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Web-Love: The Louvre

Greetings, and welcome back to Web-Love Wednesday! Today, Rachel shares her experience using the online collections at The Louvre.

Rachel writes:

The Louvre… 224 more words

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Red Sea salt does tonnes of good at aquarium

{“contentType”:”NEWS_STORY”,”id”:{“value”:”c3bff37a813846b94fe1ea6de4adb37b”,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/content\/v2\/c3bff37a813846b94fe1ea6de4adb37b”},”originId”:”307e07bc-25c9-11e8-931d-f822e1310b3f”,”origin”:”METHODE”,”channel”:”WEB”,”title”:”Red Sea salt does tonnes of good at aquarium”,”subtitle”:”Long journey for sea salt used to maintain tanks at Cairns Aquarium”,”description”:”

IT TAKES salt that has been transported from halfway around the globe to maintain perfect water conditions at Cairns Aquarium.“,”link”:”http:\/\/cdn.newsapi.com.au\/link\/c3bff37a813846b94fe1ea6de4adb37b”,”paidStatus”:”PREMIUM”,”originalSource”:”The Cairns Post”,”creditedSource”:”Cairns Post”,”subscriptionSummary”:”IT TAKES salt that has been transported from halfway around the globe to maintain perfect water conditions at Cairns Aquarium.”,”originalAssetId”:”7714e364-2590-11e8-931d-f822e1310b3f”,”version”:”PUBLISHED”,”dateUpdated”:”2018-03-12T07:47:11.000Z”,”dateLive”:”2018-03-12T19:00:00.000Z”,”customDate”:”2018-03-12T19:00:00.000Z”,”dateCreated”:”2018-03-12T00:58:23.000Z”,”status”:”ACTIVE”,”thumbnailImage”:{“contentType”:”IMAGE”,”id”:{“value”:”0d22d84a98a0dd3261b14f464fc98571″,”link”:”http:\/\/api.newsapi.com.au\/image\/v1\/0d22d84a98a0dd3261b14f464fc98571″},”originId”:”crop-26ec873a69d0593219ea26239c45bb4f”,”origin”:”METHODE”,”title”:”QLD_CP_NEWS_AQUARIUM_SALT_09MAR18″,”subtitle”:”77448a90-2362-11e8-a0cc-9edb25a4c851″,”description”:”Cairns Aquarium is stocking its tanks with salt transported all the way from the Red Sea. 3,778 more words

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Web-Love: Virtual Tour of Ellis Island

Welcome to the first Web-Love Wednesday! Today’s experience comes from Sandra B, who took a virtual tour of Ellis Island.

Sandra Shares:

“As a history lover, I was thrilled to learn that many museums now offer virtual tours for some of their most prized treasures. 254 more words

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Augmented Reality is Enhancing Museum Exhibits Across the Globe

The release and subsequent popularity of the Pokemon Go up has sparked a keen interest in the use of augmented reality (AR) to enhance the user experience. 374 more words

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