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Making 'Progress' with Bunyan

In a back street in Bedford is a museum dedicated to one of the world’s most translated authors. The author is John Bunyan, born in 1628 in the village of Elstow near Bedford. 492 more words

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Subterranean scents of Sicily

The Phoenicians were an ancient civilization from the eastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea. Renowned for their seafaring and trading feats, they got their name – a Greek version of purple, from their production of a purple dye made from the crushed shells of Murex sea snails. 438 more words

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More about the exhibition space

An exhibition at The Prema Arts Centre in Euley, showed the work of a printmaker, Sophia Rae. The exhibition space is a beautiful first floor open rounded area with large windows. 74 more words

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The first thing I did as soon as I arrived school since no one arrives at 8, was to disassemble the Imac shelves so when the iMacs arrives we just need to place and re assemble. 220 more words


My job for today was to finish off two of the most important things in our exhibition space. The first thing I did was to buy clear varnish and finish the iMac shelves. 194 more words