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Mango (Or Sticky Fingers Part II)

My fickle pickiness about not eating foods that are messy doesn’t come without exceptions. The messiest thing that I absolutely love to eat is mango. Fresh, ripe mango is a wonderful momentary escape to sweet tropical sunsets and the sound of the ocean outside your window—just without the issue of sand everywhere and having to dodge seagull shit. 998 more words


Violence and the aftermath 

Yesterday I pulled cards.  Normally I pull from a deck and test the energy. Yesterday called for a more complex reading. I don’t do it often because it scares people. 756 more words

Old fart...

Listen, I do not consider myself to be old, I’m 41 years old, my daughter who is 13 considers me to be an old fart though.   197 more words


To The Men Who Found Me Easy To Leave

You made me happy. You gave me hope and allowed me to build expectations. I became accustomed to having you in my life – accustomed to the effortless smiles you gave me. 825 more words

A Piece Of My Heart

Daily Inspiration: The Very Air We Breathe

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The very air we breathe: never borrowed. Nor does it exceed. It doesn’t cause pain. Nor does it love. We love it. And we love it every morning we wake up and start a brand new day. 61 more words


Home Sweet Home

A letter to an old love. An addiction I somehow overcame.

I gave in again. I keep telling myself it will be the last time. Why are you a weakness for me?

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Emilia Clarke - And exhale. It's episodes like tonight that make me SO GODD...

All you need to do to get informed about all magazine news right away is to follow our lastoneminute.com site. You can find the details of the post titled Emilia Clarke – And exhale. 27 more words