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Group Review

For this review, I have been selected to review the projects from students in Group D, with Tae, Jude, and myself to consider for video animation sound introduction. 696 more words


Sound Design Possibilities

For my animation I would like to include nature sounds like birds chirping and bees buzzing, and rustling of leaves in the wind. Additionally in the first shot maybe the sound of the apple snapping off the bunch would fit and emphasize that action. 177 more words

Facing Fear

That fear of the unknown cripples so many people. Out of it is born prejudice and violence. Fear of the unknown is the root cause of prejudice. 622 more words


Fat Burning Workouts

Fat burning exercises are slow, aerobic kinds of exercise that use of the major muscle groups. Lower intensity cardio exercises will help you burn a higher percentage of calories. 789 more words

Burn Fat