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A tale of two photos

There’s a photo of myself that I just love. It’s from a hiking excursion last summer in the White Mountains. I was with my good girlfriends from Arkansas, it was a stunning day, we were high on waterfalls and gorges, and I snapped a selfie with a roaring river in the background. 759 more words


Taking up (the right amount of) space

I’m gonna put you inside the head of a “plus-sized” girl for a few minutes. And no, it’s not all donuts and hot chocolate, though…yummm…those sound good on this cold winter night. 1,029 more words


Who are you, and what have you done with me?

Step into my head for a moment, dear readers.

Since I have no kids or husband to fret over, my family is mostly healthy, and my dog is basically the best dog on the planet and gives me no trouble whatsover, there are only two things in life I have to focus on at any given moment. 732 more words

Exercise/weight Loss

11 running tips from a non-runner

I am 38 years old, and for 37.5 of those years, I have hated running.

Hated. It. To the point where I wanted to smack all the runners who rhapsodize about how easy it is to just throw on their sneakers and go, or surreptitiously trip the skinny creatures in their perfect frickin’ running gear as they bound by me like gazelles, loping along on their exquisitely defined Achilles tendons. 927 more words


What a difference a doctor makes

About 2.5 months ago, I went to the doctor. It’s hard enough finding a new doctor in a new city, especially when, in your old town, you had to switch doctors because your previous doctor was being sued…but I digress. 1,155 more words


When others write my words

WARNING – BAD WORDS AHEAD. I think there’s an acronym for that, right? Someone tell me what it is!


As an infrequent blogger, I fret about strange things. 367 more words