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It’ll Get Better

Sorry for not writing much today. I almost put off writing my daily blog at all. I don’t know where to begin or what to write. 86 more words


Grumpy Meet Exhaustion

I feel like there is always too much to do. Why is it as human beings we pack ourselves so tight with tasks everyday? It sucks. 518 more words


Team Broken Sleep

Is my leg/hip supposed to fall asleep every hour?

Cause I’m a side sleeper and no mater which side I try to sleep on the bottom leg goes into that painful asleep mode. 57 more words


so I met these two guys by pure coincidence.

They just had this aura to them that was so bright and pure. One was like an overgrown kid that just made you want to squeeze him and pinch his cheeks while laughing uncontrollably. 382 more words

Weight of the World

Do you ever have a day (or days) where you just feel heavy?

Physically heavy. Exhausted. Numb. Drained. Emotionally cold. Distant. Unamused.

It always starts the same for me…the silliness that life can bring fades away. 694 more words

SnapKey: Home: 13th November 2018

A few days ago, I visited a construction site of an apartment complex. There I saw scores of monkeys jumping around and creating havoc. Upon investigating a little deeper, I discovered that prior to the construction there used to be a small patch of trees where these monkeys used to live. 124 more words