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Remember to Play

Friday is like a much needed exhale after holding my breath most of the week. It is a reminder that we need to find a way to let the weight of the world go and reunite with our sense of peace. 103 more words


The power of the breath

The breath is something that is often taken for granted. Many people fail to recognize the importance of this simple activity. Because of this, the breath has become shallow and insignificant for the average person. 193 more words

Trials, Tribulations, and the Art of Letting Go


Sit yourself down and breath.Count to ten.

Enjoy those few moments and just simply focus on breathing. Now, come to understand that you’ve had your trials and tribulations. 394 more words


Deep Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing exercises are a measure you can take to help encourage good health. Many people overlook it, but breathing exercises and muscle relaxation do many good things. 194 more words

Biological Medicine

Lead Me To The Ocean

If you ever care to know me

What speaks beneath my eyes

Take me by the hand and lead me to the ocean

Sit with me in the quiet under the starry sky… 62 more words

Valentine's is Coming...

With all the redness in the world, Valentine’s Day, February 14th, is coming.  It is a great day to be reminded about love and gratitude for all who are in our life and for all our life represents to us.   141 more words



Ujjayi breathing sounds like the ocean in the back of my throat. Inhale deeply, exhale slowly yet forcefully, concentrate on the breath: in, pause, out ,pause, in ,pause, out, pause. 144 more words

Magic Moments