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You look at her in awe, those dark hazel eyes

They change colors slightly, depending on the light

You stare and stare and wonder, wonder what’s inside…

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My head is pounding

Heart is racing

If my pulse had feet

It would be pacing

My bodies tired

Passion is gone

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I swear I'm just a bird

If Las Vegas strip is like holding your breath, Red rock mountains is when you let go.

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Travel And Adventure

Write #LearningtoExhale

I know it’s been a minute since I posted, but i’m slowly learning that I have a couple insecurities in my writing.

One of my absolute biggest dreams is to write, write what I’m not sure. 554 more words


Let's Bypass The Bullshit

Inhale the good shit,

Exhale the bullshit.

Today’s positive vibes.

And remember; You Are The Kitties :)

Positive Vibes

One Relaxing

inside the exhale

finding an open door—

dancing in the frame

Inhale. Exhale.