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Day 12 It's Friday! 

This week was a busy week. Long nights at the office are awesome when you have goals however do take a toll on your body. Today got back home on time and have been relaxing a bit but still couldn’t our the work computer down. 57 more words


8 Thoughts I've Had Since I Started Exercising

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m an over-thinker. I even wrote about over-thinking during yoga and decided silent, peaceful moments aren’t for me. So I joined a gym with lots of music. 476 more words


A Walk In The Woods By A Lake

I learned something unexpected today.  My wife and I went to the park after work to enjoy the weather and get some walking in.  I noticed these trees where the bark had obviously been peeling off and it made some nice patterns in trunk.  460 more words


Exercise Update: October 9, 2015

Goals (mostly) met! :D
cardio (elliptical): 2 miles in 14 min, 3 miles in less than 21 min, 4 miles in less than 28 min, 5 miles in less than 35 min, level 1 resistance ( 5.20 miles total, 2743 feet climbed, average pace 7:02 min per mile) 121 more words


Inktober - Day 9

Wanted to do some more seasonal stuff so here’s another Witch!

The moon is a tiny bit oblong and her skirt bunches awkwardly, kind of wishing I’d drawn this bigger too.

EDIT: More info on Inktober



I’m currently listening to the fast and furious action of the car racing from Bathurst – it’s not my choice of must see television, but my son had it on and after he left, I haven’t felt the need to turn it off. 500 more words

Get It Together!

I can’t seem to get it together no matter how hard I try….. here is an example. Last night I stopped to put gas in the car. 369 more words