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Tranquility: Listen to the Rain

The sound of rain on the roof is incredibly relaxing. Whether this is the case for people all over the world, particularly places where it rains most of the year, I’m not sure. 282 more words


Chapter 9, #1 (Rituals of Language)

“I’m not thinking the way I used to think.”

The first ritual to catch my eye was that of short sentences. As the text says, shorter sentences are used as emphasis for key points or information. 539 more words

Time to listen to my body

Yesterday something happened to me that has never happened to me before, and I hope never again. I went to pick up my daughter Jessica to place her in her chair and the moment I picked her up I got a sharp pain in my back. 628 more words


Make the Most of Your Physical Therapy Visits

Physical therapy is only as good as the effort you put into it.  If you are going to take the time to see a PT, then you will recover faster if you DO your home exercises.   403 more words


Reading Comprehension

Here is a fragment from “A street cat named Bob”. Later you will provided with some exercises and questions to improve your reading skills.

Enjoy… 504 more words


Acting Exercises Part 1

Acting takes you places. It can bring you to exciting venues and different cities (every actor dreams of performing in Hollywood or Manhattan) but it can also mentally take you somewhere you weren’t expecting to go. 286 more words


Trying to be patient during Advent, but I still can't wait to...

Break my record for harbour bridge run…

Say 1 min faster ;)

Great time practising determination 💪💪💪 
Lord, please stay close when I wanna give up…