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Apps, Gadgets and Gear - for At Home Workouts

No gym? No problem! This motto and exercise outlook has definitely increased over the past couple years. More people are turning to social media, youtube and DVDs to get exercises and inspiration for their workouts. 363 more words


Four for your arms

Hi there!

Sun, fun, leasure time, getting a tan… That’s what we love about this time of the year. But we never forget the “problematic area” of our body. 227 more words


Olympian footsteps

2015 has very much so far been the year of the bike, it’s safe to say. After drawing a line under a spring marathon all the way back in January, I’ve been out and ridden nearly a thousand miles on various steeds alongside my daily commute. 1,528 more words


161 calories burned, 11,145 to go

Today was busy but I did get some upright bass practicing in for my rehearsal tomorrow and a walk with the dogs which turned out to be more of an adventure than I expected. 74 more words

Just Keep "Swimming"

Anyone who ever goes running with me, (well they run and I stagger like a sweaty, red faced rhinoceros) knows that I have a saying “just keep swimming”. 250 more words


I can never un-see that!

The other day I was at the gym, minding my own business.  I was on one of the cycles, just finishing my cardio workout. In my peripheral vision I see this man walking toward me, and he stands directly in front of my cycle, which is positioned along a carpeted walkway. 403 more words


FOTC 37 (adjusting the sails, more listener emails!)

I’m a little delirious after recording 6 episodes, so bear with me! And we’ll check out some more listener emails!
Keep heading toward your destination today. 10 more words