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FMP - Ideas for Designs and My Exhibition Space

On 27/04/2018, I was in work from 9am til 5pm again. At first, I did not think I had any work that I could do in just notebooks or small pieces (because, even though my work place is pretty relaxed when it comes to what we do when we aren’t busy, they wouldn’t let me start sewing samples of fabric at my desk!) as I had annotated and analysed the criteria during yesterday’s shift already. 814 more words


Holburne Museum visit

Louise and I walked around the museum together to get an idea where the flasks could be placed for the Up Late in May.

The ideal choice is for them to be hung in front of the window in the Posnett Gallery as there is a double height window with a balcony above with the potential to take a structure to hang the flasks. 180 more words

Muse: The Collection Inspires

Artistic Visuals

I am starting to prepare towards the artistic visuals for the stories and poems which will be written for the exhibition “In The Mists”. I am currently focusing upon one of Rowley’s written pieces which is based upon the Monmouth rebellion. 346 more words

PUB: Exhibiting Art for Sale, Journal for Art Market Studies Vol.2, No. 1

The third issue of the Journal for Art Market Studies focuses on the role and development of the exhibition space in a commercial context, from the American barbershop to veritable art trade palaces built in Munich around 1900, as well as both forerunners of and alternatives to today’s commercial gallery spaces. 132 more words

News And Events

Art Post, not just a system, a service

Art Post began life being a personal project to enable me to exhibit my artwork where people live and work, conveniently and creatively.

Hiring and selling the ‘posts’ became part of the plan when I had to work out how to make my idea a reality. 190 more words