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I have failed. At keeping up with my blog with a monthly word.

February, March and April are now a blur as I sit here and reflect on the last three months. 429 more words

Black Hole

It tears the soul
deep inside
gnawing just below the rib cage

Like a black hole
Ready to consume
to destroy
to take anything… 61 more words

Weekend Getaway

No matter what I do, no matter what I find – the idea of you and I will always be on my mind.

It was supposed to be our weekend. 9 more words


Out Of The Shadows

I decided to be

As I sit
Whiskey on my lips
Time to be free

Corner booth
I make my move
Look at me… 25 more words


The Cold You Don't Get Over

Where does depression hurt? Everywhere
Who does depression hurt? Everyone
You’re standing in a crowded room – but you feel like you’re the only one… 168 more words


e x h a l e

sometimes when I

e x h a l e

my feelings slip out as well.

you can tell when I’m overwhelmed

when I exhale

long and low and panicky. 75 more words



This post is both a reflection of a spontaneous thought and conversations with friends and a summary of an important philosophy in my life.

Pneuma is an ancient Greek word for breath. 1,135 more words