8 Weeks Challenge - Week 1 Results!

Today marks the end of my first week on my Fit n Fabulous mission. At the end of this challenge I should be fitter, stronger, healthier, and more fabulous! 623 more words

Exercise And Weight Loss

8 Week Challenge - Day 3

I made it through Day 3 of the challenge! Yeaaaah! Since yesterday was Sunday, it was a rest day for me and so I didn’t do a workout. 422 more words

Exercise And Weight Loss

My 8 Weeks Health & Fitness Challenge

Today is day one (1) of my 8 weeks Health and Fitness challenge. I invite you to join me on this journey to becoming fit and fabulous. 648 more words

Exercise And Weight Loss

21 January - Sweat

Sweat, lacquer dripping

running its own race

faithful track friend

Daily Haiku

12 days to Xmas -Day 1

Day 1 – Bear crawls in the snow

Adopt a bear crawl position

– Move/rotate left 360 degrees

– Move/rotate right 360 degrees

– Repeat 12 times in each direction… 50 more words

Make Your Exercise Workout Fun And You’ll Eat Less Afterward

A new study from the Cornell Food and Brand Lab says that if you think of your next exercise workout as a workout and you’ll later eat more dessert and snacks to reward yourself. 35 more words


Ramp Up Your Workout

This first appeared on Kimberley Payne’s site Thursday, April 3. It’s always an honour to guest post on Kimberley’s site.

When I was working in the gym, my son commented that my clients didn’t really get a strenuous workout. 620 more words

Stephanie Nickel