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jacking off on the job

“Look, I’ve never done this before and I’ll probably never do it again.  It’s kind of a bucket list thing for me.”

The speaker was a young white male, approximately mid-late twenties.   2,165 more words


Dressing for the Beach. Or Not.

I have no idea who these guys are, or what they were up to. They are not appropriately dressed for the beach, that’s for sure. Now let’s consider a whole different direction for beach attire. 670 more words


Fueling Up

As we drove back to the city in the hot humidity nothing but the road, large tropical plants and small hut shops could be seen. My eyes gazed at him intently as I motioned for his hand. 329 more words


Quick thoughts and an inside joke.

Funny how two people can be seemingly so far apart, almost a generation and yet be in exactly the same place with regard to one aspect of their lives. 272 more words

The "Benefits" of Situational Awareness

Folks, contrary to what your big brother or prima dona drama queen friends taught you, driving is a COOPERATIVE activity. Especially in the rain.

–Something I posted on my Facebook page…

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From the online magazine Zora & Alice

“Graciously, Dara agreed to talk with Z&A about the mission of The Garden, why it’s important for…

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