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"Go Hard or Go Home"

I’ve heard bodyweight strength training referred to as the body’s natural Prozac since it biologically reduces stress and is tied to improvements in confidence, self-esteem, and the ability to problem solve. 100 more words

Improve Your Grappling Every Time You Pee!

I apologise for the slightly clickbait title but I needed something to grab your attention and “things to do that improves your health and grappling during an office toilet break” does not exactly trip off the tongue! 531 more words



When you talk about building muscles, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Let me guess, heavy weights, dumbbells, gym etc. Tell me if I’m wrong, actually don’t because i know that I’m right. 224 more words


Sketchdump #306 - Material Study (Mudstone)

Mudstones. They are interesting in color because they are layered in a way that allows different sides of a rock to have different colors (and nice colors in general, but very subtly so). 147 more words


Exercise:Creating Mood and Atmosphere

For this exercise, either create a completely new painting that evokes a powerful atmosphere of some kind or e-work one of your earlier paintings. 711 more words


-ed or -ing adjectives

Exercise 1:

Choose the right option for each of the sentences below.

a) I saw a really ______________________ documentary about Mammals last night.

b) My friends planned a secret birthday party for me and I was utterly ______________________. 129 more words


Past Perfect/Past Perfect Continuous

Exercise 1:

Can you circle the verbs in the past perfect simple and continuous?

Had been writing, was laughing, be born, had been joking, had believed, finished, invite, is living, had looked, had enjoyed, loves, does. 615 more words