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Inspirer Talk - DR ME

Words: Aimee Plumbley

DR.ME is made up of Ryan Doyle and Mark Edwards. DR.ME is in fact an acronym of their names. Ryan and Mark met on their first day at Manchester Met, and have continued to collaborate ever since. 718 more words


Promotion and Exhibition - The Submission

Rather than look in detail at Outcome 3 – which is pretty much “do it – following the plan…”, it is useful to look at what you need to submit by the deadline. 337 more words


Museum of the Romanian Peasant

Muzeul Național al Ţăranului Român – The National Museum of the Romanian Peasant in Bucharest, Romania, presents the wide collection of costumes, icons, ceramics… The museum received many prices, among them the title “European Museum of the Year” for 1996. 21 more words


Bangalore Festiville at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath always showcases the best talent across the nation. This weekend, April 1st and 2nd, Bangalore’s most awaited Art & Craft Exhibition & Sale is here. 98 more words


Henri Matisse - the Cut Out

Henri Matisse-the Cut out, 01/23/2015于MoMA观展。直到今天,这仍然是近几年来我看过最喜欢的画展。马蒂斯是我非常钦佩的一类艺术家,因为他一生作品风格多变却不始终离野兽派主题。晚期的马蒂斯返璞归真,又回到了最具童真的剪纸作品。

上上周五去MoMA看了心心念念已久的特展Henri Matisse – the Cut Out. 为了这个展,我真可谓三顾茅庐,终于在结束前两个礼拜了结心愿。这个世界上有很多种伟大的艺术家,有些人的作品给后来的艺术家以源源不断的灵感和启发,比如El Greco宗教画中荒诞不经的画风,足以让他成为整个现代主义和后现代主义的先驱;William Turner掀开了印象主义的幕布, Cezanne启发了无数后现代流派,例如最近刚刚在大都会看过的立体主义。 有的人独树一帜,具有鲜明的个人主义特征,诸如Monet,Van Gogh 和 Surat,他们的画一眼就可以辨认出来。 还有一些艺术家一生都在不断挑战自己的极限和可能,其中有毕加索,从blue period到rose period, 从rose period到cubism,每一次风格的转变都是艺术生命的重生。马蒂斯也属于这一种。 31 more words


Sunderland Winter Gardens, Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize 2016

My Initial Response

Although the work presented within this exhibition had no direct link into the question I have chosen to answer, it was still very interesting to view such a wide variety of styles and formats from a vast number of photographers. 388 more words