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4 Exercise Ball Weight Loss Workout Plans to Battle Obesity

This blog post  has been reproduced with the explicit permission of YourDoctors.Online 

The war on obesity is a serious one. Being overweight can lead to serious chronic health issues and may increase your risk of death. 561 more words

That thing about Fitness

Eight times out of ten when I hear people talk about fitness, they paint a picture of a skinny or slim person, it’s never someone who is on the big side. 530 more words


What I hear because I 'always eat healthily' 🙃🥑

I’m one of these people that likes to look after their body (most of the time) I don’t smoke, I don’t drink all the time and I love going to the gym (now I know I sound pretty boring here but bear with me here). 839 more words

Yoga Class Breakthrough: I Hate Yoga

As a successful lifestyle blogger, I’m required to go to at least one yoga class per year. It’s a requirement I take very seriously. 137 more words

Riding with Feeling.

Horses are strong but highly sensitive animals. If a horse does not want to do something, there is no chance a rider will convince one to do it with the use of strength. 301 more words