my PT checked my weight and measurements and from 2 January – 3 February I have lost 4lbs and 6.5 inches – way to go. 353 more words

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My DNA Fit test results are back!

My DNA Fit test results are back!!!

It made an interesting read and I am going to adapt my exercise and diet accordingly throughout the process of getting fit and healthy. 382 more words

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A week of exercise and detox

I weighed myself on the 1st January at 154lbs, I have weighed myself on 7th January at 153lbs.  I can not believe the effort it takes to get a -1lb loss, but I will keep going. 269 more words

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Simple Ways To Get Fit

Even on a busy schedule, you can pursue a workout routine that will see you get fit. If you have the patience and discipline to stick to a workout schedule, you don’t need to always visit the gym to get fit. 483 more words

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Christmas Weight Gain or not

OK, nearly at the end of my first year and I would say it is looking like a 10lb loss over the year, should have achieved more, but holidays, injuries and a new job seem to throw me off focus.  365 more words

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Quick Way to Lose Weight - The 2 Best Exercises to Lose Weight Fast Without Leaving Your Home

Here’s a quick way to shed weight using the two best exercises to Best Exercise to Lose Weight quickly without needing to leave your residence. Before you read on… in case you don’t like to work out or want to lose weight simply dieting or popping up some… 358 more words