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First blog post

Why and how did I along with my wife become nudists?  We certainly came at it from two different perspectives.  I think I have always enjoyed being naked but it was not until my mid 40’s that I actually started.   122 more words



She didn’t see the bright full moon, her eyes were closed. She didn’t smell the food left abandoned in the room, he surrounded her with his scent. 597 more words

Queen of the Faeces

I’m taking you on a little diversion today, dear reader. I wanted to tell you about an odd experience I had, or rather, an odd person I experienced whilst in hospital having my plasma exchange treatment. 1,823 more words

I got to play last night

Visits to the dungeon are rare these days.

I like them. The public aspect of playing in a dungeon pushes me to endure just a little bit more than I tend to at home. 122 more words


The Naked Self-Portrait

I wished to become part of this project myself; after all it is hardly fair that I ask this of my subjects without being willing to display myself in a similar way. 841 more words

5. Major Project

Every time I go I make sure to show my sissy nickers. 32 more words