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A leathery-skinned sea cucumber can twist its middle like a liquorice stick and split into two, then grow new backs and fronts to become two separate and whole sea cucumbers. 505 more words

Janua-Run Day #13

Music keeps me going.

Right now I am hooked on spiritual meditations and this song :

What keeps you running ?




Don’t ask me how it works, I have no idea.


I feel free.

I barely remember feeling that free my whole life.

I have a lot less money to worry about, it is all going to a very specific and challenging goal and that is it. 499 more words


Labor Day Blues

This is a strange time of year – the cusp of autumn.  Change is palpable; it is in the air. It is exhilarating for some and stress-producing for others. 193 more words

It feels good

when I rub my arms against the couch in a stretching move and they don’t feel like 100 % jelly anymore and I can actually feel the muscles under the skin pushing hard against the furniture… 48 more words


And They're Off! When Your Mind Snowball Plans

My coach jokes creatives have no trouble visualizing. They have the initial project, but as quickly they also so the sequel, trilogy, the spinoff’s and theme parks. 295 more words