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Let Your Thoughts Fly Over Everything

Maud Oonk wrote a short text, reflecting her thoughts on our stay in New York, the process of making a work, and how to create a feeling of freedom. 535 more words


Inhale, Exhale

Think about a stressful situation you’re facing at the moment – something small or something epic.

Close your eyes and scan your body, noticing where you feel tension… 155 more words


[VISUAL ART] All of Me Pt. 1

By Joanie Jonez | @joaniejonez

We take a deep breath and then

We take a leap of faith and then

We exhale!

This is the time when our magic is revealed and the fire within burns at it’s fiercest! 130 more words

Visual Art

Fun at Times Square

Times Square: photo by Adriano, with Mohadeseh, Marta, Danni, Maarten, Piffin, Dorina and Vinh.


Pond Wandering

Awakening in the hollow windowsill of yesterday
I step into the atmosphere tasting a lingering sadness
Precarious, it is enough to recognize the adjective
A gentle kiss was all that is asked as she turns and floats… 86 more words



New day, new week. Inhale…and get ready for new possibilities!


What Does a "Fresh Start" Mean to You?

What does “a fresh start” mean to you?

Do any of these meanings resonate with you? What would you add to the list?

Releasing what no longer serves you. 37 more words

Lean In