Get off the couch with this no-excuses beginner cardio exercise

Finding a way to exercise can be difficult with our busy lifes. There’s so much to do! Work, family, meals, house chores… These eat up every minute in the day! 703 more words


12 Tips To Help You In Doing A Regular Exercise!

Exercise or Workout! Know what you’re doing!

The two terms, often used synonymously, has a difference with little overlap.

Exercise: Stretching your muscles to release the strain of an hour-long sitting, can be called as Exercise.  881 more words


Doing Things CORRECTLY

Had a *ahem* health scare throughout October & November before it finally cleared by itself.

While grateful for seeing ‘the light’ at the end of the tunnel at the end of this health scare, however the issue played havoc big-time with my body (and mind) as well. 635 more words

Thinking Aloud/Reflections

Running the distance

I have been running for years and have always felt like I should be able to run further than the 13.1miles that is the distance of a half marathon or just to be able to run it far quicker. 584 more words



Yet again another 1 month ‘break’ of blogging before finally managing to get down to writing/blogging something yet again before October comes to a close. As I was telling C in the office the day before, that time passes really fast when you least sense it …… 325 more words

Daily Rants