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Have fun!

Have you taken a look outside? Each day is a beautiful day and I’ve taken it for granted by staying in doors because “it’s cold”. Oh yes! 142 more words

This Haiku: Keys

What must I breathe out
That when I breathe in again
We would both be one

Blistering Reel

Exhale the sun through open windows
Inhale cool water

Splice Orbs of sweat


Reflect crises after crises
Environmental crisis, platonic crises
Live by the edge of your crises… 14 more words


Repeat Often

Walk outside
  Touch your bare feet to the Earth
  Close your eyes
  Inhale slowly
  Hear the sounds swirling around
  Exhale completely

Feel the cool air caress your skin
  Inhale deeply
  Smell the odors of morning dew
  Exhale controllably
  Open your eyes
  See the beauty sprinkled about

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Volor Flex - Exhale

Can’t get enough of Volor Flex (Alex Frolov) , the young Russian producer whose music feels and acts like both a tribute and at times, a cover of this mysterious iconic musician called Burial whom you might’ve heard of on previous occasions.Some people think “this sounds too much like the original, we don’t need copycats” while others went as far as calling it “Burial v2”. 69 more words




his hands looked as if they’d been born inside a tree. his cock as if god had thought twice about burning the entire stick. who am I kidding. 47 more words