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Exercise 10 - Basic Segura

Blue to move. Place the queue token to secure the Segura siege without it being captured by white’s next turn. White’s routes are 7/3, 1/1, and 6/2. 9 more words


5 Minute Drawings -Still Not Daily :)

I’ve got some bigger works brewing in my brain, but think these quick sketches are helping me get back to some basic skills. I hope you had a wonderful week.


The Voice Book: Caring For, Protecting, & Improving Your Voice by Kate DeVore & Starr Cookman

My Copy: 9781556528293 (image from amazon.com)

I’m trying to remember exactly why I bought this book, but I think it was to help me out when I was starting out as a tour guide and teaching. 583 more words

Book 'n Tea Time

Project 2: Image & Text


Cut out some pictures from a newspaper and write your own captions.
• How do the words you put next to the image contextualise/re-contextualise it?
204 more words


2018 - Day Nineteen - 19/01/2018

The Workout

PT – good vibes

  • Warm Up – Rower – 500m – 1min48secs
  • SS1 – BB Bent Over Row – 3 sets – 15 reps – 5kg ES…
  • 111 more words


A robot can move any number of steps in the four cardinal directions. Given the robot’s initial position and a string of moves given as, for instance, N3E5S2W6 (any of the four cardinal directions, followed by any number of steps, as many commands as desired), determine the ending position of the robot. 243 more words