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I had a fucking blast last night! I’m still kinda out of it, trying to process things…and the coffee is still brewing. I went to bed like 5 hours ago… one of the downsides of having an ungodly punctual internal clock -_-….. 848 more words


Elevator Sex

So the other day I decided to go visit a friend at work. He works in the city on the 25th floor in this magnificent building with some of the most prestigious firms. 462 more words

#fantasy Phone Sex

Holy squirt!

You guys…. I have a confession first of all.

When I get bored, and horny, and I’m not wanting to fuck someone, I’ll do cam shows. 259 more words


Inertia (Part 2)

Turns out that all that’s needed to really shake off inertia is to make a naked dance video – once that’s done, devour a whole entire pack of chocolate biscuits, and all will be okay with the world. 53 more words

The Exhibitionist Rock Chick

I had to write a piece on fashion and individuality this week – something I enjoyed immensely as I love the idea of expressing who you are through style. 74 more words

Day 5 - what was your first kinky experience?

Struggling to answer this because I can’t remember all experiences chronologically. Then I worry “was this or that experience really even kinky?” I don’t know, I think I over think…but here an experience that I will share: 323 more words