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Breath {#wholemama and 6/31}

A few nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night with an aching headache. I tried to sleep, but the pulsing ache wouldn’t let me and I realized both my hands were tingling suspiciously. 596 more words


inhale, exhale, and OM...

you want the solution to everything
chasing the wind in a fairy tale
lost in the maze of your own creation
it won’t get easier the further you go… 44 more words


Exhale in the Haze, Chai Chee

It’s the hazy season in Singapore now. During this period, it doesn’t feel so wrong when I see people smoking on the streets.

No, I’m not advocating. Just saying.


Can Barre Transform Me?

I personally question any workout that doesn’t require gym shoes and has me using weights under 5lbs. We’ve posted articles on The Bar Method and… 502 more words


Pep Talk #6

Breathe! Yes, inhale and exhale. Breathing is literally the first step if you’re looking to relieve stress or anxiety. It helps to improve your blood flow and in turn gets oxygen to your brain, calming the nervous system. 71 more words


A Fleeting Dandelion Mist

A flock of birds take flight

Their wings exhale a warm breath

Blowing a fleeting dandelion mist

I reach out and catch a sigh in my hand… 16 more words


Shredding for the Wedding - Quick and Effective Workouts

As soon as the novelty of getting the ring wears off, an instant panic to most, if not all brides-to-be (including myself) are, “Holy Sh*t, I have  ______ many days until it’s W-Day. 1,389 more words