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First Failure - 100 Push-ups Workout 7

Monday was a tough workout. So tough in fact that I didn’t successfully complete it. 5 sets were completed but total reps were not achieved and rest periods were increased. 235 more words



WOD workout of the day. Remember to work at you maximum effort and complete as many rounds as possible.
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Exercise 2 Part 2 (Regularization)


function = costFunctionReg(theta, X, y, lambda)
%COSTFUNCTIONREG Compute cost and gradient for logistic regression with regularization
% J = COSTFUNCTIONREG(theta, X, y, lambda) computes the cost of using… 124 more words


4 Medicine Ball Exercises for Fighters

Great drills for fighters and grapplers to develop body awareness, reaction time and power in a variety of situations.

Day 1 #Transformation

So I JUST did the Fitness Test for Bikini Body Mommy’s 90 Day Challenge (1.0). My results… sheesh! My energy, my breath… proof that I NEED to be doing these exercises vs just my cardio… Here are my results for 50 second intervals with a few seconds of rest in between exercises: 137 more words


Exercise 4.2: The British landscape during World War II

We are to read the short extract from ‘Landscape for Everyone’, published in John Taylor (1994) A Dream of England: Landscape, Photography and the Tourist’s Imagination then summarise the key points in our learning log, along with any other observations or reflections. 350 more words


Crucitur Creuers - Estrategia a les xarxes socials

L´agència catalana de creuers Cruciturs ha celebrat recentment el 10 è aniversari de la companyia i ha decidit aprofitar l´avinentesa i remodelar tota la seva estructura comunicativa. 60 more words