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The Dramatic I

Call it what you want, I, ME, the little self. This sense of being entirely separate where the entire universe revolves around ME is the cause of much drama and loss of perspective. 321 more words

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The Pull-up

The pull up is one of, if not, my favourite exercise. There are a plethora of reasons for this but it is primarily because the pull up is an extremely effective and variable exercise you can do almost anywhere. 537 more words

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A Critiquing We Go

That’s not writing.

Yes it is.  I’m pixellating words.

They aren’t story words.

Seriously, Pym? They’re related.

Related how?

These are words I’m putting together for my writing group – writing tools I rely on, some basic critiquing rules, and a long list of writing prompts to share at our creative meetings. 248 more words


K9 Adventures [14] - Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

Psst … you don’t have any spare poop lying around do you?

Hair Today, Hair Tomorrow

Greetings my fellow K9’s, l trust and hope this finds you well. 1,070 more words


Not Knowing Any Different

There is a tendency for each of us to become very habituated in the way we live our lives, and in our outlooks. We might imagine that our way, our world, comprises more than it actually does. 436 more words

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Recognizing Fibonacci Numbers

We have a simple exercise for a Friday afternoon:

Write a program that determines if an input number n is a Fibonacci number.

Your task is to write a program that determines if a number is a Fibonacci number.

130 more words

Flippin' Fit HIIT Challenge

We know Co-Curricular Activities in schools have stood down for exams, and work is probably getting crazier. Everyone is getting a little too tired, a little too lazy, a little too much of everything. 190 more words