Ending 2016 ......

Its only now – with 1 more day to go before 2016 comes to an official close that I finally have the time to wipe some dust off this blog as I’m working from home today. 730 more words

Everyday Life

Day 12: 12 day Christmas challenge

Congratulations you have stuck with me to the last day. I am so proud! I hope you have enjoyed my challenge. It is Christmas eve and today we need to make our exercise really count to help with damage limitation for tomorrow which is in the words of my girls “Treat day” 203 more words


Day 11: 12 day Christmas Challenge

The penultimate day of the challenge…Good luck. The end is in sight! 134 more words


Day 9: 12 day Christmas challenge

Woo hoo you have done so well you deserve another rest day.

So hopefully you have increased your walking around more during the day. If you do not have a tracker it could be fun to get one. 140 more words


Day 8: 12 day Christmas Challenge

We are on the count down now. Less than a week to go until Christmas. Are you ready?

So you have been doing my challenge for a week now. 130 more words


Day 7: 12 day Christmas Challenge

You are doing brilliantly if you are still with me.

Lets get our abs working today. Did you know that working on your large muscle groups can burn more calories than working on lots of little ones. 130 more words


Day 6: 12 day Christmas Challenge

Well done you have made it half way!! And as a gift to you I am giving you a rest day!

So remember my tips from… 190 more words