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Moving To A New Site!

It has been a long time. And I mean a loooooooooooooong time. A lot of unfortunate things happened both health and lifewise during that time. And during that time, I had some time to think, sit, write, and learn more about writing. 73 more words

Random Thoughts

Hot Seating

A character is questioned by the group about his name, age, interests, pets, partners but also “normal” and funny questions like what animal would you like to be? 90 more words


Dollar Format

We have a simple task today, a function that formats a number in dollar format. A number like 1234567.8912 should be rounded to two positions after the decimal point, have commas inserted every three positions before the decimal point, and have a dollar sign prepended; thus, the function should format 1234567.8912 as $1,234,567.89. 163 more words


9/28 + 9/29

I had originally planned on today being a light work day for Ender, following our jump school and haul, but the Wednesday Effect (the slump I feel following five hours of classes over a seven-hour period of time, with one being my three-hour seminar for my major) took place and was helped on by the cascades of rain. 562 more words


Spiritual Exercises - Blessings

We have two options for the Spiritual Exercise this month, try choosing the one which provokes you the most.  Each day this October, try to pay attention to the positive or spend time counting your blessings.   792 more words