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The Moment

A warm summer breeze meanders across your body

Beseeching inhale

Imploring exhale

Wanting more

Droplets of wet

Trickling and tracing through soul and pore

A vortex of intoxication… 9 more words

sober poem

on balcony. four church steeples
forgive. two clock towers laugh. the
sun and moon begin to take turns. a
train bell dings from behind. railway… 57 more words



exhale, time.

keep the pause
unbroken, whole
porcelain silence.

breath, wait.

think through
your lack of
thought – there’s
the moments you
lost, the seconds… 6 more words


Immortal Words

I breathe life into my words
As I lovingly place them upon the page.
And when they travel across the skies and reach your ears, 23 more words


Waiting to Exhale

“We sat there and stared at each other with breaths held. It had been years since we let out a breath, but at that moment I let it go. 187 more words



A constant flow of water

A continuous movement of breath

As I breathe in a cool breeze rises

As I breathe out the structure shakes… 27 more words