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In the 1960s, a man name Kenneth H. Cooper came up with the concept of aerobics. Originally, aerobics, via the aerobics point system, measured the effectiveness of different exercises and activities for improving cardiovascular health.  720 more words


Exercise 2: Mood Boards

Every element in the mood board for my current room is stacked and overlapping to create a messy, and squished feeling. Each element is distinct while still smashed together. 85 more words


this is my scavenger hunt gallery

Here are three of the ten images we had to find on our scavenger hunt.


something sad

dramatic lighting


5 Steel Club Exercises for Fighters and Grapplers

Steel Club Exercises are great for fighters and grapplers! Develop more coordination, strength and endurance in a variety of new ways.

Exercise 3: 2 looks and feels for 1 map

Exercise 3 required us to design 2 different iA maps in the styles of McCandless and Tufte. Taking themes from Unflattening, I designed 2 maps that visually displayed the themes and how prevalent they are. 11 more words


Janice Lennard Reveals The Fountain Of Youth Exercises [WATCH]

Janice Lennard believes that age is just a number.  Watch this video where she shows you Exercises to keep you youthful and full of energy. 29 more words

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