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oh just anxiety, the old sleaze

run, little girl.
these walls won’t stay
at arm’s length
for long.
they won’t.
they won’t.
you know it.
good, you’re panting.
now try to remember that time… 355 more words


Yoga(Bidal Asana)

(cat and cow pose)

Get on your knees , keeping them hip distance apart. Place your palms on the floor shoulder-distance apart, making sure that the wrist and the shoulder are in line. 85 more words




lundi gras

because the season is

a day a piece

but excess sometimes lead to excess

in a binary way

so what if Sunday earns… 42 more words


Take a deep breath
Let it out
Take another
Let it out

Go inside your mind
Pick all the red
Pick all the dark
Pick all the black… 54 more words


100 Days Healthier Me - Day Eighty-Two

Some of these prompts really interest me. This one for instance, it’s asking me to take five minutes out of an incredibly busy day to just breathe. 531 more words


Let Me Introduce Myself

I figured today’s post would be who I am since I haven’t officially introduced myself. I’m a stay at home mama to a 2 year old, Warren Ryder. 319 more words


Bird Watching

  When I was a teenager, I used to think coffee and bird watching was for old people, that there were better things to wake you up before getting your day started. 307 more words