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4.2 miles

You know what’s more embarrassing than hearing 60-80 year olds walking/running everyday for 10 miles a day when most days you don’t even walk for a mile? 579 more words


I'll Stick to Walking

People run miles every day, outside to stay in shape. I’m not making this up. I’ve heard a lot about it on the internet.

Recently, Jeffrey Tambor told me (via… 236 more words


Why Run?

Why run? Why not? After a long period of feeling absolutely awful (the details of which I won’t bore anyone with, for they no longer matter anyway) I decided to start running. 422 more words


Sugary drinks may thwart your high-protein diet

Extra sugar may be bad for you in more ways than we thought. In addition to being calorie dense and increasing risk for heart disease… 513 more words

The monster that isn't in the closet

so I’ve been pretty afraid to try my best at things, because that has often been linked to rebound eating, hunger, bingeing and overdoing whatever behavior it was that I was trying to curb when my inner self destruction, mean girl, inner critic, what have you, Demon of Low Self-Worth appears on the scene and ruins whatever I was trying to create. 1,262 more words