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0.5 lb every half pound counts - doesn't it?

Weight loss for my week 4 has slowed to a snails pace only 0.5lb loss, which I wouldn’t usually count as go for whole pounds but trying to keep going, may not be helped by the fact that I had 2 events this week where I was eating out. 496 more words

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Health Journey - Progress Update #1

It has been nearly two weeks since my original health journey blog, and I am so excited about this new path that I am on! 306 more words

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Week 3 update - 1lb loss

This week has been a bit up and down, so I have mixed it up a bit. Being organised with my lunches for work went a bit wrong on the low carb side, and I had soup and 1 slice of organic wholemeal bread with butter on two days! 503 more words

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Myth # 2: Scientific Discoveries

“Scientists have discovered the best exercise to help people get healthy and lose weight”. As you can imagine, this article caught my eye this morning.  The myth that research can “discover the best” of anything, much less exercise,  keeps these headlines alive in the media.  575 more words

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Getting moving

To help me on this journey I have booked a Personal Trainer who is going to train my husband and I together on a Friday morning. 153 more words

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Day one of my new year weight loss and fitness journey

Every new year we all say I want to lose weight and get fit. I seem to dip in and out of it, 8 weeks seeing a personal trainer this summer, got to September and all went wrong. 615 more words

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Weight loss myths busted

How many times do you hear a new concept for weight loss and start following it blindly because you want to lose that extra pound? Some of these myths still continue to be a part of our dietary habits; but no more, because these myths are going to be busted now, to make weight loss easy and simple. 498 more words

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