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ACC1231 & BUS1233 Accounting Equation and Business Transactions Exercises

So far, there are no questions from you guys, so I assume that all of you understood. Attached is the word documents containing simple accounting exercises. 39 more words

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What Exercises Improve Punching Power?

Increasing punching power is a highly sought after result for fighters. While many have contested that lifting weights can slow a fighter down and reduce their effectiveness in the ring, research continues to prove the effectiveness of a well organized strength routine.

Exercise 4.6 Using image layers in Photoshop

Layer a series of photographs that include deep shadow – Choose 4 final images – Place the layers on top of one another and change the blends. 326 more words


Follow up group session

So, we are now pretty much up to date, so posts from this point on will be ‘live’!

Today I was invited to go to a follow up session back at the hospital.   573 more words


Critical Reflection - Hunter S. Thompson: The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved

Hunter S. Thompson’s coverage of the Kentucky Derby is the first example of new form of journalism he pioneered called gonzo journalism where the writer places them self within in the story. 591 more words


CORE Exercises for MMA: 5 Drills to Help You Develop More Torso Tension.

Fighters who can punch and kick with the most power are rarely the biggest or the strongest in the weight room. Learning to create stiffness through the torso helps transfer force into our extremities. 32 more words