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Melodic Symmetry

In the following linear diagrams, movement to the right indicates ascending pitches whereas movement to the left indicates descending pitches.

From the C/Gb axis, we can initiate a process that will result in a melodic symmetry, or mirroring, where notes reflect one another around the axis. 196 more words

Music Theory

Violets: Warm Up Exercises

Those of you who’ve been visiting here for a while wont be surprised to learn that I’ve acquired Jean Haines’ new book: Jean Haines Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour: Painting With Energy And Life… 248 more words


Free Weight Exercises or Machine Exercises? One is Clearly Superior!

Free weight exercises are the most effective training option for most people. Machine exercises have their place, but not often! #Health #Fitness

This week’s one-word prompt is Thoughtful.

I’d love to see anything you come up with in response! Feel free to share.


Book Cover Design

In the OCA manual, it has asked

“What sort of items have you collected so far? What was it that made you want to keep these items? 4,385 more words


Next Identical Popcount

Today’s exercise is an interview question:

The binary weight of a positive integer is the number of 1-bits in its binary representation. For example, the decimal number 7, which is 111 in binary, has a binary weight of 3.

196 more words

On the Benefits of Exercising and Original Thinking

When one is running down the road in the morning, it must be for the milk or for removing the laziness of the bones that we feel in the flesh. 247 more words