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Life in inches

Let’s save time with all the introduction and dive straight to the topic here. 
This is a blog for me and for all those out there who are in search of good health and good life just like me. 160 more words

Week 8 & Conclusion

For my week eight mini-goal, I said I would work out for an hour on three days of the week. I decided to exercise by using the 8fit app once again.   505 more words


Week 8 + Conclusion

This last week my program was to do Abs 20×3, jump the rope for 5-10 min on Thursday and Tuesday, and bike 1hr on Wednesday. I feel very satisfied with this week’s progress because I was not only able to follow my program, I also did more. 406 more words


poem: and another thing

and another thing
decision’s made, so eat my cake
and have it too, why don’t I?
two mattresses, welcome guests
the bugs on the wall?
your co-tenants

Logan Bright

Kettlebell Haiku

Swinging kettlebells
Reverse pivot then snapping
An action for life