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Football, stadion violence, and DFB escalation tactics

It is no secret that my appreciation for football (or soccer, as the uninitiated North-American populus calls it) is rather limited. I genuinely loose all ability to concentrate when two dozen millionaires shove a ball around to determine who can deliver the most convincing charade of “wounded world war soldier”. 826 more words


Pia loves to show

Pia and Amit walked into the hotel lobby. She took her jacket off and handed it to him and whispered “Look at me play”. He smiled and looked on as she walked up to the reception desk. 2,752 more words


One Night high!!

Sria came back from a hike around the hill resort she was staying at. She walked past the reception and noticed a couple checking in with their kids. 2,530 more words

Young Girl

New Release: Poolside Between the Brat and His Girlfriend

Nothing she can do but tread water

When the full heat of summer becomes too much to bear, Dylan and his girlfriend Sharon decide to strip down and cool off at the pool. 2,408 more words


Visiting Parks

3 Public Parks, USA

On Boston Common the squirrels

are shy, darting away, barely visible,

ready to ambush the Redcoats,

should they dare to return. 87 more words


Exhibitionist Unleashed

“I want this stranger to watch me. I want to turn him on. I want him to want me, and I want the woman he’s with to want to be me.

3,263 more words

Coming Down off the High and Sinking in Sin

So I have been particularly manic over the past week or so, and I think I am finally coming down. I have been wrestling with my spirituality and some of the other aspects of my whorish existence. 495 more words