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The Promise Of A New Day

Enough!  It’s time to get dressed and enjoy the day…(eseps)


House Hunting Private Viewings

My wife wanted me to meet the real estate agent she hired to check out new houses.  She gave me her card, said she was a great gal, and told me to have fun looking at houses.   1,443 more words


Training module 3

This module should commence approximately one month after module one and is intended to have a slutwife grow accustomed to the exhibitionist lifestyle – being stared at in skimpy, revealing or tight clothing. 138 more words


When is PDA too much or not enough? - Fetish.com

PDA or public display of affection, has a thin line to walk. It’s up to you how, when, if and where you do it. Play hide and seek or be full on, you decide. 18 more words

Sienna Saint-Cyr

Fantasy vs Reality

Exploring with M is showing me that there are some pieces of my sexuality that are strictly fantasy related.
Or maybe, we just haven’t found the right venue for my exhibitionism yet. 715 more words



Some clothespin play on my own this week. I wanted to practice before M and I play.

I pegged a clothespin onto my breast beside my nipple and sent a snap of it to M. 252 more words


Licking the taste of me off his finger

M knows that I’m kind of an exhibitionist who hasn’t really had to show her mettle, due to lack of opportunity. He’s so good because he’s prepared to play in that exhibitionist arena with me! 1,301 more words